4 Indoor Romantic Picnic Ideas for Couples

How to Have a Romantic Date Night Picnic Indoors

An indoor picnic is a simple, romantic, and memorable date night. Sometimes you really DON’T want to go out for date night—we get it! Of course you still want a romantic night with your one-and-only, but without the hustle of going out on the town. This date idea has all the elements of a fun night in, and it’s totally Instagram worthy! 🙂 There are invites (DIGITAL or PRINTABLE! What?!), activities, food ideas, and tips for a romantic set-up in order to get the most out of your date night in.

Indoor Picnic Date Night In: This looks dreamy! I can't wait to recreate this cozy indoor picnic with my babe! #DateNightIn #IndoorPicnic #DatingDivas

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Before checking out these darling printables, take a look at this helpful guide on How to Create a Perfect Stay-at-Home Picnic. It’s full of awesome tips!

Indoor Picnic Invitations

Indoor Picnic Date Digital Invite

Carisa of Messes to Memories is the genius designer behind these adorable picnic-y prints! She was able to take the adorable, iconic, picnic plaid and make it modern. The invites are meant to be given in a series to your sweetheart to build that suspense and excitement throughout the day! My favorite part of the invites is that they come in both digital download and printable versions. You could even combine the two versions and give some hints digitally, and some physically. You can choose what order you share the invites with your spouse. There are 4 different words + definitions to get the point across: Cozy, Picnic, Indoor, and Date Night.

Picnic Foods for an Indoor, At-Home Date Night

Indoor Picnic At Home Date

Once your love knows what’s up for your evening plans, start putting it all together. Because the theme is picnic I wanted to include some classic picnic foods, but I also had to include some (sometimes cheesy…) food tags!

Indoor Picnic Smore Love Note

I set up our little “picnic basket” to include a bottle of bubbly and a loaf of delicious French bread – each with a coordinating tag. There are also some tags available for cheese. These finger foods are perfect for picnic-ing on the floor of your home.

Indoor Picnic Decor

Cozy Indoor Picnic Date

Speaking of eating on the floor… doesn’t sound too comfy right? Well, let’s get it that way! I pulled out multiple blankets, comforters, and bedspreads to layer and fluff in our chosen area. I also added a lot of pillows, because pillows = perfection. That made it comfy and romantic, to boost that romance factor I added some twinkle lights and had a couple candles for our dessert activity.

Activity for an Indoor Picnic

If you want to just snuggle and snack all night during your indoor picnic—do it! If you need a little activity to loosen up, we’ve got you too. Don’t worry, there’s food involved because I love food. This indoor picnic is all about being cozy with your sweetheart. Well, cozy to the Divas usually includes some hot cocoa and a rich chocolatey treat.

Indoor Picnic Date Night In

To help mix some things up we have 2 groups of add-ins. 1 is specific for your hot cocoa and 1 for a s’more! This was so much fun! I cut all the tags out and had them in two piles. Once we had our hot chocolate brewed (Stephen’s is THE best!) we each picked a card and added that to our drink.

Indoor Picnic with Smores

Before we made our indoor s’mores we drew from our s’more cards. There are a lot of variation possibilities! We ended up with Cookies ‘n’ Cream s’mores, strawberry s’mores, and I HAD to try a s’more with Oreo!

Indoor Picnic Date Night Activity

We also have some fun little conversations starters about being cozy, picnics, and your love!

Magic Word Intimate Activity

Indoor Picnic Intimate Activity

This is a fun little game that starts as soon as your date begins. You and your spouse are each going to choose 1 – 2 “magic words”. Whenever your spouse says your magic word, give them a kiss! If they can deduce what your magic word is – you lose an article of clothing! But the game doesn’t end there, the magic word is still in play and the kissing is still going strong.

Romantic Indoor Picnic

We hope you enjoy your cozy picnic indoors. Revel in your time together when you get to focus on just one another and your love.

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Indoor Picnic

Printables Designed by Carisa @ Messes to Memories Exclusively for The Dating Divas
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Cozy Definition Digital Invites

Printables Designed by Carisa @ Messes to Memories Exclusively for The Dating Divas
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Picnic Definition Digital Invite

Printables Designed by Carisa @ Messes to Memories Exclusively for The Dating Divas


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