A Long-Distance Phone Date With Truth or Dare Questions

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Free Truth or Dare Questions

Doing the long-distance thing in your relationship can be tough. You want to be together, but you’re stuck far apart. Maybe I read too many romance novels, but if it’s true that absence makes the heart grow fonder, how close can you be when you finally reunite? With this in mind, what if you could use the distance to build some suspense for seeing each other again?

We’ve created a fun and simple Truth or Dare Long-Distance date for you to play with your sweetheart, whether you are long-distance for the long haul or just a few days! Can some free Truth or Dare questions help bridge the gap until you’re together again? We think so! Try this sweet and simple way to feel closer when you have to be apart. (And enjoy the FREE printables linked below to make it easier to pull off!)


If you're long distance, try these truth or dare questions over a video call. | The Dating Divas
A couple asks each other truth or dare questions over a video call.

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Planning a Phone Date

Remember the good old days of talking to your crush on the phone while you found new ways to lounge around your room? Those days when just hearing their voice and talking about your day were enough to give you butterflies – that’s what we want to get back! Imagine going back to middle school, and this time your crush is your spouse- and you have much better fashion sense. What feels more like middle school than Truth or Dare?

This date can be done differently, but we highly recommend a video chat! A few truths and dares will require a video call, but they can be skipped if necessary. Being able to see each other is the next best thing to being in the same room, and although we’re pretending it’s middle school, go ahead and take advantage of modern technology. (And be grateful your actual middle school crush could never see you hanging upside down on your metallic blow-up chair while you traded info about your pets. Or was that just me?)

These free printable truth or dare questions make date night a breeze. | The Dating Divas
Some of our free printable truth or dare questions for him.

Playing Truth or Dare Long-Distance

All jokes aside, we know that long-distance relationships make things like date night extra tricky. So here are a few tips to still make the night feel special.

  • Plan ahead: Use the free digital invite (linked below) to plan your phone date ahead of time. Make sure you both have some time scheduled where you can be alone, focusing on your date and each other.
  • Send a care package: Make good dares of your own and send your spouse the supplies they will need! For example, send a bag of mini marshmallows and then dare them to see how many they can fit in their mouth. Or, send them clothing (sexy or totally ridiculous) and dare them to wear it for the rest of your date. This is a fun way to show you’ve put time and effort into the date and how much you’ve been looking forward to this time with them! Of course, build the suspense with notes that say they can’t open the package until date night or include some cute gifts in your care package.
Keep the spice alive even long distance with our truth or dare date. | The Dating Divas
Man receives a digital invite to our truth or dare date.

Free Printable Truth or Dare Questions

Of course, you can prep all you want, but it’s not a good game without some hilarious, steamy, and fun Truth or Dare Questions! Seeing as you can’t really ask them who they have a crush on or dare them to call their crush, we’ve got you covered with some good dares and some fun and unique questions you can ask each other that will hopefully have you both laughing and make you feel closer.

Use these truth or dare questions online if you don't have a printer. | The Dating Divas
Some of our free truth or dare questions for a long-distance date.

Our free printables include:

  • Digital Invite: Perfect for the long-distance couple, we made this invite digital so you can text it to your spouse and get your date night all planned out!
  • His & Hers Truth or Dare Question Sheets: We’ve kept the truth questions and dares handy and separate–don’t worry, they are unique from each other! Consider sending your spouse their list in your care package, or send them the download to print themselves. As you play the game, you can go through the questions and challenges in order or choose your favorites! When your spouse chooses “Truth,” read them one of the truth questions on your list. If they choose “Dare,” challenge them to one of the dares! There are no actual losers in this game, just a couple of winners!
These truth questions will have you both rolling by the end of the date. | The Dating Divas
His and her truth or dare questions for a fun long-distance date night.

Want to make things extra interesting? Set a rule where you get one skip and one boomerang each. That means you each get to avoid one truth or dare OR turn it around on your spouse! Be careful what you dare them to do; they might use their boomerang, so you have to do it instead!

More Phone Dates

Of course, one date night won’t tide you over for long! So if you loved this post, be sure to check out our 101 Long-Distance Dates, and this helpful post about Dating Long-Distance.

We know long-distance relationships can be tough, and we are here to help keep you close and cheer you on!

Now you have no excuses – get out there and date your spouse!

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