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Christmas is one of my favorite times of year. There are endless ways to celebrate the season with friends and family! Last year I posted about one of our new family traditions- Santa’s Secret Service which I am sure you will want to try- it is perfect for couples or to use with your family to really get into the spirit of serving others at Christmas:)  Not only that but it is a great way to get everyone in the mood for a visit from their favorite little Elf on the Shelf!


Our family just got our Elf on the Shelf last December- Mitt is his name:) If you’re not familiar with the Elf on the Shelf, it is basically a little elf that comes to your home in December and watches your children every day to make sure they are behaving well. Your elf can be a sweetie or it can be naughty too, it is all up to you. Last  year my husband and I found ourselves repeating locations for Mitt the Elf and I really wanted our Elf on the Shelf to have some creative fun this year. If you don’t already have one you can get your very own The Elf on the Shelf here.

This is a perfect activity for you and your spouse to plan together. Make it a date night and  pick an evening to go through these creative Elf on the Shelf ideas! You will be so organized when you write down the ones you want to use on the simple calendar printable. Hide it somewhere your kids won’t find it and use it to have the best Elf on the Shelf month ever:) Don’t have kids in your home but want to do this anyway? No problem, you can take turns putting the elf out each day or even have 2 elves snooping around your house, they have boy and girl ones you can buy:)

To get started print off this calendar to put your favorite December Elf Ideas on.

You are sure to find a ton of great ones on these sites, but don’t forget to add your own creative ideas too! This is such a fun way to ‘team-up’ with your spouse with a fun holiday tradition:)


Now just get your kids to bed, pop some corn, grab your favorite holiday treat, put up your feet, and start going through these creative Elf on the Shelf ideas.


The first site you will want to check out is

It is full of ideas submitted by Elf on the Shelf lovers from all over the world. How hilarious is the wrapped up toilet? I also love how toys were incorporated turning the elf into a super hero, or just cruising with Justin Bieber and the Barbie Babes. I would have LOVED to have seen that dog getting his nails painted silver by that fun-loving elf! There are TONS more fun ideas on this site so zip on over there and pick out your favorites, then come back here to check out even more!


You are going to LOVE all the great Elf on the Shelf ideas A Thrifty Mom has posted.

Her little elf is a pretty nice fella with just a touch of mischief in him to spice up your day! He plays the good elf watching over baby Jesus and playing puzzles with Elmo…but then gets caught in the Pringles Chips and hung up on the Christmas tree decorated in undies- uh oh!!


Eclectically Vintage has a sassy little elf who does some pretty hysterical things each day:)

Everything from getting a suntan, reading the morning news on the toilet, whipping up a tasty treat, and messily munching on Christmas Hersey’s Kisses…you will want to check out the other exciting adventures this little elf has and see if you want yours to do them too!


Pigskins and Pigtails has 25 Elf on the Shelf ideas that are fun and most of them are pretty simple too:)

I love the mini-marshmallow bubble bath! Seeing that little elf watching a mini-movie is sure to make anyone smile! Having your elf color is a quick one and getting them tangled up in the Christmas lights is hilarious:)


Crystal and Co. not only has fun ideas for your elf BUT she also has a free printable that you will want to use:)

Any kid at heart will grin when they see the Elf Poo (M&M’s) waiting with their elf like in the photo above. She also has a link to Living Locurto that has elf-sized photo props including a miniature moustache, lips and a Santa beard you can put on a toothpick and the elf can hold up for a photo op! I love her elf coming to town in his dump truck filled with hot chocolate and a movie, hiding in Daddy’s boots, and getting a little hung up at the front door!

If you haven’t started this Christmas tradition with your family, after seeing all these cute ideas for The Elf on the Shelf, I am sure you are going to want to!!

We know we have some of the most creative readers ever and we would LOVE to hear some of your favorite Elf on the Shelf ideas you have done or seen:) Leave a comment for us with your great idea, or blog that you have found that has some clever ones- you know we would LOVE to hear all about it!!

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14 Responses to Creative Elf on the Shelf Ideas

  1. Here are a few things our elf did last year
    1) decorated the barbie doll house with xmas lights
    2) moved the Christmas tree into the kitchen
    3) put make up on the baby doll
    4) painted the bathroom mirror (water cleanable)
    5) emptied the kitchen cabinet and moved in (doll bed, table and lamp)
    6) built snowmen and an igloo in the freezer out of marshmallows
    7) hooked all of barbies horses up to a giant sleigh

    That’s just a few. We had lots of fun!

    1. Tina, All of your ideas are so creative!! Thanks so much for sharing:) I am going to adding building a snowman and igloo in the freezer out of marshmallows for sure to ours here at home, my kids will love that!!

  2. You ladies rock! Thank you so much for sharing some of my Elf on the Shelf ideas. We have so much fun with our Elf.

    I am loving your site. I love the date night ideas and the special moments suggestions. I am so glad there is a site that is positive about marriage. Kuddos to you gals!

    1. Crysal, thanks so much for letting us share! You had some fantastic ideas and we are so glad you love our site too:) Hope you can use a few (or a bunch) of our creative date ideas.

  3. Our elves have been pretty busy.
    1. They decorated the tree with the kids underwear and used a pair to sit in as a hammock on the stocking holder
    2. Froze the kids underwear
    3. Cover the kitchen cabinets in old wrapping bows
    4. Played tic-tac-toe on bathroom mirror

    1. Frozen underwear?!? Oh, my Carla that is hilarious!! I hope you left a few pairs in their drawer so they didn’t get chilly going to school that day {wink!}

  4. Our Elf Marmaduke

    1. Set up a zip line across the dinning room,
    2. Turned all the liquids in the fridge green and red,
    3. Drew mustaches, glasses and funny hair on all the pictures in the house (dry erase markers),
    4. And toilet papered the Christmas tree.

    But mostly he hides in extremely hard to find places 🙂 .

    1. Tasha, I love the zip line idea!! Our elf has to hide in very high places because my kids would be all over him if he were too low so the zip line is perfect for us:)

      1. Julie,
        I planned the zip line over a week. One morning the girls woke up and he had a ball of yarn with him on our surround sound ceiling speaker. Each day for five days he was in a different spot …. with the yarn. Then he ended up back at the speaker and the next morning he made a zip line with the yarn of course and a bendy straw. They loved it!!!