The Library Date Night Idea

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Date Night at the Library 

Check this out – a date night idea that is completely free and incredibly fun! Grab your library card, your spouse and these awesome printables and you have a fun date night (or two!) for the books!

The Library Date

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Our Bookstore Date is one of our most popular posts – by far. My husband and I loved that one so much that I wanted to do it again – this time with a new twist! More than just searching the shelves for unique books – this date night includes hilarious tasks AND dares for you and your spouse to complete – all at your local library! 
Library Date Night Bookmark Invitation
Start by inviting your spouse with this super fun bookmark invitation created by the lovely Coutney from  Paperelli Designs. I totally love her style and know that she can create anything I need her to and it will look fabulous!
Library Date Night Task Card Choices

Next, choose one (or all) of our Library Date Night task cards. Each card could be its own date night or you can mix and match the different cards. There are two different categories that you can try:
The Great Library Hunt & The Library Double Dog Dare 
It is totally up to you which cards you play from! 
The Great Library Hunt
Library Date Night Scavenger Hunt Tasks
The library hunt cards require you and your spouse to search out and find various items at the library.  You might be looking for a movie that brings you back to your childhood or searching out some romantic music to use later on {wink! wink!}.
You can gather these items by working together or meet back after a set amount of time to show what you found and compare! Either way is totally fun! 
you could do 
The Library Double Dog Dare 
Library Date Night Dares
The library dare cards require you and your spouse to complete various tasks while at the library. You might have to act out a scene from a play script out loud or ask the librarian a super embarrassing question. Hilarious, right? 
These are tasks you definitely will want to complete together! 
Library Date Night Blank Task Card
And if you are feeling extra creative, we even have some blank task cards for you to create your own challenges! I think it would be fun if you created tasks for each other and then exchanged cards! I can think of a few items that I would love my spouse to do!Library Date Night Challenge Cards
Finally – slip your chosen tasks into these colorful library date night slipcovers and let the fun begin! 
Fun, right? I can’t even tell you how excited I am to do this one! I just love that it is totally free but also how easy it is! Just print and go! PLUS most likely this will take several date nights if you want to try all the challenges! 
Download your free Library Date Printables here, but first make sure to go visit Courtney’s Paperelli site and give her some Diva love!  

Free Download

Library Date Night Printables

Printables Designed By Courtney @ Paperelli Exclusively For The Dating Divas


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    1. I hope you have so much fun! The length of the date is totally up to you! My husband and I just did one card (and saved the others for future date nights!) and we set a timer. I would suggest give yourself 20-30 to find the items and 20-30 minutes – at least to share your findings

  1. I think this is your best fun-date idea yet, for us book-ish types, anyway!
    Well, possibly the dessert on the roof under the stars, which we could totally combine with this one.
    The only thing is – for us it has to be a date afternoon since our small-town Library closes early-ish.
    I especially like the special checkout card with dates/memories. Love it! Thanks!

    1. So glad that you enjoyed this date night idea! I love how you can play multiple times and even create your own challenges!