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The perfect group date to have fun while serving your community!

Today we have an awesome group date night idea that not only lets you have a blast with your friends but also gives you the perfect opportunity to perform random acts of kindness for those in the community around you!  We have the ultimate list of service ideas to keep you busy all night long on this service scavenger hunt date night!

The ultimate group date night to have fun while performing random acts of kindness for the community and people around you!

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Gandhi once said: “The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others.”  There’s not a truer statement out there.  That’s why this weekend we challenge you to gather a few of your favorite couples and join us on a service scavenger hunt!  These random acts of kindness will leave those around you grinning from ear to ear.  Thanks to Jen at Jen T By Design, we have the world’s CUTEST printable to accompany this service date night!

First be sure to let your friends know when and where with this ADORABLE invitation created just for them!

A service themed scavenger hunt for you and your friends!

When date night rolls around be sure to have a few essential tools on hand to help the scavenger hunt go smoothly {each couple will be going to the store but it might be nice to provide a few tools for them to use}.  Be sure to have:

  • Tape
  • Chalk
  • Scissors
  • Writing Utensils
  • Blank Paper, to write letters/cards
  • Scavenger Hunt List & Printables, one for each couple

 Hand out a scavenger hunt checklist and pack of printables to each couple and let the fun begin!  We’ve included a list of rules as well as 25 different random acts of kindness to perform throughout the night!  Although the goal is to see who can complete the MOST tasks, remember WHY we are doing this service scavenger hunt and make sure your random acts of kindness and good deeds come from the heart with true effort (:

Scavenger Hunt Date Night Idea

Here is a little sneak peak at some of my favorite random of acts of kindness from our group date night!  First we decided to ding dong ditch some diapers to a few of the new parents we know!

Random Acts of Kindness ding dong ditch

I just LOVE this adorable printable to go along with the ding dong ditch inviting the recipient to then perform their own random act of kindness.  A great way to pay it forward!

My hubby and I also took the opportunity to write a few thank you notes to those who matter most to us and those who serve in our community.  Who doesn’t LOVE getting mail?! How darling are these blank cards?!

Thank you notes for your service scavenger hunt date night.

Performing random acts of kindness by writing thank you notes for those in the community.

We also stopped by a few family’s homes to leave them messages in chalk on their driveways.  I loved how this random act of kindness gave me the chance to dust off those artistic skills!  (;

Leaving notes on the service scavenger hunt.

Random Acts of Kindness Ideas

Along with notes in chalk we stopped at a hospital and left little notes for people to find on their cars!  It was a quick and easy way to perform service and make someone’s day!

Service Scavenger Hunt Opportunity

Quick and Easy Service Ideas!

My hubby loved the idea of taping a bag of microwave popcorn to a few different Redbox machines.  Such a fun random act of kindness!

Random Acts of Kindness to Perform

A few years ago I was shopping with my mom at the mall and I will never forget what we saw.  We were walking out of a store when we saw a group of kids handing out little bags of candy telling people to have a great day.  I thought this was such a fun service idea that we incorporated it into our service scavenger hunt date night!  We have the cutest printables for you to tape onto the candy {or snacks, whatever you choose!} to pass along to some strangers.  These adorable notes invite the person to perform their own random acts of kindness, once again paying it forward!

Free Printables to Perform Random Acts of Kindness

Great Ideas to Perform Service

I know after scrolling through these ideas you can barely wait to get started planning your own service scavenger hunt date night!

Let the random acts of kindness begin!

We also have a Thanksgiving random acts of kindness post that you will love! And speaking of service, how about spoiling your spouse?! Check out our 7 days of spoiling kit!

Free Download

Service Scavenger Hunt Printables

Printables Designed by Jen @ Jen T By Design Exclusively for The Dating Divas


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    1. Adalis,

      That is such a good idea! I did this with my youth group as well and it was a big success. It really depends on the amount of time you have available and the distance you have. If you are in a neighborhood with everything nearby you could do it in 2 hours. If you are a little spread out and have some time maybe 3 hours. The idea is to do as many as possible in the given amount of time. We only do about an hour (2 at the very most) on our weeknight activities for our youth group so I adapted to 1 hour. We started at the store. Everyone had 20 minutes. Then 40 minutes to execute but we kept it to our neighborhood. If we did it on a Saturday we might be able to go downtown and hit some organizations that help others with a few hours. Or split up with different leaders aka drivers to get even more service done! 🙂 I would say give yourself enough time to have fun but short enough to make it a race!

    1. Hi Shawniece! Just scroll down to the bottom of the post and you’ll see a skinny pink rectangle that says “Click Here to Download.” Once you click on that, the free printables will open in a new window and you can download them to your computer and print. Hope that helps! 🙂

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