68 Ideas For The Ultimate Sex Bucket List

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Sex Bucket List Ideas

Keeping the heat alive in your marriage is one of the major keys to happiness in your relationship! Whether you have a great sex life or love is lacking in the bedroom department, this post is for you!

This list of sex bucket list ideas will help the two of you keep things fresh, steamy, and exciting in AND out of the bedroom. And the best part…? Sex is free and you can do it (literally) as often as you want! So no more excuses — you have every reason to use this sex bucket list to turn your honey on!

Complete this sex bucket list with your spouse. | The Dating Divas
Get sexy with your spouse with these sex bucket list ideas.

To make these sexy bucket list ideas easier to digest, we broke our ideas up into different categories: HOT ideas, steamy dates, and ideas for how/where to do these sex bucket list ideas! Ae you ready for this?!

P.S If you keep scrolling you, will find some FREE bonus printables to help make your sex bucket list become a reality! 😉

Make your own Sex Bucket List with these check-off lists.



  1. Tickle tease
  2. Shop for lingerie together
  3. Romantic bubble bath
  4. Play truth or dare
  5. Steamy make-out session
  6. Naked pillow fight
  7. Hot oil massage
  8. Whisper something sexy
  9. Mattress wrestling
  10. Kiss in the rain
  11. Send a panty gram


  1. Strip tease
  2. Sexy shower
  3. Sexy selfie
  4. Body painting
  5. Wear a blindfold
  6. Strip poker
  7. Talk about a fantasy
  8. Get a hickey
  9. Play hard to get


  1. Role play
  2. Naked full body massage
  3. Dress up
  4. Lap dance
  5. Use handcuffs
  6. Entice with ice
  7. Naked twister
  8. Edible underwear


  1. Try out a new toy
  2. Try out a new position
  3. Play a bedroom game
  4. A quickie in an unexpected place
  5. Act out a movie scene
  6. Get rough and wild
  7. Steamy foreplay session
  8. Write out what you’ll do to the other, then read it aloud


  1. Play hard to get
  2. Go commando
  3. Send a sexy photo
  4. Make dinner in only an apron
  5. Write a sizzling story
  6. Whisper something sexy while in public
  7. Have a wet t-shirt contest


  1. By candlelight
  2. Just like the first time
  3. Scheduled romance
  4. Midnight wake-up call
  5. Listening to a sexy playlist
  6. On a bed of roses
  7. On a lunch break
  8. Like a doctor and patient
  9. Meeting as strangers
  10. While skinny dipping
  11. When you wake up
  12. Looking into each other’s eyes
  13. With the lights on


  1. On the kitchen table
  2. In a closet
  3. Out of the house
  4. In front of a fire
  5. Under the stars
  6. In a bubble bath
  7. In the car
  8. In a fitting room
  9. During a thunderstorm
  10. In the bed of a pickup
  11. In the light of a full moon
  12. In a sleeping bag


Use our FREE Sex Bucket List Printables to make turning up the heat up in your marriage a reality!

This sexual bucket list book is ultra easy to assemble. Simply print, cut, and hole punch the pages full of sexy ideas for you and your spouse to check off together. As you can see, we used a metal key ring to hold the pages together, but you could also use a ribbon!

Sexy bucket list ideas in a printable book. | The Dating Divas
Printable sexy bucket list book.

These bucket list printables are full of the hot, heavy, steamy, and smoldering ideas above to get those fires burning out of control. As you move through these categories from hot to smoldering, the ideas get juicier and juicier, too. Yum!

How to put sex bucket list printables together. | The Dating Divas
How to put your sexy sex bucket list printables together.

Of course, we want you to get creative on your own, so there is also a sex bucket list page that is blank for you to fill out with your own steamy and dreamy ideas. You know each other’s favorites best, so work together to fill that list out together! 😉

Additionally, you may want to grab a few items for playtime in the bedroom to incorporate to your list! The Getaway Kits from Kama Sutra are a fun place to start! Similarly, we love and recommend Mentionables for lingerie because they are a model-free site which makes shopping for lingerie WAY more comfortable — and your sweetie can pick things out for you!

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Sex Bucket List Ideas

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