I am passionate about laughing, fitness, baking yummy treats, and of course marriage! ;) My husband and I pick up every summer and move to a new state for his job, which is perfect for us because we LOVE adventure and to travel! Our favorite places to go are Disneyland (of course!) OR Harry Potter World. The way to my heart is Dr. Pepper with LOTS of ice, video games (I'm a kid at heart) and Hot Cheetos. Yummy!

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CRAZIEST THING EVER DONE: This question makes me realize I need to do more "crazy" things...no answer right now but i'll fix that. ;)
GOOD AT: Being positive, baking, and Mario Kart
SCARED OF: Public speaking, super deep water, embarrassment
IN THE "BEFORE" LIFE: Before and after school daycare leader (I LOVE kids!)
WORST HOUSEHOLD CHORE: Dishes! (But I HATE when they aren't done so I always end up doing them BLEH!)

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