30+ Romantic Rainy Day Activities All Couples Will Love

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Tons of Rainy Day Activities

When it comes to a rainy day there are two types of people, those who are saying “rain, rain go away…” and those who are dancing and SINGING in the rain! This post full of fun things to do on a rainy day will make any type of person want to dance and sing in the rain with their lover. We have brought together TONS of rainy day activities so the next time you find yourself wondering what to do when it’s raining, you can take some of these fun ideas and have a fun rainy date day with your spouse. Maybe you can even end your date with some romantic kissing in the rain. 😉

The best rainy day activities for a rainy day date with your spouse. ;) #RainyDayActivities

The Dating Divas have brought some of our best and most popular date ideas together for fun things to do on a rainy day! We have ideas that include, indoor activities for adults, SEXY rainy day dates, and things to go do on a rainy day if you don’t want to spend the whole day inside! So, next time you are wondering what to do on a rainy day, pull these rainy day activities out! We promise these ideas won’t disappoint.

Fun Indoor Rainy Day Dates

Some of my favorite days with my husband have been spent inside on a stormy day! Nothing beats waking up on a Saturday morning to the sound of rain, especially when you have no plans for the day. We have brought together some indoor activities for adults that will be the perfect answer to the question, “What to do on a rainy day?!”

Movie Indoor Rainy Day Activities for Adults

  1. Netflix BINGE -Sometimes a lazy day is all you need. A lazy day spent with your spouse is even better! Spend the day Netflix binging with this super cute and creative date!
  2. YouTube Date Night – Have you ever sat with your spouse and just watched SUPER FUNNY youtube videos!? If not, you should try it sometime…with this date.
  3. Read my Mind Date – How well do you know your spouse!? There is no better time to find out than being stuck in your house together on a stormy day!
  4. Iron Chef Date – This is one of the most perfect indoor activities for adults! You can try this out with just your spouse or invite some friends who are also trying to find what to do when it’s raining. Everyone will LOVE it.
  5. Impractical Jokers Date – Looking for a good laugh on this rainy day!? This beats all other rainy day activities!
  6. Scary Movies Date Night – Scary movies are the perfect excuse for cuddling up to your spouse! Grab some yummy popcorn and try this scary movie date!
  7. Comedy Movie Date Night – Spending a rainy day watching movies is the best. BUT spending a rainy day watching FUNNY movies is even better. This date is one of the best fun things to do on a rainy day.
  8. Romantic Redbox Night – This RED-y for you movie night is one of my favorite rainy day dates. Grab a movie from your local Redbox, some snacks, and get RED-y to have a romantic date night with your lover.
  9. Internet Scavenger Hunt – Most of us already spend way too much time on our phones, why not make a date out of it!? This is one of my favorite things to do when it rains with my spouse! We have so much fun with this date.
  10. Spouse Sleepover – Did someone say SLEEPOVER!? It seriously can’t get any cuter than this!
  11. Couples Paint Date – We LOVE Dip N’ Paint for their Couples Paint Kits – a kit that comes with EVERYTHING you need to have a fun paint night AND the canvases work together to create a beautiful painting! This is an activity that would work ANY time, but especially on a rainy day. Use code DIVAS10 for 10% off!

Sexy Dates to Do When it Rains

There is nothing that sounds better than spending a whole rainy day just loving on your spouse! It may be hard to find what to do on a rainy day with your spouse other than watching tv, BUT you won’t be confused with this list. 😉 We have brought together some of the best sexy dates that can easily be some of the best rainy day activities as well.

Sexy Rainy Day Activities

  1. Fantasy Date Night – This idea is just as sexy as it sounds. Put together a fantasy date night box that you can use either that same rainy day or save it for when you and your spouse need a sexy date night.
  2. DIY Body Paint – This is one of the most PERFECT things to do when it rains! This DIY body paint is a fun and sexy way to bond with your lover.
  3. Spin The Bottle – Spin the Bottle with your spouse?! This is one of the most fun things to do on a rainy day.
  4. Sexy Breakfast In Bed – You wake up and it’s raining?! And you think, “what to do on a rainy day?!” Why not sneak out of bed and plan a sexy breakfast in bed to wake your spouse up with. This is a great start to your day together. Bring them breakfast on this cute tray!
  5. Would You Rather – I’m sure you’ve played would you rather with friends! But would you rather play with your friends OR with your spouse?!
  6. Sexy Cootie Catcher – Have some fun with your spouse by making some sexy cootie catchers together!
  7. Naked Night – There are no better indoor activities for adults than this one. A naked night with your spouse! This fun date includes some super fun activities for you and your spouse.
  8. Steamy Bucket List – It’s fun to get things hot and steamy on a cold rainy day. This steamy bucket list date will sure do the trick.
  9. Glowing Blacklight Bath -A relaxing bath sounds nice on a rainy day, doesn’t it?! What about a glowing blacklight bath WITH your spouse. Try these glowsticks for your blacklight bath date night!
  10. SexBox – Wondering what to do when it’s raining?! Most people like to chill and play video games. If your man is a video game lover, this date idea will really TURN him on! 😉

Rainy Day Outing

A rainy day in sounds really amazing to some people, BUT some people just need to get out of the house. Lucky for you, we have brought together some super fun date ideas to help you know what to do on a rainy day, that involves getting out of the house, but not having to be out IN the rain! There’s no reason to stay couped up on a rainy day. Make the most of the gray weather with these fun ideas.

Rainy Day Outing Drive-Thru Date

  1. Car Make-out Date – This car make-out date is perfect for wanting to get out of the house but not wanting to get out in the rain. Go on a drive with your sweetheart and enjoy some kisses in the car.
  2. Bookstore Date – Reading a good book sounds relaxing on a rainy day! A rainy day date to the bookstore sounds even more fun!
  3. Cozy Car Date– Get cozy on a rainy day in your car with this date idea!
  4. Progressive Drive Through Date – Craving yummy food on this rainy day?! Take date night to your car and go on this progressive drive-thru date! No need to get out of the car to enjoy date night. 😉
  5. Hotel Slumber Party – Have kids and looking to get out of the house and have a mini getaway!? Well, schedule a babysitter, cause this hotel slumber party is the perfect idea for a rainy day date night out.
  6. Target Date – One of my favorite things to do is go to Target! Especially when I’ve been bored and have nothing else to do. It’s the perfect place to go and kill time. Go and kill time with your spouse and make it a date night.
  7. Cozy Car Ride Date – This cozy car ride date is the perfect excuse to get out of the house but not having to get out of the car with the rain.
  8. Mall Dares – Get out and spend the day at the mall! While you’re at it, have a fun rainy day date with these mall dares.
  9. Arcade Date -Arcade games on a rainy day!? It doesn’t get any better than that!
  10. Library Date Night – There’s something about going to the library on a rainy day that just sounds relaxing, doesn’t it!? Make it a fun date with this library date night.

The last idea you HAVE to do is go outside and have a classic kiss in the rain with your spouse! 😉

Wow, with all of these amazing rainy day dates, you’ll never have to wonder again what to do when it’s raining because The Dating Divas have got you covered. If you loved these rainy day activities and ideas we have so many more for you! If you have children, check out these ideas for Indoor Activities For Kids on a Rainy Day. Also, check out these At Home Date Ideas for Couples.


I am passionate about laughing, fitness, baking yummy treats, and of course marriage! ;) My husband and I pick up every summer and move to a new state for his job, which is perfect for us because we LOVE adventure and to travel! Our favorite places to go are Disneyland (of course!) OR Harry Potter World. The way to my heart is Dr. Pepper with LOTS of ice, video games (I'm a kid at heart) and Hot Cheetos. Yummy!

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