A Wallet Surprise!

Such a darling idea from one of our amazing readers, Sarah! It took me a while to get it up, but this is a good one!! Pin this for the perfect holiday OR do it just because. It is awesome!!!

Photographie J'Adore

Photographie J’Adore

Whether your man needs a new wallet or not, he is going to LOVE this awesome surprise for him when he gets in that leather beast next!! I thought it was the perfect gift idea for the man who needs a new wallet, after all, which  man doesn’t NEED a new wallet?? Aren’t they like purses? One for each outfit?


Our talented designers MerryMint Design, created this cuteness!! Print it out HERE and start planning!!

Secretly slip it into his wallet – they fit in perfectly – sized like a credit card. If his wallet is falling apart, this would be the perfect opportunity to purchase a new one… and slip a few of these in before wrapping it up!

For more gift ideas for HIM check HERE or HERE!

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20 Responses to A Wallet Surprise!

  1. I love all of the fun ideas you have! I’ve added my own St. Pat’s twist on your ‘Heart Attacked’ project. I made several lucky coins with shamrocks and sayings on them for my guy to find around the house. I’ll even tuck a few into his wallet when he’s not looking. He loved the hearts so I know he’ll adore these!

  2. Oooh! Such a fab idea, and a wonderful design on the cards too – this could be a great gift for father’s day as well, maybe with the cards written ‘from the kids’ :)

  3. I love this idea! However, I am in my teen years and so is my boyfriend and I was wondering if you guys could possibly do a teenager friendly version of this? I think it would be really cute, thanks for you time!

  4. LOL! You guys got me in trouble with this one – The Wallet Surprise. Hubby saw the loop-hole. All cards are valid basically for one time use… Except for the scandalous picture one… It’s now laminated and in his wallet permanently! Love your work ladies!

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  6. I love this! I am making it a little different for my boyfriend but I want to keep the style similar. What its the font you used for the “movie night” or “clothing item” part?