DIY Love Coupons

DIY Love Coupon Gift Idea

Buying gifts for a spouse can be one of the hardest tasks out there! These DIY Love Coupons are a great gift idea for any spouse and for any occasion. With 24 different love coupon options, you can customize the perfect set of love coupons that your spouse is sure to love! We’ve included a variety of love coupons for either spouse to enjoy. Let’s see how easy it is to create your very own DIY Love coupons gift!

DIY Love Coupon Book - this is the perfect gift idea for any occasion! #LoveCoupons #GiftIdea #TheDatingDivas

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Together with Carisa at Messes to Memories we created these gorgeous love coupons. I wanted these to pair perfectly with gift cards or tickets or other small gifts to create the best gift for my sweetheart.

Coupon Book Ideas

When choosing a gift for my spouse I always try to give my spouse something that is first and foremost personal and secondly something he can enjoy for several days – not just on his special day! These beautifully designed love coupons are the perfect combination of these two elements!

What You Need For Your Love Coupons

Like we mentioned before, this love coupon book is almost too easy to make! You just need a few items.

Love Coupons

For your own love coupon book, you will need:

Make Your Love Coupon Book

Making your own customized love coupon book is simple. Now let’s get started! First, pick out which love coupons you want to use. There are 6 different bright colors and you can print and make as many as you want! 

Love Coupons for Him

Then, use a hole punch to add two holes on the left-hand side. Just make sure that each of the holes are in the same location. Finally, simply attach some twine and tie it off however you like!

Which of the 24 different coupons options will YOUR spouse drool over? If you can’t decide, it’s perfectly acceptable to just do them all!

DIY Love Coupons

Finally, the best part of any love coupon book is that you can add small items to go along with individual coupons. More than just a coupon for a movie, add the gift card to the local theatre OR the actual tickets to the show they have been excited to see!

Love Coupons for Her

Love Coupons Gift Idea

There are so many options for what you can gift with this DIY Love Coupon book. From practical to playful! Once you have chosen your coupons and accompanying gifts, you can slide them into a gift bag and you’re good to go! This gift is PERFECT for so many occasions -Valentine’s day, birthday, or anniversary. And something like this never gets old.

DIY Coupon Book

Ta-da! You have your very own, customized love coupon book – a PERFECT gift for any spouse! They are going to LOVE this! I am so excited for my hubby to flip through all these love coupons and see what surprises await him!

Grab your coupons below and create the perfect love coupon gift! Out of time? Grab a pre-made book here!

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21 Responses to DIY Love Coupons

  1. I just wanted to know what kind of paper you used to print these. Would regular printer paper work, or do you recommend using a thicker paper? I’ve always loved this idea and your designs are absolutely adorable. I’m definitely using these this year!

  2. What font are you using, i would like to find the same font to use on the custom coupons

    They are absolutely awesome! My valentines gift for my lady friend 🙂

  3. I love to see other peoples DIY! I find them cute and pretty and charming. But I never make anything – either seems to complicated, or I do not have the right materials and don not want to invest into something I am not sure about, etc.

    But the bright day has come – I actually made these for my boyfriend as his Valentines surprise! They turned out just as good as it is shown in the pictures. Thank you for making this available to everyone! 🙂


  4. Wow, these are just great!! Thank you so much for having these to print off. I have made a booklet for my husband. Have had a hard time last few months and no money, and these will be just the perfect gift for him. I’m really grateful. Even better than expensive gifts as they have more meaning.

    1. Lisa –
      I am sorry that this isn’t working for you! I would suggest trying in a different internet browser and if that still doesn’t work you can email me: sarina{at} and I will email you the printables in an attachment!

  5. these are great.

    Love coupons are actually a good way to strengthen the communication between you and your spouse. And it helps with meeting your needs. 😉

  6. Thank you for making and sharing these free coupons. Nice little fun personal gift for anniversary. My partner and I are going to enjoy these 🙂 thank you!