13 Relaxing Date Night Ideas for Couples

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Relaxing Date Ideas 

A few years ago I was a huge mess of stress. My husband and I had just moved to a new town, I was in a stressful employment situation and I was having frustrating health issues. After a particularly long day, I came home to find a warm bubble bath ready to go and a basket of goodies (chocolates, candles, bath salts…) all prepared for me by my loving husband. A relaxing date night at home was exactly what I needed! And that moment inspired me to come up with these fabulous relaxing date ideas so you can do this for YOUR sweetie, too!

Check out these fabulous relaxing date ideas to help put your spouse at ease after a stressful week! #TheDatingDiva #AtHomeDates #RelaxationStation

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Here are my relaxing date night ideas so that YOU can do this with your spouse, too… and from the comfort of your own home!

Choose Activities That Are Relaxing For You

Everyone has different tastes when it comes to what relaxes them… some people like foot massages, some people like to read, some people like listening to music… So for your own relaxing date night, just think about what your spouse would love to do to de-stress and add it to the evening’s plans! Here’s a quick list of other relaxing activities for couples to help get you started:

  1. A favorite movie (check out our Movie Night Ideas for Couples!)
  2. Foot soak
  3. Facial mask
  4. Relaxing music
  5. Head massages
  6. A walk outside (we have a Walk With Your Spouse Date Night!)
  7. Yoga (try our Couple’s Yoga Date Night!)
  8. Meditation
  9. Breathing exercises
  10. Layout in the sun
  11. Journal (have you seen our Couple’s Journal Prompts?)
  12. Dance (try out these awesome Couple’s Dance Classes!)
  13. Do a crossword puzzle

Send A Relaxing Invitation

To help set the tone for an evening of relaxation, give your sweetie this darling invitation! If I were having a stressful day, just seeing this invitation and knowing that I had a relaxing evening ahead of me to de-stress would bring immediate relief! I left this little invitation for him to find so that he would know I had date night covered, but if your husband works all day, you can always just text him a picture of the invitation. It will make his day!

Invitation For A Stress-Free Date Night

Gather Relaxation Items

I gathered up various items for our evening of relaxation and added them to a basket along with the beautiful printable tags included in the free printable below. A huge part of the fun in making this an actual date night (as opposed to just another bubble bath) is how you present everything! So it’s really important that you gather up your relaxation supplies beforehand and put them all together for your sweetie to find. To help make the presentation even more fun, there are six tags included in the download that go perfectly with the following suggested items for your relaxing date night basket:

  • Items for a bubble bath (things like a bath bomb, bath salts, and a soft towel)
  • Massage items (you can use either lotion or oil)
  • Dinner plans (gift card to eat out, menu to order delivery, ingredients for a dinner at home… whatever it is, just keep it simple so you can both relax)
  • Special lighting (you can use tea lights, candles, aromatherapy candles, or even an essential oil diffuser << I LOVE this one!)
  • A drink (your favorite flavor of drink or maybe hot cocoa)
  • Treat (whatever you two like best!)

I also found a simple wire basket (you can find similar ones on Amazon, like this one) and then I taped the “Relaxation Station” label to the front to tie everything together! Then, I placed it right in the entrance to our bedroom so it would be the first thing my husband saw after coming home from his long day.

Relaxing Date Night Ideas

Attach Relaxation Printables to Items

Included in the free printables with this post are 6 tags that coordinate with popular relaxation items… so you can really make your date night something special! Not only are you putting together a lovely evening of relaxation for the two of you, but you are also making a cute basket full of gifts and goodies for your sweetie! He’ll love reading each of the tags as he goes through all of the items and preps for his night of relaxation. It’s just another way for you to make him feel special and show him you love and appreciate him!

Relaxation Station Gift Basket Tags

Relaxing Dates - Chocolates Gift Tag

Turn Your Room Into A Stress-Free Zone

The main goal for ALL relaxing dates is to completely relax and pamper! As soon as you step into the bedroom, it should be ALL about relaxation! That’s why we created this “stress-free zone” sign that you can hang right on your bedroom door. This will surely help set the tone and get you both in the mindset of leaving your cares at the door. A few more relaxing date ideas to help set the tone for your evening are to have a basket directly outside your door that you can drop your shoes and cell phones into and leave the door cracked open while you have a scented candle burning in the bedroom. You’ll be able to smell the candle before even entering the room!

Romantic Relaxing Date Ideas - Relaxation Date Bedroom Sign


There you have it! We are ALL about having as many relaxing dates as possible. And there are so many different ways to make your evening of relaxation extra special for your sweetie (AND for you)! Not only will you be able to help your spouse be more stress-free, but you’ll have a fabulous date night together where you connect and rejuvenate your relationship. It’s a win-win for everyone! For even more relaxing activities for couples that you can do from home check out our At-Home Spa Day Ideas and our Spa Date Night Kit. Here’s to a stress-free evening with your sweetie!


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