Spring Olympics

Host Your Own Spring Olympics!

So I remember watching the Olympics this year and there was a contestant from another country who missed a phone call and because of that, he missed out on his invite to the Olympics! Anyway, I decided this time the hubby was getting a phone call from someone very important (which of course was me) asking him to participate in this years Spring Olympics! He wasn’t sure if I was serious, but quickly went along with it!


We started our morning out with a “champion’s breakfast” and like Charlene said, be simple! Meat and eggs! They need protein to have lots of energy for the Olympics! Now, if any of you are like us, we are super tired of the winter weather and have been waiting very impatiently for some nice weather to get outside and have fun! So finally, this past weekend it did NOT snow! Yay! So here were the scheduled events…


Swimming (front stroke, back stroke, and free style)


Frisbee bowling

You can find the details of each event and items needed in our download below. We decided this would be much more fun to do in a group so we actually had some competition. 🙂

Awards ceremony…

You can find gold and silver medals, along with gold trophies at Walmart for cheap! These must be awarded to the winners, and hey go ahead and sport them all day, why not?! It also wouldn’t hurt if you let your hubby win to make him feel like a true gold medalist! I didn’t have to give in too much, my hubby beat me at most the sports!

Also, if you are not into the breakfast idea, here in Salt Lake we have a restaurant you could do dinner at called… The Olympian (Greek food) or you could make him his favorite pasta dish before the races to give him well needed energy too!

We had fun being goofy in the warm weather and wind, I hope you do too!

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I am crazy athletic and super fun! And I can't get enough of my family and friends! I have an amazing hubby and 3 incredible kids! Life is great as we know it!!

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