January 20, 2012

The ABC’s of Us!


Corrie - ABC's of Us - Pinterest Pic

Who wants to get an early start on preparing a Valentine’s Day gift?  Today we have a fun, meaningful gift idea!  The name of this gift idea is called, “The ABC’s of Us.”  For each letter of the alphabet, you get to write a fun memory.

For the letter “F” I decided to write about our “First House.” I had a lot of fun remembering and trying to come up with an idea for each letter.

All you have to do is print and cut the letter pages. I then combined the cards with a metal ring.

Download the ABC printables here:

A-F Page 1

G-L Page 2

M-R Page 3

S-Z Page 4

I am excited to give my husband these fun love notes! I think these notes and his favorite candy will do the trick this Valentine’s Day!  Just for fun, I also printed off an extra set of ABC cards for my husband to give to me.

Our ABC printables were created by a super talented design artist, Alison.

If you want to check out more designs by the amazing Alison, check out: Wistful Moments or Alison’s Etsy Shop.

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One Artsy Mama


Wayward Weekend

Lil Luna

Oopsey Daisy Blog

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47 Responses to “The ABC’s of Us!”

  1. Kelsey says:

    I am having the same problem.what can I do to make the letters print larger? I really want to make this for my bf for his bday, i love the idea…but the letters print out smaller than yours. Please let me know as soon as you can. Thanks!

  2. Katie Royer says:

    Hi, I am having trouble printing off the first page. I love this idea and would love to see this resolved :) It’s saying the file was damaged?

  3. Aubriana says:

    Just printed these out and will use it for our 6th anniversary-great idea! We had a rule to not spend much for this anniversary so this is perfect; meaningful and budget minded. Thanks!!

  4. Sarah says:

    Do you have any examples of letters like X or Z?

  5. Anne says:

    Thank you!!

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