101 Long Distance Relationship Ideas

101 Ways to Show Love When You’re Apart

We know that being apart from your spouse can be challenging {AND by challenging we mean…the worst thing EVER!!}. The clock seems to slow to a complete stop! If you ever find yourself in this situation, we know you’ll do anything to bridge that distance. Whether it be for an hour, a day, a week, or even if you’re in a more permanent long distance relationship, we have you covered! We’ve searched and searched to find the best long distance relationship ideas out there to make the miles disappear and the clock speed up until you’re together again!

Ways to Show Love When You're Apart - Long Distance Relationship Ideas for Every Couple!

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Staying connected to your spouse while they’re away is tough. We’re all about strengthening marriages here, so we think we’ve found the perfect way for YOU to show love to your sweetie when you’re apart. 

We’ve broken all of these amazing ideas into 6 fabulous categories…

  • 16 Care Package Ideas
  • 16 Love Note Ideas for When You’re Apart
  • 16 Sexy Ideas for When You’re Apart
  • 16 Long Distance Gift Ideas
  • 24 Long Distance Love & Date Ideas
  • 13 Welcome Home Ideas

Ok! The wait is over, let’s get scrolling! First up…

16 Care Package Ideas

Everyone loves to get a little something special in the mail! Here are some fabulous care package ideas that are sure to make your sweetheart smile!

16 Long Distance Love Care Package Ideas

Long Distance Care Package

1. Meaningful Gifts for Your Guy (The Dating Divas) – Use our Printable Box Flaps and Gift Tags to dress up the perfect care package filled with everything he LOVES!

2. Yoohoo – S0meone Misses You Care Package (Package From Home) – Let your sweetie know you are thinking of them with this fun and colorful gift box full of goodies!

3. Cheer Up Kit Care Package (The Dating Divas) -Everything you need to send some sunshine to your spouse! Plus, it’s a perfect care package for soldiers!

4. Stud Muffin Care Package (Love From Home Packages) – Let him know how much you miss him with these cute die-cut box flaps! I’m loving the little muffins!

5. Same Sky Care Package (LDR Magazine) – Here is a sweet reminder that you’re both together under the same sky!

6. Christmas Care Package (The Dating Divas) – Being away from your spouse during the holidays is the worst! Send them some Christmas cheer with this adorable care package!

7. Week Long Care Package (Celebrate Always) – Take 7 envelopes, glue them together and add a little treat for each day your spouse is away.

8. Out of the Blue Care Package (Rachel Zimm) – Surprise your sweetheart with a care package completely “out of the blue!” There are tons of blue treats to include!

Long Distance Love Care Packages

9. Spouse Sick Kit (The Dating Divas) –  When your spouse is feeling crummy and away from the comforts of home, show them how much you care by creating a personalized sick kit.

10. Movie Night Care Package (Amazon) – No time to pull together the perfect long distance gift? No problem! A few clicks on Amazon and your package is in the mail, full of treats and snacks. Plus a $10.00 Redbox Gift Card!

11.  Rise and Shine Care Package (One Day Closer Design) – When distance keeps you from waking up together, send your spouse a good morning care package (minus the morning breath)!

12.  Love You To Pieces Care Package (Bek Productions) – Feeling a little incomplete with your sweetie out of town? Let them know how important they are to you with this easy care package.

13. All About You Basket (The Dating Divas) – Your fella has so many wonderful little traits that maybe only YOU know and appreciate! This care package is a great way to celebrate everything you love about him!

14. Blue Without You Care Package (Celebrate Everyday With Me) – Feeling a little blue without your sweetie? (This is perfect for me because my husband LOVES the color blue!)

15. Survivor-Themed Care Package (The Dating Divas) – This survival themed care package is the perfect gift to let your spouse know that you love them, miss them, and want them back!

16. Long Distance Love Kit (The Dating Divas) – This kit is designed to help couples that are facing a long distance relationship make the miles seem a little closer together. There are TONS of great printables in this baby!!

16 Love Notes for When You’re Apart

Love notes are such an easy and fun way to show love and flirt with your spouse when there are miles between you! Check out all of these fun ideas!

16 Love Note Ideas for When You're Apart

Long Distance Love Notes

17. P.S. I Love You Project (The Dating Divas) -This long distance love date idea requires a bit more planning, but is well worth it to show your spouse how much you care!

18. Stationery Postcard Pack (The Dating Divas) – Cute separation postcards to use the next time you and your sweetie have to spend time apart.

19. Love Letter Kit (The Dating Divas) – Tons of adorable stationery, envelopes, love notes, and even a guide on how to write a love letter! A perfect way to keep long distance love strong!

20. Long Distance Love Card (Shop Aloe View) – A video chat can be a life saver when you can’t cuddle up with your sweetie at the end of a long day. Set a date for some long-distance-love screen time with your spouse!

21. Printable Snack Love Notes (The Dating Divas) – Free printable snack love notes are the perfect quick and easy gift idea for your spouse that is traveling!

22. Lyric Love Notes (The Dating Divas) – Four AMAZING cards and matching envelopes to tuck a secret love note away for your sweetie!

23. Lunch Box Love Letters (The Dating Divas) – These lunchbox love letters will help you add a personalized and meaningful note to your love!

24. Love Post Cards (The Dating Divas) – These love post cards are so beautiful! Simply print them out, add a stamp and send them via snail mail to your long distance love.

Long Distance Love Notes For Couples

25. Talk Nerdy to Me Love Notes (The Dating Divas) – All nerds will certainly approve of these cute printable cards!

26. Quick and Easy Newspaper Love Note (The Dating Divas) – Does your sweetie like to read the paper? This secret love note idea is perfect for anyone who loves solving puzzles!

27. Would You Rather… Love Notes (The Dating Divas) – These love notes are so creative and cute! Let your sweetie know that while there are a few miles between you, they’re one in a million.

28. Open When Letters Kit (The Dating Divas) – These Open When Love Letters are sure to put a smile on your sweetheart’s face. There are 15 personalized letters for your long distance love.

29. Long Distance Love Cards (LDR Magazine) – Sending love notes is such a sweet and sentimental way to let your spouse know you’re thinking about them.

30. Printable Drawer Love Notes (The Dating Divas) – Sneak this little flirty love note inside of his/her suit case for a spontaneous and romantic surprise!

31. No Matter the Distance Card (ElloLovey) – Let your spouse know that distance doesn’t change how you feel about them!

32. Clever Candy Saying (The Dating Divas) – Who wouldn’t LOVE a candy bar love note or two tucked away in the bottom of their suitcase?!

16 Sexy Ideas for When You’re Apart

Your spark doesn’t have to die down while you’re apart. Keep the fire burning bright with anticipation for the happy reunion! {Wink!}

Sexy Ideas for When You're Apart

Sexy Ideas for Long Distance Couples

33. The Five Senses Gift (The Dating Divas) – Ready to appeal to your spouse’s sense of SIGHT, SMELL, SOUND, TOUCH, & TASTE?! This is a great gift to send with your spouse that will be having them begging to come home to you!

34. Panty Gram (The Dating Divas) – Here you go, ladies! What will your hottie think when he opens his package and reads your playful message? Not only that…but finds a sexy pair of panties attached?!

35. The Kissing Count Down (The Dating Divas) – Make your spouse hungry for your kisses and daydreaming of your lovely charm.

36. Sexy Printable Sticky Notes (The Dating Divas) – Dozens of flirty, sexy sticky note messages to leave for your spouse! Perfect for a suitcase surprise!

37. Sexy Love Book (The Dating Divas) – Here is our Sexy Love Book with pages of intimate coupons for “his eyes only”!

38. Scheduled Sexy Time (The Dating Divas) – Being away from your spouse leaves you both craving intimacy. Schedule a romantic evening for when you’re back together!

39. Long Distance Carton of Kisses (LDR Magazine) – Want to cover your sweetie with kisses, but the distance prevents you? Send a carton of kisses with this free printable!

40. Sexy Date Night in a Box (The Dating Divas) – Date nights don’t have to stop when you’re not together. Give your spouse a sneak peak at what awaits them when they return home {Wink!}.

Sexy Ideas for When You're Apart

41. Sexy Love Notes (The Dating Divas) – Tease your sweetheart with one, two…or ALL of our 26 darling and sexy printable love letters!

42. Strip Trivia (The Dating Divas) – This post is no longer available on our site but you can see all of our intimacy ideas here!

43. Sexy Pillow Talk Conversation Starters (The Dating Divas) – Reignite the flame and get your spouse talking about all of the things that make your relationship flirty and hot!

44. Steamy Bucket List (The Dating Divas) – Husbands and wives need their own exciting “to-do” list for intimate time with their spouse. What do you want to do together when distance is no longer a problem? {Blush!}

45.  Sexy Playlist (The Dating Divas) – Make a steamy playlist over the phone of all of your favorite love songs. These beautiful playlist printables are the perfect guide.

46. Sexy Survey (The Dating Divas) – Communication is such an important part of a healthy intimate relationship with your spouse. Here are 25 questions for each of you. Share your answers over the phone with your sweetie!

47. Would You Rather – Bedroom Edition (The Dating Divas) – This sexy bedroom game can totally be adjusted for a long distance relationship. Get some sexy insight into what your spouse really wants!

48. How Did I Land You? (The Dating Divas) – If your sweetie took a plane for their trip, this flirty card might be the perfect sexy love note!

16 Long Distance Gift Ideas

Want to send your sweetie something fun while they’re away? Here are some great long distance gift ideas to help keep your connection strong.

16 Long Distance Gift Ideas

Long Distance Gift Ideas

49. Long Distance Relationship Necklace (Pure Impressions Design) – Personalized with your choice of locations, these state to state keychains make a charming gift for anyone who is away, but will always hold your heart.

50. Personalized Long Distance Mug (365 in Love) – Such a personal, sweet gift to let your “person” know they’re always on your mind!

51. Heart to Heart Pillow (Finch & Cotter) – When you can’t cuddle up together, feel close to your sweetheart with this customizable pillow!

52. Map Initials Frame (Ekra) – Missing someone? Make the distance seem shorter with this cute map long distance love gift!

53. Hand Stamped Matching Necklace Set (Stamped With Passion) – When your spouse is away it feels like a piece of yourself is missing. This long distance love gift idea is the perfect way to let them know how important they are.

54. Good Morning Spoon (Sycamore Hill) – What a sexy way to start your day! If you can’t say it in person, here is a great substitute!

55. Key Chain (The Light and the Dark) – Distance can’t keep your love down! This is a personalized keychain with the number of miles that keep you both apart.

56. I Miss Your Face Chocolates (What Candy Says) – Is there a better way to express how you feel?? Chocolates says it best!

Long Distance Gift Ideas for Couples

57. Wood Postcard  (Personalization Mall) – I’m completely in love with this wooden postcard! It will keep forever!

58. Long Distance Super Hero Gift (The Dating Divas) – Superhero gift printables for the “hero” in your life!

59. Compass (Engraved Gifts1) – Engraved personalized gifts for you and your sweetie!

60. Double Clock (Nine Muse Jewelry) – Always know the time difference between you and your spouse!

61. Long Distance Ring (Praxis Jewelry) – Men’s and women’s matching mile marker rings. You’re together no matter the miles!

62. Love Box (Paper Jewelry Design) – A small token of love and a key to your heart. SO romantic!!

63. Lock and Key (Lace and Twig) – This rustic lock will only open with one of two matching keys. One you for and one for your sweetie miles and miles away.

64. DIY Photo Box (Country Living) – A cute, wooden box full of frame after frame of pictures of the two of you together!

24 Long Distance Date Ideas

Date night doesn’t have to stop just because you’re not in the same room. Here are some creative long distance date and love ideas to help stay connected!

24 Long Distance Love and Date Ideas

Long Distance Love Ideas

65. 10 Long Distance Printables Quotes (The Dating Divas) – A beautiful, framed reminder of your sweetie! All of these are just beautiful! You’re sure to find one that’s perfect for your unique relationship!

66. Flat Hubby (The Dating Divas) – Your hubby doesn’t have to miss out on everything while he’s away. Invite him along, with tons a creative pictures of the two of you together!

67. Long Distance Date Night Check List (The Dating Divas) – Over 40 ideas for the two of you to do together whiles miles and miles apart.

68. Countdown Chain (Andrea Arch) – Counting the days until you’re back together again?! Here you go! This customizable countdown chain is perfect for long distance love!

69. Week Long Loving Kit (The Dating Divas) – Ten different Week Long Loving Kits – Pick your favorite, or send them one after another until you’re back together!

70. The Happy Husband Kit (The Dating Divas) – Free printables for a little gift kit full of everything that makes your mister happy!

71. 10 Things I Love About You (The Dating Divas) – Of course, there are MANY things you love about your spouse, but it would be impossible to name them all.

72. Romantic Wallet Surprise (The Dating Divas) -Whether your man needs a new wallet or not, he is going to LOVE this awesome surprise! Tons of coupons just for him!

Long Distance Date Ideas

73. Long Distance Bucket List (LDR Magazine) – They call this a proximity list! It will give both of you something to look forward to once that distance has finally closed.

74. Pillow Talk Invitations (The Dating Divas) – Invite your spouse to a pillow talk chat to reconnect after a busy day apart.

75. Pillow Talk Conversation Starters (The Dating Divas) -Need help getting the chat started? No problem! Here are over 50 different questions to ask your spouse in bed to get the pillow talk started!

76. Long Distance Date Night Bingo (LDR Magazine) – This is a perfect long distance date idea! This game works best when you send/mail half of the bingo and question cards to your sweetheart and you keep the other half at home. Game time!

77. The Puzzle Date (The Dating Divas) – Three different cute puzzle ideas to send to your spouse while they’re miles away.

78. 100 Reasons Why I Love You (The Dating Divas) – Think about how loved your spouse will feel when they open this priceless little gift!

79. Long Distance Relationship Shirt (Loving From a Distance) – Let the world know you’re together even though you’re miles apart!

80. Hug… Hate You Gone (The Dating Divas) – Having your spouse away is the pits – no matter how long! Send them a HUG with this cute printable.

Long Distance Love Date Ideas

81. 14 Days of Love for Him (The Dating Divas) – Is your sweetheart taking off for 2 weeks?! We’ve found the perfect thing for you…

82. The Spouse Survival Kit (The Dating Divas) – Here is a perfect and simple way to let your spouse know that you are thinking of them. Two different printables versions—one for him and one for her!

83. Love Text Messages 2.0 (The Dating Divas) – This might be my FAVORITE and easiest long distance love idea on the list. 365 love messages for your sweetie!!

84. Long Distance Phone Wall Paper (LDR Magazine) – Six different free LDR phone wall papers to help keep your spouse close!

85. Long Distance Virtual Tour Date (The Dating Divas) – A cute date night digital invitation to take you spouse on a virtual tour Skype date. Count me it!

86. The Best Apps for Long Distance Relationships (The Dating Divas) – With the help of these apps it should make the miles seem not as far!

87. Send Your Love One Kiss at a Time (LDR Magazine) – Send your spouse a kiss a day until you can give him the real thing! {Mwah!}

88. Surviving a Long Distance Relationship (The Dating Divas) – Great tips for not only surviving a long distance relationship, but building your marriage and thriving.


13 Welcome Home Ideas

This might be the best part about being apart from your spouse—welcoming them home again!! Here are some great way to let them know how much you’ve missed having them around!

13 Welcome Home Ideas

Long Distance Relationship Welcome Home Ideas

89. Welcome Home Printable Party Kit (The Dating Divas) – Pages and pages of welcome home fun! Love notes and treat tags, meal printables, customizable party banner, lawn and airport signs and much, much more! Everything you’ll ever need to let your spouse know how much you missed them!

90. Welcome Home Airport Sign (LDR Magazine) – Over 50 free printable airport signs to welcome your sweetie home! You’re sure to be noticed with one of these cute signs!

91. Welcome Home Banner (At Company B) – This burlap banner is so cute you’ll want to use it over and over again!

92. Welcome Home Art Print (Miahok) – Download this free PDF and print at home for a beautiful welcome home art piece.

93. Sharpie Sticky Notes (wikiHow) – Grab sticky notes, a marker, and you’re ready to welcome your spouse the DIY way!

94. Welcome Home Cake Topper (Oh Happy Day) – Get the party started with a delicious cake that says it all—welcome home, baby!

Long Distance Love Welcome Home ideas

95. Military Welcome Home Printables (Amy Miller Designs) – Any military families out there? This one’s for YOU! If your spouse has been away serving our country, throw them a bash to welcome them back!

96. Welcome Home Drink Tag (The DIY Playbook) – Welcome your sweetie back with a little bubbly drink for two!

97. Welcome Back Basket (Jo My Gosh) – Shower your spouse with all of the things they’ve missed while they’ve been gone!

98. Welcome Home Door Sign (Tagged With Love1) – Add giant wooden tags to your front door to welcome the most important person in your life back home!

99. Welcome Home Cookies (Angelica Made Me)  – I’m not a baker, but if I was these would be on my kitchen table when my spouse walked in the door.

100. Printable Candy Gram Posters (The Dating Divas) – Shout your love with an engineering prints candy gram poster!

101. Balloon Surprise (Lovely Green Lifestyle) – Hang pictures from balloons and fill your room with memories. Whether it’s memories of the two of you together, or memories your spouse missed while they were away. This is the perfect way to reconnect!

Being away from your sweetie is tough, but hopefully some of these ideas will make the miles a little shorter and the reunion a little sweeter!

 We love the idea of showing love intentionally to your spouse. {All about the priorities, right?} Our 30 Days of Love Challenge is a great way to strengthen you marriage a little every single day! This kit has 30 totally fun, quick, and easy date ideas, love notes, and intimacy ideas! It’s the perfect way to welcome home your long distance love!



And if you’re in a long distance relationship- you should totally check out our Long Distance Love Kit! 

Long Distance Love Kit

It’s packed full! Including: a long distance relationship care package, long distance date in a box, a countdown tracker, long distance prescription gift, AND some long-distance romance tips! CHECK IT OUT!

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