May 26, 2010

"Sassy" Suggestion: The Penny Jar


Tara - Sassy Suggestion Penny Jar - Pinterest Pic

One of our readers, Mindi, sent in a super cute idea that we thought we should pass along!  I will let her take over:


“I had a friend tell me something fun they did and I adapted it a little to be fun for me and my husband. It’s a penny jar.  Every time you “have-a-little-fun-in-the-bedroom”, you put a penny in your jar.  We started it with the new year and our goal is to top the number next year.”
“There’s all kinds of variations, though.  If you want to put a quarter or even a dollar in you could use that money towards renting a movie or a date.  Newlyweds could start it and have it going forever to see how many “it’s” happened during your marriage.  But, you could of course start it any time.”

“It’s also a good code name. i.e. “I want to put a penny in our jar.  Should we put the kids to bed?” And no one would know what you were talking about!  It was a pretty simple project to do and even my husband loves the idea!   The project of making the jar itself was, as I said, pretty simple.  Just print out the saying on paper, glue it on to some other paper, cut out some ribbon and glue it on, get a flower or something and glue it on, cut out some fabric also cutting a hole in the middle for the penny slot, and twist the lid on!”  – MindiWhat a great idea, huh!  Her “code” cracks me up!  Thanks again, Mindi for sharing your “Penny Idea”!

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11 Responses to “"Sassy" Suggestion: The Penny Jar”

  1. heather says:

    I heard about this idea when we got married. Someone told us to put a pebble in a jar everytime we had a little fun in the bedroom and then after one year take out a pebble. It will take your whole marriage to empty out the what you put in during that first year. Wish we would've done the jar. It would've been interesting to see. :)

  2. --T.M.St.P says:

    omgoodness I love this idea! But knowing my husband, he'll keep a TON of change on hand just so he could ask!

  3. Cynthi says:

    Someone told us about this when we got married. We actually put a dollar in each time, and we were able to buy something cool for our first anniversary…we bought a nice tent (I know, pretty lame and not very romantic, but we really like camping!) :)

  4. Laina says:

    What a fun idea!

  5. Mrs. Timothy W. Pierce Sr. says:

    I heard of a couple who married young without a ton of money. They could not afford a big fancy honeymoon. But they had LOVE! They did something like this, but with a dollar. The husband would come home and say "I've got a dollar in my pocket" and the wife would answer "and I know just how to spend it" They NEVER allowed themselves to use ANY of it even when things were REALLY tight!!! I can't remember which anniversary they celebrated, but with all the money they went an an extended, very elaborate "honeymoon" all those years later. SOOOO sweet!!!

  6. Elyssa says:

    haha! I was talking to my mom about this and she said that they used to have a jar like that but they filled it with screws whenever they… you know… screwed haha :) (my dad is a woodworker) occasionally the screws would dissappear (because my dad needed them!) so they’d have to fill the jar again! I thought it was so funny, so I thought I’d share!

  7. Jordan says:

    So I told my hubby about coming across this on your site and he absolutely loved the idea! He was totally into it and decided he wanted a custom jar that no one else would have. And instead of doing pennies, we are doing dollar coins. We’ve only been married for 3 months so this will be most of our married life’s worth of “special kisses” 😀 So my hubby went onto ebay and found an old 5 gallon glass water bottle from 1930 that was originally filled with calamine lotion. We got it and it took him a lot of work to clean it out, but he really wanted that jar so we could start filling it! He also wants to make a top for it like a piggy bank and weld it on so you can’t ever get anything out unless you break it. So we’ve had it for a week or so now and we love it. Thanks so much for all your great ideas! -jordan and kevin

    • Tara Tara says:

      Jordan!! That is absolutely an ADORABLE idea! I love that your hubby is completely on board….and the one who found the jar! :) We wish you MANY happy years together!

  8. Jessica says:

    I love the sign on the jar! Is there anywhere to get the printable??

  9. Julia says:

    My friend’s bridal shower is this weekend, and I am going to do this idea but with a twist, I filled the jar with Hershey’s kisses, on top of the jar I will glue a paper saying ” A kiss a day keeps the counselor away”, I will put a ribbon and attach to it the ” instructions” card, stating that every time they make love they can take a kiss from the jar and exchange it with a dollar or a small note, once all the kisses are gone they can open the jar and check their “achievement” (or they can keep it going :) ) hopefully I will be able to decorate it in a nice way and my friend will like it.

    Thanks for the inspiration :)


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