How to Turn Your Bed Into a Sexy Foreplay Game (Ideas Included)

Turn your bed into a sexy foreplay game

It was a Monday evening, a completely normal day. My spouse came home from a long day of work. I suggested we head to bed early. Outwardly I appeared casual, but inside I could barely restrain the giddy excitement about the surprise I had planned. 

A couple turns down the bed to discover a surprise bedroom game on a bed sheet | The Dating Divas
Wife surprising her husband with a bedroom game on a bedsheet 

As my spouse pulled back the covers, he discovered a bedsheet board game full of fun foreplay ideas! The look of surprise on his face was priceless and the start of an evening of connection and memory-making had begun. 
Here at the Dating Divas, we love bedroom games! We are always looking for fun, new foreplay ideas to keep sexy time with your spouse fun and fresh!  So when we came across this bedsheet game concept full of sexual games to play with each other- we just had to try it!

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Introducing Sheets & Ladders: The Bedsheet Bedroom Game

Sheets & Ladders is a fun and flirty board game printed right onto a bedsheet! Fill in the blank spaces of the game board with hot, sexy, and flirty foreplay ideas. Then, take turns rolling the die and move space to space performing the foreplay ideas. Let’s just say it is a bedroom game where you BOTH win {wink! wink!}.

The Sheets & Ladders bedsheet board game laid out on the bed | The Dating Divas
Sheets & Ladders bedsheet board game for the bedroom 

Our Review of this Flirty & Sexy Game to Play on a Bedsheet 

The Sheets & Ladders bedroom game comes with several things. 

A board game printed right on a bedsheet for a fun foreplay idea in the bedroom | The Dating Divas
A bedroom board game printed on a bedsheet 

First, the set includes the fitted queen or king-sized bed sheet. The fabric is made of silky, high-quality sateen 100% cotton that gives a sexy, luxurious feel. This is not a flimsy, thin bedroom sheet. The quality is fantastic. The image design is fun, flirty, and playful. 

The Sheets and Ladders bedroom game kit includes a bedsheet, access to an app with foreplay ideas, and washable markers | The Dating Divas
A bedsheet bedroom game, an app with foreplay ideas, and washable markers

The game set also includes washable markers for filling your game board up with your foreplay ideas. The markers won’t bleed through the sheet onto your mattress either. 

A woman writes a foreplay idea on the Sheets and Ladders bedsheet board game | The Dating Divas
Woman writes a foreplay idea on a bedsheet game 

And the best part? It is machine washable! Then, when the sheet gets (ahem) dirty just throw it in the wash and it will come out perfectly clean and ready for a new game! That means you can get it on and on and on again and again with a new game version each time! 

And lastly, it comes with an access code to an app that lets you unlock hundreds of foreplay ideas to set you up for a successful (or should we say, “sexessful”) evening of bedroom fun!

Foreplay Ideas for the Game Board

We know that it can be overwhelming to know what to write in the game board spaces. Don’t worry – Sheets & Ladders has got you covered! 

A couple looks at a sex game app on their phone to decide on foreplay ideas | The Dating Divas
Couple looks at an app for foreplay ideas

The creators of Sheets & Ladders have made it so easy to access hundreds of foreplay ideas using their extensive (and free!) app. With a simple tap, you can scroll through over a hundred different foreplay ideas and select the ones you and your spouse would be most excited about. We love that it is 100% customizable so you can fit your exact style and hopefully stretch out of your comfort zone to try new things too! 

A woman writes foreplay ideas using a washable marker included in the Sheets and Ladders kit | The Dating Divas
Woman writing foreplay ideas with a washable marker on a bedsheet 

The foreplay ideas from the app include:

  • Touch suggestions that are totally steamy! 
  • Position ideas to produce new sensations!  
  • Tried and true bedroom accessories to utilize – including links to shop!
  • New locations to try.  
  • Activities to set the scene for your sexual encounter. 
  • Verbal prompts to share your deepest desires and fantasies!
  • And more!

The Sheets & Ladders Sex Game App

To make it even easier for you, the free Sheets & Ladders sex game app also includes premade game examples and ideas that are ready to go. You can choose from a variety of options. From Comfy & Cozy to New & Naughty – there is something for every couple. The different pre-made options also provide a new and exciting game each time you play that will match your different moods when you play again and again! Even the most adventurous of couples will not be disappointed! 

An app on a phone shows a variety of foreplay ideas for couples | The Dating Divas
App shows foreplay ideas 

Also – you can technically play the game entirely on the app if you choose! If you don’t have time to write the foreplay ideas on the game board bedsheet, you can play directly from your phone! It is so simple!

Things we LOVE about the Sheets & Ladders Bedroom Game

There is so much to love about this unique foreplay idea for couples. Here are just a few of the stand-out things we love:

A flirty couples plays the Sheets and Ladders bedroom game | The Dating Divas
Couple flirts as they play a bedroom game 
  • We love that you can reuse the sheet over and over again. This is not a one-and-done bedroom game. Wouldn’t it be fun to take turns filling up the game board with tasks and then surprising each other over and over again? 
  • Prepping this bedroom game was quick and easy. We appreciate the option of writing on the bedsheet itself as well as just playing on the phone. For those nights we need something quick and simple – that option was perfect!
  • The app had hundreds of hot foreplay ideas. It made filling out the board game so easy and gave us lots of new ideas for things to try. 
  • The 4 washable markers are fantastic! They didn’t rub off on our skin and they didn’t bleed through the sheets. 
  • The whole set comes in a handy drawstring bag for easy storage when the game is not in use. Not to mention, you can cover up the bedsheet with your comforter so no one is the wiser!
  • We appreciate that the foreplay ideas are fun and flirty without being raunchy or crass. They have such a variety of ideas – there is something for everyone! 
  • We love how this novel game brought a sense of fun and flirting back into the bedroom. It fosters connection and memory-making! It is definitely a Diva-approved bedroom game!!

Go Get It On (your bed, that is!)

So, are you ready to wow your spouse with the best sexy surprise? After all, this is more than a game – it is an experience. In fact, if you never finish the game – that is kind of the point {wink, wink!}. We are confident that this unique foreplay idea will bring a fresh, fun, and flirty feeling to your marriage again and again. 

A bedroom game for couples encourages couples to "get it on" | The Dating Divas
A bedroom game printed on a bedsheet 

You can purchase your own sexy, flirty, bedroom game right here:

While you are at it – who else do you know that might LOVE this game? If you have a bridal shower, bachelorette party, or wedding coming up – this would be the perfect gift for another couple! Add another one to your cart just for them!

BONUS Giveaway!

We are so excited about this new bedroom game, that for a limited time we are going to sweeten the deal for anyone who purchases!

How to enter the Sheets and Ladders bedroom game giveaway
Information for a bedroom game giveaway

Here is how it works: anyone who places an order during the week of May 30th-June 3rd will have the chance to win $150 worth of intimate goodies! One lucky order will find a golden ticket in their packaging which can be redeemed for a bedroom basket containing:

  • $25 Gift certificate to Mentionables lingerie
  • $25 Coconu organic lubricant
  • $100 Sex toys shopping spree

Add those amazing prizes to your Sheets & Ladders bedroom game and you will be in for even more fun in the bedroom!

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