Father’s Day Candy Bouquet

Candy Bouquet for DAD

Dad’s deserve every bit as much attention as Mom’s on their special day! But what do you get for the best dad out there on Father’s Day? A flower bouquet just doesn’t mean much to dear ol’ dad! Our sweet Corie had this clever idea to create a bouquet for her husband minus the flowers! This fun and clever twist on a bouquet is one that Dad’s will actually LOVE… and enjoy every bite! It’s pretty easy to create, too! You ready to make your Dad a Candy Bouquet?

Fun Father's Day Candy Bouquet

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I must say that putting together a fun craft like this for my husband is usually more fun for me than it is for him when he actually receives it! What can I say? I get excited about these things! But when my hubby came home to this fun bouquet, he really was surprised! It was something so unique, bright, colorful and edible… he was totally impressed!

Here’s what you need to impress your hubby or dad with one of these cool candy bouquets:

These bright and sweet printable cards just for Dad were designed by Messes to Memories. There are 4 different cards to choose from! I love how the cards use common colors from candy bars so that they match the bouquet perfectly!

Cards for Father's Day

Now let’s get crafty with candy! First step, gather your supplies.

How to Make Candy Bouquet

Using a heavy duty tape, like duck tape. Attach one skewer to the back of each candy bar. I attached the tape at the top and the bottom to make sure that it would be secure!

Put together a Father's Day Candy Bouquet

Grab your bucket and fill it with a styrofoam block or ball. I used a styrofoam ball and cut it in half.

Add some tissue paper or crinkle paper for a little pop of color and fun! We thought gold was the perfect pairing with all the yellows, blues, reds and blacks!

Father's Day Candy Bouquet Bucket

Once your bucket is ready to go and all your candy has been attached to the wooden skewers, you’re ready to start placing the skewers into the styrofoam ball. You’ll want to play with spacing, levels and layers to get the look that you want!

Cards for Dad

Don’t forget to grab a card and write a sweet note to that special man in your life! Let Dad know how much you love him this Father’s Day!!!

Father's Day Candy Bouquet

Ta da!! Leave this delicious surprise where dad can find it!

Father's Day Candy Bouquet Card

This is perfect for Father’s Day! But really, you could make a sweet bouquet to tell your spouse or your dad you love and appreciate him any time!

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17 Responses to Father’s Day Candy Bouquet

  1. Super cute, Corie! I have seen this idea before…..and always laugh because although BOTH Jamie & I would love this….we are soooooo trying to cut down on sweets! 🙂 Yer man is gonna be in heaven!

  2. Love this! We are making a bouquet for my father and husband – ended up suing kabob sticks (97 cents for 100) and the mini candy bars with paper flowers stuck behind the candy.

  3. Loved this idea! My husband needed a new fishing license. So from my kids and I, I decided to do one with a fishing theme. I got him the license, gummy worms, swedish fish, a cool gummy x-ray fish, and some fishing bobbers. I cut out some big fish from colored card stock, glued the sucker sticks on the backs, and taped the treats to them. I wrapped them in the tissue paper and tied it with a bow. On the tag I put…For a “REEL-Y” SWEET Dad! We’re “HOOKED” on you! Happy Fathers Day! Then I printed off some cut and color fish online, and the kids and I colored them. We each wrote him a note on the back of our fish. I hooked them all together with fishing line and attached them to the tag. It turned out super cute! Can’t wait to give it to him! Thanks for the inspiration to get me thinking!