5 Sexy and Romantic Breakfast In Bed Ideas

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Romantic Breakfast in Bed Ideas

Nothing says “I love you” more than these Breakfast in bed ideas. These romantic Breakfast ideas will be sure to get you and your spouse fed in more ways than one! With adorable food flags, a do not disturb sign, fun Breakfast game, and a sexy Breakfast scavenger hunt, you will have all the ingredients for the most romantic Breakfast in bed! So what are you waiting for? Dish up a little love for your man with The Sexy Breakfast in Bed date we created just for you and your sweetheart! After all, nothing is better than a delicious sexy Breakfast delivered to you right in bed! Now let’s get egg-cited!

Sexy Breakfast in Bed

We absolutely need to give a HUGE shoutout to the one and only Elizabeth from the Dating Divas for making this ‘Sexy Breakfast in Bed printable’ come to LIFE! They are the CUTEST!!!

Sexy Breakfast in Bed Invite

Now you ain’t seen MUFFIN yet! Start off your Breakfast in bed with an ADORABLE invitation for your sweetheart! After all, this will let your spouse know that they are in for a sweet morning to remember! For your romantic Breakfast in bed, you can hand deliver the cute invitation or tape a toothpick to the back and stick it on a stack of pancakes or waffles to really show your spouse you mean business… and voila! Your Breakfast meeting is in session! The invite will remind your sweetheart, “DON’T FORGET TO KISS THE CHEF” to make sure the sweetness is moving in both directions! MUAH!

Breakfast In Bed Invite

Breakfast in Bed Ideas for Boyfriend

Not only is breakfast very important, so is your RELATIONSHIP! The Sexy Breakfast in Bed will feed you physically AND romantically! Enjoy some sexy morning time with your sweetheart by using the most adorable “Do Not Disturb” sign on the outside of your door! That will provide the privacy needed to enjoy all the elements of this date idea! To create a Sexy Breakfast in Bed, add the flirty food flags, and put on your sweet and spicy lingerie! Have your spouse also wear something fitting for the mood and dive in between the cozy sheets! All in all, this date is a perfect way to start the day with the person you love most!

Sexy Breakfast

Breakfast Food Flags

This sexy Breakfast is filled with fun breakfast in bed ideas! Just wait until you see your sweetie’s reaction when you walk in with a sexy breakfast in bed like THIS! With the flirty sayings like ” Ya butter kiss me,” it won’t take long for him to realize that Breakfast is only half of the treat! To create the romantic Breakfast in bed, cook up those waffles, bake that bacon, and squeeze some oranges to show him how much he means to you! Use these amazing printables to set the tone for the morning! As simple as one-click download, print, and cut, you can have these flirty printable food flags to enjoy for your date… for FREE!


Breakfast in Bed Ideas for Boyfriend



Breakfast in Bed Ideas – Memory Game

So it may take a few minutes upon waking up to really settle into this Sexy Breakfast in Bed ideas for your girlfriend date! The Breakfast memory game will help you both to wake up and enjoy the morning time spent together! This game will allow you to talk, laugh, and have a fun and competitive time! Just like when you were kids, take turns trying to find a match! Once you find a match, take the two cards and keep it on your side. When there isn’t any more to match, count how many you have! Whoever gets the most matches wins!

Breakfast Games


Sexy Scavenger Hunt

Want to give your sweetie a morning of love that they’ll remember forever? Surprise them with a Sexy Breakfast Scavenger Hunt! Lead them through a series of sexy breakfast-themed clues until they’re starving to get to their final prize! So what is the prize, you might ask? It is their sexy breakfast date (YOU) leading them to part two of this romantic morning together! With all of these romantic Breakfast ideas created just for you, cut the sexy scavenger cards and place them where they belong. After setting up your cards, do a test run of the scavenger hunt! This will help you see if everything is in order and make sure the hunt goes smoothly!

Scavenger Hunt

Breakfast to BUBBLES!

Now that you’ve set everything up, these Breakfast in bed ideas for your boyfriend will keep the romance ignited. Give your partner their first clue, and let them start the party! These are the best Breakfast in bed ideas to show your sweetie that you love them even more than Breakfast! Lead your cutie through a series of locations, that ultimately place both of you in a steamy shower together! With an adorable “Save Water, Shower Together” flag, you will be sure to show your honey you are ready to make a splash! After this romantic Breakfast in bed date, your sweetie will be asking if they can have you for Breakfast in bed EVERY DAY!

Sexy Shower

There’s nothing better than a date with some yummy food! The Indoor Picnic Date and Taste Testing Date Night will be sure to incorporate your two favorite things – a date with your sweetheart AND food!!!

Free Download

Have a Sexy Breakfast in Bed

Printables Designed by Elizabeth Exclusively for The Dating Divas


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