July 21, 2010

"The FIVE Senses" Gift


Jamie and I recently celebrated our 3rd Anniversary….I guess you could say we are still in the “honeymoon phase” which I hope we never grow out of!  Seriously, I mean it….and if you don’t believe me…take a stroll down memory lane with me and read THIS!  {WINK}BTW – I LOVE what one of our readers wrote in the comments of that post…she said:
“This life IS the honeymoon!  We’ve got all of eternity to be married!   :) I totally agree!!Anyway, we are on a student budget now that Jamie is back in school which means I had to be SUPER creative!  I found this cute idea on of our reader’s blogs which worked perfectly into my “try not to go over $10 for a present” strategy!  (Yep…you heard me, a BUDGET, people!)  Anyway,  Linds from That’s So Cuegly was my inspiration!  If you haven’t heard of her…check out her blog!  It’s adorable!

(The “main” tag I put on his present)

I took the FIVE senses….used some digi-scrapbooking paper and put together some tags in Photoshop.  Above each “sense” I wrote a short *cheesy* sentence.  (Seriously, I must’ve been a little loopy….or it was late….’cuz I don’t know WHAT I was thinking when I wrote the “taste” one.  lol)

You can download my tags HERE.




I found this nifty little neon green shovel that matched my cards perfectly!
How much, you ask!?!  Oh, ya know, just a dollar!   :)

I found FIVE things that related to the FIVE senses that I could attach my cards to.  I also wanted to make sure that they contributed to “setting the mood” for our romantic night!

SMELL: a yummy smelling candle
SOUND: a “love mix” CD of songs that are SUPER romantic AND meaningful to both of us
TOUCH: cocoa lotion and a coupon for a back massage
SIGHT: some sexy lingerie
TASTE: a coupon for a dessert of his choice  (I wanted to get some Sparkling Cider to attach the card to – BUT – I ran outta time.  YOU should do that, though!)
My dollar store gifts (in all their glory) with the tags attached.

K….I was JUST as shocked as you are that I found adorable lingerie at the DOLLAR store! Get outta town!  Lookin’ good has never been so cheap!  Victoria Secret’s got NOTHIN’ on Dollar Stores!  {WINK}

You can download the TWO coupons HERE!

Wa-lah!  Here is the final gift!  I placed all of the stuff on the cute shovel, used clear cellophane to wrap it in, tied a black satin ribbon around it, and attached the “Senses” card to the front.

Cost?!?  $4+tax
I am your new BFF, huh!!   :)
A FUN little gift that was easy to “whip” up and can be used for any occasion.

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40 Responses to “"The FIVE Senses" Gift”

  1. Priya says:

    OMG……u r awesome

  2. Dean Roberts says:

    Hi there i want to say thank you for your idea i am doing one for my fiancee as she deserves something so beautiful as this done for her 😀 thank you for the inspiring idea 😀

  3. Dean Roberts says:

    Hi there i want to say i used this idea for my fiancee as she deserves something so beautiful as this
    thanik you for the inspiring idea

  4. Yulia says:

    Thank you so much for this, I did this for my boyfriend this year, with my own twist, and he absolutely loved it!! I love your site, thank you for all the wonderful and creative ideas :)


  5. tina says:

    Hi Tara..must say .lovely ideas.
    Can u give me an idea. Like im planning to give five senses plus one gift like sixth sense..as my hus always use
    to make fun of me saying ive got a sixth sense…can u suggest what can i do as sixth gift
    Kindly reply

    • Tara Tara says:

      Haha – that would be AWESOME! Let’s see… gosh, I’m drawing a blank on this one? In order for him to get that it’s representing your “sixth sense” you would probably have to make it pretty personal. A gift relating to some incident where he exclaimed that’s the sense you were using… Does that help? XO

      • tina says:

        Thank u dear for the quick revert ! I really need to think hard on that..thanks dear..your blog is really awesome..
        All the best for your future endeavours..

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