Long Distance Relationship Gifts Kit

Care Package for a Long Distance Relationship

Being apart from your sweetheart can be lonely and frustrating. Whether it’s for a few days, a week, a month, or a long distance relationship – any time is too long! We know how it feels to be separated from your spouse and we want to help all of our long distance couples stay strong, happy, and healthy. That’s when our wheels started turning…think, think, THINK! {The Ah-HA moment happened!} Our newest store product was born. Our Long Distance Relationship Gifts Kit is sure to create special memories, even though you’re far apart. Put together our Long Distance Relationship Care Package, fill it with all of your sweetie’s favorite things, add a Long Distance Relationship Date in a Box, and use the Long Distance Relationship Gifts for a sweet reminder of your strong relationship. We are MORE than excited to share it with you!


Long Distance Relationships Gift Ideas Kit

Any time away from your spouse is difficult! It’s important to stay connected, no matter the distance. Our Long Distance Relationship Gifts Kit is FULL of creative and darling printables to let your sweetie know they’re at the front of your mind.  With the help of our fabulous designer, Leah of January and May {this girl has so much talent in her little design fingers}, we’ve created page after page of personal and thoughtful ideas for your long distance love! The Kissing Jar just makes my heart melt (wait ’til you see it!).

Our Long Distance Love Pack breaks down into 4 categories:

  • Long Distance Relationship Care Package – We’ve added 10 blank love notes on the Printable Box Flaps for you to personalize your care package for a boyfriend, spouse, or lover by writing 10 things you miss most about your sweetie.
  • Long Distance Relationship Date in a Box – Distance doesn’t have to get in the way of a romantic date night. Our DIY Location Pillow, Kissing Jar, and Star Gazing Bottle Invite will remind your sweetie that no matter how far apart you are, you’re still under the same starry sky.
  • Long Distance Relationship Gifts – Create our easy Countdown Tracker and Long Distance Prescription for the perfect long distance gift idea!
  • Long Distance Romance Tips – We’ve gathered a few of our favorite date ideas and marriage tips to keep your spark burning when you’re miles apart.

Wanna know more details about what’s inside this AH-mazing pack?! Check it out!

Long Distance Relationship Care Package

You know that feeling when a box comes in the mail – something unexpected? You’re so excited to open it up and discover the surprise inside! Put together a care package for the one you love to give them those thrilling butterflies. It will brighten their day and they’ll feel your love straight away! Long Distance Relationships Gift Tags

Start out by decorating your care package box inside and out with all of our printable Box Flaps, Embellishments, and Tags. Fill in 10 reasons why you miss your spouse on the box flaps for a personal, and thoughtful touch. Your sweetie will know they’re in for a treat before they even dig into the box!

Long Distance Relationship Gifts Care Package

Long Distance Date in a Box

Date night doesn’t have to stop because of the distance between you. We’ve put together a special date for the two of you to share, regardless of your location.  Connect the dots between you and your sweetie with our cute DIY Location Pillow, then share a little romance with our Kissing Jar and Star Gazing Invite.

Long Distance Love Kissing Jar

Everyone knows any good date has LOTS of kissing, so share the next best thing – chocolate kisses from The Kissing Jar. Can you see the cute tags on the bottle of the chocolate kisses?? Get out of town, sweet! {See what I did there?}

Long Distance Love Heart to Heart Pillow

Isn’t this location pillow just the cutest?! We have created two different maps – one of the U.S. and one of the whole world. Use your fabric paint pen to draw hearts on the map where both you and your sweetie are located and then connect them with dots. 

Long Distance Love Same Starry Sky Invite

Invite your spouse to watch the stars together with our cute bottle label Stargazing Invite. Glue our label onto a bottle of your favorite bubbly drink and remind your sweetie that no matter how far apart you are, you’re still under the same starry sky. Lay on your matching pillows, eat chocolate kisses, and have a drink together under the stars! Add all of these things together for the PERFECT long distance date night!

Long Distance Relationship Gifts

Distance can’t keep a strong relationship down, but it can make the clock move slowly! Never fear – these sweet gift ideas will bring you closer together, despite the miles apart. Create an easy Countdown Tracker to count the days until your next big reunion. Plus, give your sweetie our Long Distance Prescription for a little dose of YOU!

Long Distance Relationship Gifts

These long distance relationship gifts are both fun and meaningful! Add them to your sweetheart’s care package or share them before your part so your spouse will have something to remind them of you while you’re apart.

Long Distance Love Countdown

Long Distance Relationship Romance Tips

We’ve searched around and found tons of romantic ideas, and some fun ways to show your love from afar.  In this section, you will find some of our best advice and tips on how to help your relationship survive the distance, as well as our best long distance date ideas and activities.


Long Distance Love Care Package

Being apart from the one you love is a challenge. However, distance doesn’t need to hurt your relationship. In fact, it can bring you closer together. Send our Long Distance Love Kit to your spouse today and let them know how special they are to you!!

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Are you looking for more thoughtful ways to strengthen your long distance relationship? Gotcha covered!! Our Cheer Up Kit care package is sure to brighten your sweetie’s day and Love Text Message 2.0 Pack is such an easy way to connect to your spouse at anytime! PLUS – we have a dyn-“O”-mite Welcome Home Pack for when your sweetheart comes back to YOU!

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