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Easy, Romantic Gift Idea

Our popular Printable Candy Bar Gift Tags and Holiday Candy Bar Gift Tags are the PERFECT quick & easy gift idea when you’re looking for a small gift. But if you’re looking for something a little bigger and want to kick it up a notch or two – we have JUST the thing for you! And here’s the best part, it’s STILL super quick & easy to pull off too! Check out our ideas for creating a romantic candy gram!!

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A Love Letter and Chocolate

When it comes to romantic gift ideas, you can’t beat a sweet love letter or some chocolate and candy. So why not combine the two with a Romantic Candy Gram!

Free, Easy and Adorable

Our FREE, PRINTABLE posters make it SUPER EASY to pull off.

That’s right – FREE! We even created FOUR different, fun posters for you to choose from.

So whether you want to say “Happy Valentine’s Day,” “Happy Anniversary,” “Happy Birthday,” or just “I Love You”- we’ve got you covered!

How It Works

It’s as easy as 1-2-3

1.  First, take our digital PDF file to your local copy store (or upload it online) and have your favorite poster printed as a 24×36-inch “engineering” print.

(You could get it printed as a poster, but engineering prints are much cheaper! With this option, you should be able to get it printed off for only $3 to $5. Score!)

Blank Printable Candy Gram Poster

2.  Next, run to the store and grab your candy bars!

(There are eight candy bars for each poster. Check the included “cheat sheet” for your favorite poster to see which candy bars you need to buy complete with links!)

pile of Candy Bars for Candy poster

3.  Then, simply attach your candy bars to the blank spots provided on your poster.

(You’ll definitely want to check your corresponding “cheat sheet” again to see where each candy bar is supposed to go!)

girl making a DIY Candy Gram Poster

Voila! Done!

Finished I love you candy poster

Now all you have to do is find the perfect place to hang it! On the front door? On the wall over the bed? In their office at work? Totally up to you!

Want to see the four different posters you have to choose from?!

We linked up to all of the candy bars so you can see exactly which ones you need!

Valentine’s Candy Gram

Valentine's Candy Gram banner

Happy Valentine’s Day you HOT TAMALE!

Just wanted to TAKE 5 minutes and let you know that I love you to (REESE’S) PIECES. You’re always there when I’m in a CRUNCH, and you make me feel like 100 GRAND! You’re my favorite person in the whole MILKY WAY! I love you BABY (RUTH)!

Love, your SWEETART

Anniversary Candy Gram

Anniversary Candy Gram Poster

Happy Anniversary SWEETART!

It’s a (ALMOND) JOY being married to you. I love that I get to ROLO-ver next to you each morning. Out of everyone in the whole MILKY WAY, I’m so grateful that I SKORed you! Thanks for putting this ring on my (BUTTER) FINGER! I love you to (REESE’S) PIECES!

Love, your BABY (RUTH)

Birthday Candy Gram

Birthday Candy Poster

Happy Birthday BABY(RUTH)!

Today’s your day so TAKE 5 and enjoy. If I had 100 GRAND, I’d take you on a shopping SPREE or fly you to New YORK. But I hope you have MOUNDS of fun anyway on your EXTRA (GUM) special day!

Love, your SWEETART

Romantic Candy Gram

Romantic Candy Poster

Hey BABY (Ruth)!

Please don’t think I’m a NERD or SNICKER at me for making this poster. But I just had to TAKE 5 minutes and tell you that I love you to (REESE’S) PIECES! I sure SKORed getting you. You’re my favorite person in the whole MILKY WAY!

Love, your SWEETART

Ready to get started?! Just print from the below button!

If you liked this, you’ll love our free printable “Reasons I Love You” Posters! And don’t forget to check out our printable Birthday Poster in our Birthday Celebration Kit!  Or if you’re looking for another idea with candy bars, check out our DIY Candy Bar Bouquet!

Free Download

Printable Candy Gram Posters

Printables Designed By Amanda @ A-manda Creation Exclusively For The Dating Divas


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