16 Naked Night Get To Know You Questions

Naked Night and Get To Know You Questions

A PERFECT date night usually ends in a Naked Night at our house, which is where this date idea came from! It’s flirty, fun, AND super easy to pull off too. We’ve provided a few sexy games and ideas to help you pull off your very own Naked Night! That’s right… games, movies, contests, etc. anything goes for this sexy date idea, as long as it’s SANS CLOTHES. Sounds like a night of fun that your spouse could probably get into, right? So what do you gotta do for this date night? Let me tell you, it’s so simple 

All you have to do is…

These Naked Night ideas are awesome! Can't wait to invite my spouse! #NakedNight #TheDatingDivas

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Aren’t you just DYING over that clever invite?

“Let’s un-button and get… Naked!”

For some extra bonus points, attach this Naked Night invite to your favorite Naked brand Juice or Bear Naked Granola and hide it somewhere your sweetheart is sure to find it. {Then get ready for one HAPPY spouse!} There are probably even more Naked Brands out there that might work for your invitation! Be creative and find something that your spouse will love.

Naked Night Treat Tag

Our double-sided tag is so cute and will fill your spouse in on ALL the details for date night!  

Things To Do for Naked Night

So what’s on the agenda for Naked Night? We’ve put together a handy little checklist for you so that you don’t even have to worry about planning anything! There’s really only 1 important detail that you need to remember… Just about anything goes, as long as its SANS CLOTHES. Yeah… we thought that was pretty clever.

Naked Night Checklist

Feel free to stick to the checklist… or mix it up! Whatever works for you and your spouse! It’s your date night, after all!

Strip Battleship Sexy Game

Time to get naked! We know that for some people, getting naked might seem a bit awkward at first. So why not make it a fun game! Strip Battleship is a sexy twist on your traditional game…

Strip Battleship Sexy Game

Don’t worry! It’s easy… Place your clothing on the grid and take turns calling out grid coordinates. Cross off any clothing that is hit and call out hit or miss. If your spouse gets all parts of a piece of clothing call out “You just took my _______ off!” then take that article of clothing off. Continue to play until you are both naked!

More Naked Night Games

There are 3 more fun games on the checklist – ALL of which should be played naked, of course. X marks the spot is a super fun and intimate game that will definitely get you both turned on! Choose a spot on your body, have your spouse kiss different parts of your body until they kiss the correct spot. Let him know whether he’s getting HOT or COLD.

We’ve also come up with a fun Get To Know You Naked game that will tantalize your spouse a bit and help you both feel connected. Send your spouse to the door. Ask questions to see how well they know YOU! For every correct answer, move 1 step forward. For wrong answers take a step back!

Naked Night Questions

Finish off the games with a couple of fun kissing contests! Turn on some music, face each other and see how long you can go without kissing. When you give in and do kiss… see how long you can kiss without touching each other’s bodies!

Naked Night Finale!

The night is young, come up with your own naked game, turn on a movie… it doesn’t matter what you do as long as you remember the most important Naked Night rule! Once the fun and games are through, I’m pretty sure you’ll figure out what to do! Wink wink!

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  1. You ladies definitely know how to keep it spicy in your relationships! I wonder if guys did this for their ladies if it would still have the same effect?

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