Date Night in a Box

Date Night in a Box Idea

Everything you need for a fabulous date night with your spouse – all in one place! Date night doesn’t get any easier than this – AND we did all the work for you!

Quick and Easy Date Night Ideas

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Life is busy for my husband and I. We don’t have a lot of time to plan date night {who does?!}. When time together does comes up, we don’t want to waste time deciding what to do – we want to get right to the fun!

With Date Night in a Box, you have everything you need for a memorable date night with your spouse – all in one place. So when time arises, you don’t have to wonder what to do. Just grab your Date Night Box and enjoy an evening together! After you’ve printed off our darling printables, keep reading and check out all of our ideas of what to include in your box!

Here is how it works: 

Date Night in a Box label

Find a box that can become your official Date Night Box!  I got my box from a FedEx store but I am sure you can easily find one around the house!

Date Night in a Box decor

Using our gorgeous printable box set designed by the lovely Leah Aldous – you can spruce up the flaps of the box. I love Leah’s coordination of colors and design. It easily takes a simple box and makes it become something special.

Date Night Poem

When your box is finished, make sure to include this special poem explaining how Date Night in a Box works. Finally – add the beautiful tag that your spouse is SURE not to miss!

Date Night Box Invitation Tag

Now comes the fun part – filling the box with your choice of date night activities! Once you have this box designated as your Date Night go-to, fill it with a date night that you and your spouse will enjoy. We have TONS of idea of what you can fill it with – choosing your first idea may be the hardest part.

Date Night in a Box Box

Here are a few ideas to get your started ! We have plenty of ideas for a date night in a box that is:

  • Playful 
  • Adventurous
  • Romantic 
  • Sporty
  • Relaxing 
  • Sexy 
  • At Home 


  • Valentine’s Date Night in a Box


Plan for evening of laughter and giggles. Playing with your spouse creates bonds and memories! Place some games and treats inside your date night box and get ready for an evening of fun!

Playful date night in a box ideas

Fun Date Night Ideas

For this playful date night in a box – I wanted to have a night where we could play games and laugh! I put everything we would need for a date night full of laughter and fun!

Fun Date Night supplies

 For this date night I included:

With the exception of the treats, I found everything around the house! So easy! I plan to play the games {including trying some of these new card games} and also play some of our own Whose Line is it Anyway improv games from THIS post. When date night comes around – all we have to do is open our box and we are set for the rest of the night!

More Playful Date Night in a Box Ideas:  

playful date night ideas

  • You Tube Date Night – Put a blanket, treats and a laptop in your box and get ready for a hilarious night of laughter! This post has some really funny youtube videos all ready for you to watch. You could also create your own playlist in advance plus use the ones in this post. Cuddle up and enjoy some free entertainment via!
  • Bookstore Date – This date night is one of our most popular date nights for a reason! The idea is to complete task cards with your spouse at your local bookstore. This game is so much fun and easy to prep! Simply print off the free printables and place them in your box! You could also add a snuggly blanket, glasses or a gift card for the bookstore! So easy and so much fun!
  • Would You Rather Couples Edition – Want a night of silly conversing? All you have to do is print off our hilarious question cards and place them in your box! These silly situation cards will have you and your spouse rolling with laughter. You might learn a thing or two about your spouse! I think it would be fun to add two treat choices to the date night box. Then you can start the night with “Would you rather have popcorn or pretzels?”
  • Video Game Date Night – Fill your date night box with your most loved video games and your remote controls. This post has some crazy fun invites, snack ideas and activities that your spouse is sure to love! Add those printables, plus any ingredients for your snack foods and you have a fabulous date night!


There is no staying at home for these date night ideas! Go exploring with your spouse – but don’t forget your supplies! Everything you need will be right in this box!

Adventurous Date Night in a Box ideas

Adventurous Date Night Ideas

My husband LOVES to discover new places! Traveling and discovering new locations is something he absolutely would love to do for a date night! For this box, I included everything we would need for our own adventure together!

Adventurous Date Night Supplies

In this date night box I included:

I thought we would try the Discover a New Town Together Date Night. The idea is to find a city near you that you have never been to, get in the car and go exploring! So fun! You could also include a blanket, some tunes for the car ride and maybe even a picnic for two!

More Adventurous Date Night in a Box Ideas: 

adventure date night ideas

  • Choose Your Own Adventure – I loved these books as a kid and now there is a whole date night around this concept! Place these free printables in your date night box for an evening in which your spouse will choose from what could be 52 different possible endings!
  • Road Trip Date Night – Even if you don’t have a particular destination in mind – hop in the car and bring your date night box with you! Fill the box with all of these amazing printables and games that you and your spouse can play while on the road! This would be so fun!
  • Winter Date Night – If it is winter where you are, you could definitely have an adventure in the snow! Fill your box with warm gear such as gloves, mittens, scarves, and hand warmers. Then, add items to match your activity: ice skates {or a coupon for the ice rink}, a carrot for a snowman’s nose – whatever you decide to do! You will definitely want to add some hot cocoa and toppings for a post-date night treat! This post has LOTS of ideas for activities and free printables too!
  • Stargazing Date NightStargazing is so romantic! Fill your date night box with a blanket, a telescope {or items to make your own!} and perhaps an astronomy book and you are set! You are ready for an evening of cuddling with your love!  


Knock your spouse’s socks off with this romantic reveal. Open your date night box to find everything you need for a romantic evening for two!

Romantic Date Night in a Box Ideas

Romantic Date Night Idea

I am a sucker for all things romantic! I love dressing up with my man and doing all things fancy! For this date night in a box – I thought a fun dress up dinner date would be lovely!

Romantic Date Night Supplies

For my Romantic Date Night in a box I included:

More Romantic Date Night in a Box Ideas: 

Romantic Date Night ideas

  • Love Shack – Use these fun printables to create your own love shack. Fill your date night box with rose petals, a bubbly drink, champagne glasses, chocolate covered strawberries, candles, plus any materials to make your own “shack.”
  • Cuddle Kit for 2 – This kit is the perfect fit for a date night in a box! Rather than put all your cuddle kit items in a basket – put it in your box! Items could include a soft blanket, a bubbly drink, chocolates, a romantic movie, candles and some romantic music.
  • Suite Retreat – Convert your home into a fancy hotel suite with this date night in a box idea. For each item you place in the box this post has printable notes for each! Your spouse will think you spent hours planning this one! Items for you box include: candles, bubbly drink/glasses, romantic music, bubble bath or bath salts, some elegant lingerie, massage oil, and romantic music.
  • Power Outage Date Night – This date night turns the lights out but turns the romance ON! Turning the power out for the night means no electronics and lots of candle light! Fill your date night box with LOTS of candles, matches, items to build a fire in the fireplace, some ghost stories, glow sticks, flashlights, and board games/cards.


A couple that sweats together – sticks together! Whatever sport you and your spouse enjoy – make it a date night! Fill your box with items to enjoy a little friendly competition!

sporty date Night in a Box ideas

Sporty Date Night Idea

My husband and I aren’t really into sports, but my husband really enjoys hiking. We live in a beautiful state with so many places to explore! For this date night in the box – I include some simple supplies to make a last minute hike date night.

Sporty Date Night Supplies

In this date night box I included:

I could also have done a map to the hiking location and our Camelbak backpacks too!

More Sporty Date Night in a Box Ideas: 

sports date night ideas

  • Frisbee Golf – For a fun date outdoors that is active – try this fun twist on Frisbee Golf! Include in your date night box the post’s free printables {including love challenges}, a frisbee, and treats. You can place your date night box in the laundry baskets too! So fun!
  • Shooting Range Date  – This post has lots of free printables to put in your date night box PLUS ideas on what you can do on the date! You will definitely want include in your box: bullets, noise canceling headphones, passes to the gun range, goggles, and some yummy treats. You can also be more silly with a nerf gun and target too! The best part of this whole post is the unique invite and the intimate bullseye game is a must for your date night box!
  • Let’s Get Physical – Have fun getting physical with a date night that has you working your body! This post has ideas for a sexy workout together. Fill your box with tennis shoes, a gym pass, gatorade, power bars, stuff for a smoothie or protein drink and maybe some workout DVDs.
  • 12 Sport Dates Your Man Will Love – This post has not one idea BUT 12 ideas for date nights that anyone who enjoys sports will appreciate! Choose your favorite sport activity and add any items to the box that would match! Golf, tennis, soccer – you name it! Fill your box with items to go play or tickets to go watch! Get creative and use these amazing printables to fit your theme!


Surprise your spouse with a date night box a-la-spa! Enjoy a relaxing evening free of stress, worries – and planning!

Relaxing Date Night in a Box Ideas

Relaxing Date Night Idea

Everyone enjoys being pampered and spoiled! Why not make it into a date night? Most of these things you may already find around your home. Gather them into one place and surprise your spouse with a spa in your own home!

Relaxing Date Night Supplies

For my Date Night in a Box I included:

 I think that this date night is going to be a hit! My husband has a lot of stresses in his life, but I want him to come home and enjoy an evening stress-free!

More Relaxing Date Nights You Could Put in Your Box:

Relaxing Date Night ideas

  • Spa Date Night Kit – All the items I had in my relaxing date night box would go perfect with this date. Just add the free printable invite and “Spa Services in Session” door hanger and you have the perfect date night in a box! The post also has great activity ideas to make the evening truly like a spa!
  • Sensual Massage – This post has a great breakdown of the best ways to give a sensual massage for your spouse. In your date night box you could add  Stress Relief Massage Oil , an Aromatherapy Candle, and Massager and Heat Lotion.
  • Loveseat Lounge – Turn your couch into a romantic lounge for 2! With low-key, relaxing activities you don’t have to leave your living room to enjoy some time with your spouse! Place the free printable invite and “Reserved” sign in your date night box. Then add treats, goodies, a blanket and a movie for an evening at home!
  • Spoil Your Spouse Date Night – Using the free printable request menu, have your spouse fill out their date night request of what THEY would most love to do. They can request a favorite meal, treat, activity and more! Once this is filled out, fill your date night box with as many of their requests as possible! When date night rolls around, this date night is all about pampering and doting upon your spouse – make them feel loved in every way!


This date night in a box is for adult eyes only! Fill your box with everything you need for a steamy evening in the bedroom!

Sexy Date Night in a Box ideas

Sexy Date NIght Ideas

This sexy date night kit includes:

We have got a whole Sexy Gift Guide full of great ideas to put in your box!

More Sexy Dates Nights to Add to Your Box:

Sexy Date Night ideas

  • Strip Trivia – This post is no longer available on our site but you can see all of our intimacy ideas here!
  • Picasso Me Black Light Date – Bring backlights to the bedroom as you get artistic. Fill your date night box with blacklights, highlighters, washable markers, and body paint. This post has some hot ideas for an artistic night in the bedroom!
  • Chocolate Body Paint – This is the easiest date night box ever! All you need is this “Desserts on Me” printable and your jar of DIY Edible Chocolate Body Paint. You could also throw in some paint brushes and then you can get creative with the activities {or check out the post for some ideas!}
  • Intimate Playbook – Does your spouse love football? Include this saucy intimate playbook along with a blindfold, tasty treats (peanut butter, chocolate syrup, whipped cream, honey, etc.), massage oils/lotions, and any bedroom props of your choice for an evening they will never forget!


Want to have a great date night with your spouse but don’t feel like going out? Or maybe getting a babysitter just isn’t in the budget. Well, put the the kids to bed and pull out your date night in a box filled with these fabulous ideas!

Quick and Easy Date Nights at Home

At Home Date Night Idea

My spouse is really good about cooking with me. There are no gender roles in our kitchen. We work together when we can to make a meal. It is not only necessary, but it is fun and bonding! For this date night I wanted to include everything we would need to make a simple but romantic meal from home.

At Home Date Night Supplies

For my date night in a box I included:

 More At Home Date Nights to Add to Your Box:

At home date night ideas

  • Romantic Rooftop Date – If your home as a roof access – sneak to the top of your home for some quality alone time. Place a blanket and picnic for 2 in your date night in a box and enjoy an evening under the stars!
  • The Newlywed or Not-So-Newly-Wed Game {We have TWO versions for you}- Get to know your spouse better. Place all your free printable game cards, score card and answer sheet into your date night box. Spend the evening learning more about your spouse while proving how much you know!
  • Fondue Date in a Box: Fondue is a unique way to eat meals AND dessert. It encourages conversation! Fill your date night box with a fondue pot and lots of different treats or sauces for dipping. This post has some great ideas for some dessert cupcake fondue that looks delicious and fun! Topping could include chocolate chips, sprinkles, frosting, and marshmallows.
  • Couples Cafe – Turn any meal at home into something unique and special. Add the printable Couple’s Cafe menus to your box to accompany any meal. These fun menus have a price for each menu item and your spouse pays in affection! This would go so well with my date night box above! You could have everything for the meal inside the box!

More Ideas from the Divas

There are SO many things you could add to your Date Night in a Box. Are your own ideas coming? Here are just a few more brilliant ideas from my creative fellow Divas! These ladies are the most creative women that I know!  Check out their ideas as you get your OWN creativity going!

Quick and Easy Date Night Box Ideas

My husband and I do love going to the movies and we have quite a few on our list lately that we want to see! Even though a movie can be a typical date night, I added a few items to my box to make it extra sweet!

Movie Date Night supplies

  • Movie Date Night in a Box – Fill your box with lots of fun extra treats for a movie! If you are renting a flick – add the movie or place your tickets to a specific movie and surprise your spouse! You can even use our fun Double Feature Printables to really go above and beyond!
  • Getaway Date Box –  Do you really want to surprise your spouse with something special for date night? Get a hotel for 1 or more nights. You could include in your date night box: travel toothbrushes and toothpaste, travel shampoo, massage oil/lotion, comfy robes, fluffy slippers, rejuvenating masks (especially if your husband is into facial treatments…or at least a warm towel for his face), the favorites of your movie collection, some relaxing herbal tea or hot cocoa, etc. If getting a hotel isn’t in your budget – check out all of these ideas for a staycation in your own home! Just add the coordinating items to your box!
  • Picnic Date in a Box – A picnic is always so romantic and we have a few {ahem 97} ideas for ways you can stage your own picnic!  Having a meal out in the sun with your husband free of technology. Sounds blissful! Just add a blanket and all the food items you need for a picnic lunch. Don’t forget to add the plastic plates and utensils!
  • Bonfire Date in a Box – Everything you need to make S’mores found in your date night box! Place graham crackers, marshmallows, chocolate bars, roasting sticks, and blanket. And BONUS we have a sweet printable requesting “s’more lovin” that would go perfect with this date!
  • Nickelcade Date Night – Pour a  bunch of nickels into your date night box and add some hand sanitizer {ha ha…so true though! Nickelcades are kinda gross!}. You can add these fun conversation starters to chat about in the car on the way there. Finally add some yummy treats for aftewards!


Valentine Date Night in a Box 

With Valentine’s Day right around the corner, our talented designer, Leah Aldous, created for our readers a very special Date Night in a Box version JUST for Valentine’s Day! She went ALL out to create designs that would fit perfectly with a Valentine’s Date night that is to die for!

Valentines Date Night in a Box Ideas

Valentine Date Night Box label

To make your own Valentine’s Date Night in a Box, the same idea applies – decorate the flaps of your box with these gorgeously designed papers and fill your box with all things Valentine’s!Valentine Date Night box Decoration

Valentine Date Night Box Supplies and Ideas

For My Valentine’s Date Night Box I included:

You could also put the items needed for our Ultimate Valentine Date Night into the box (things for a candy gram, a bubble bath and a romantic scavenger hunt!)

Valentine Date PoemMake sure to add the printable poem that explains how the box works! I set mine right on top for my spouse to see as soon as he opened t!

Valentine Date Gift

Finally – tie up your box with some ribbon and add this large tag and place it for your spouse to find! It will be hard to miss and they will be so anxious to see what is inside!Valentine Gift Tag

Whew! Was that an idea overload or what? When a great time for a date night arises, open your box and get ready for an amazing date night!

AND – the best thing about this idea is that it is continuous. After a wonderful evening (stress free of planning), it is your spouse’s turn to fill the box. Now, you not only have a date night in a moment, but you make sure to do things you BOTH enjoy!

About the Author: Sarina

I met my Prince Charming when I was 15 years old and 12 years later we created our own happily ever after. Together we enjoy traveling the world, and, of course, going on creative dates! I am a former theatre teacher who now stays at home with a handsome baby boy. I love dancing, photography & chocolate!

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