30+ of the BEST 5 Senses Gift Ideas for Him (with Printables!)

How to Create the Best 5 Senses Gift: Sexy Bedroom Edition

Life has a way of always getting in the way of “adult time,” am I right? Do you sometimes get a little anxious trying to initiate being sexy with your spouse? We will guide you through making your own, unforgettable 5 senses gift!

Whether you are trying to make more time to be intimate together, or looking for a fun way to say “Let’s get it on!” we have a quick, easy and SEXY idea for you. The 5 senses sexy gift basket!

Put together a basket of five small gifts, each catered to one of the 5 senses – touch, taste, sight, sound and smell. Maybe you’ve seen this idea before, BUT we’re putting a little Diva spin on it by creating a BEDROOM edition. That’s right, this gift is all about the fun just the two of you enjoy behind closed doors. Get ready to make your spouse feel excited, loved and oh-so-ready for some alone time with this 5 senses sexy gift!

This sexy 5 senses gift from theDatingDivas.com is going to be the best surprise for my love! The love notes crack me up! #5SensesGift #SexyCoupons #LoveNotes #SexyGift

Diva Disclaimer

A great gift comes with great presentation and Courtney at Paperelli made sure to get us there with her designs for the tags in this 5 senses sexy gift. The colors are so fun but also have a¬†little bit of sass – perfect for our end result ūüėȬ†Leaving this sexy gift basket on the bed is a perfect way to end a HOT anniversary, valentines, or birthday evening! Or any night, just because.

5 Senses Sexy Gift basketSurprise your spouse with a 5 Senses sexy gift!

What I loved about using this sexy gift idea…

  1. Spousal Excitement I LOVE to see my husband get surprised and watch the anticipation build about the promise of something new and exciting.
  2. 5 Senses Gift Tradition My husband and I did the original 5 Senses Gift and the Christmas 5 Senses Gift, so it’s like a tradition for us!
  3. Little Love Notes – These little notes are so fun to hide and I love the chance to use other people’s clever thoughts AND include some of my own.
  4. Sexy Gift for HER or HIM- Even though I put this together for my husband, he could totally do it for me and it would be just as exciting EVERY time.
  5. Helps set aside time for US As a couple, we honestly need to be pushed to just focus on us, not the kids. This gift and the activities that go along with the coupons really helped us do that. A gift that gives in more ways than one!

Your sweetie's 5 senses get indulged with this sexy gift idea

Here’s what’s inside the 5 Senses Sexy Gift:¬†

5 Senses Gift Tags Sexy gift tags to pull together your 5 Senses gift. There is one tag for each of the senses, Touch, Taste, Sight, Smell and Sound, along with a door hanger and big tags for the basket!

Sexy Coupons Booklet 17 different naughty coupons Рbased on the 5 senses. Your sweetie can choose to redeem each of these depending on which sense they are in the mood to arouse!

Love Notes Hunt The first large love note sends your sweetie on a love note hunt, looking for mini love notes. 12 are pre-filled, PLUS 12 blanks so you can include your own little thoughts. 

Let’s take a little closer look…

5 Senses Sexy Gift Tags

Invite your honey for a night alone with just your 5 senses.

We love these little gift tags! To make it special we have 2 types of “intro” gift tags: 1 for the gift box and 1 for the door. The door hanger is just like one of those sweet “Do not disturb” signs at hotels – ooh-la-la! It’s a fun way to let your honey know that there is something special going down tonight!

Give the tantalizing gift of smell with the 5 senses sexy gift idea.

There are also tags to attach to those 5 perfect gifts that will speak straight to their senses. We give you some great ideas on what to include for each sense. {I love the idea of recording “I Love YOU” for my husband to play on his phone}

Say "I Love You" with this 5 Senses Sexy Gift.

Sexy Coupons Booklet

Gift your sweetie some special 5 senses sexy coupons.

These aren’t just any love coupons- they take things to the next level. We mean it when we say they are SEXY coupons! Your sweetie can easily let you know what kind of loving they are needing with the different sexy coupons in this book.

Give the gift of touch with the 5 senses sexy coupons booklet.

Don’t worry – you can keep whatever actions you are OK with, and ditch the ones that don’t suit your relationship. We have blanks so you can even write your own! We like giving these on a little key ring¬†so that they don’t get lost.¬†

Sexy coupons that speak to all 5 senses.

Love Notes Hunt

Mini love notes to build anticipation for a special night all about the 5 senses, in the bedroom!

Give your honey a special type of Honey-Do list this week! You will make them flip when they realize the only task is to find 12 love notes and get a sweet reward!

5 Senses Sexy Gift with a flirty love note hunt!

Clever quips are ready to go with 12 pre-made love notes. And if you want to put a little personal spin on your mini notes, there are 12 blank ones as well.

Ready to whip up this easy, sexy gift idea and make your spouse’s head spin??

Get Your

5 Senses Sexy Gift

here for just


You NEED this in your life. Your sweetheart needs this in their life. And if you are interested in doing other 5 Senses gifts then go check out the original: 5 Senses Gift Idea and our special 5 Senses Gift: Christmas Edition.




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