40+ Creative Movie Date Nights

Love movies but want to change things up a little for Date Night?

We have 40+ Creative Movie Date Nights coming right at ya!! 

I married into the most movie-loving date night family ever!  I’m talking ANY time we get together, something revolves around a movie.  Whether it is playing charades all about movies, eating dinner and quoting movies, or just going to the latest box office release – they don’t care.  They just looooovvvvveeeee the movies!

Having said that, this round up is just perfect for my hubby! Every one of the dates below are planned around a movie AND are super creative dates.  It’s awesome!  He couldn’t ask for anything better.  But this isn’t just about my hubby and me, it’s about you too! I’ve done all the work for you, now all YOU have to do is browse through these 40+ creative movie date nights and pick your favorites!

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40 Creative Movie Date Night Ideas

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I hope you enjoy the variety below!  You will find a little bit of everything here and each has a creative date planned for you!

cami-movie date nights-collage1-6

1- Double Feature – His Choice/Her Choice: I don’t know about you but my hubby sometimes has a different idea of what a ‘good’ movie is.  This movie date solves that problem.  It’s double feature night – you get to pick a movie, and your hubby gets to pick a movie.  At the end of the night – both of you will be happy!

2- The Grinch: This movie list would not be complete without a date involving The Grinch!  This creative date incorporates all the favorites of the movie and is sure to be a hubby pleaser.

3- The Hunger Games:  My hubby and I were so excited when this movie came out because we read the whole series.  This creative movie date is exciting and takes you on your own adventures, leading up to the best part-watching the movie itself.

4- Hocus Pocus: I know it’s not Halloween at the moment, but who said you can’t watch this movie in the summer time?  Get your ‘spell on’ on this fun movie date.

5- The Hobbit: This creative movie date has all the adventure your husband could crave before going on Bilboa Baggins’ journey while watching the movie!

6- Legally Blonde: I know that this movie is not the most ‘man friendly’ one out there, but you can warm him up to wanting to watch it with you with all the fun activities planned in it.  Pamper him in your own at home spa to really get him geared up to watch this movie classic.

cami-movie date nights-collage7-12

7- Black and White Date Night: I know that black and white movies aren’t so popular anymore, but this fun, flirtatious movie date will change your mind!

8- Sweet Home Alabama: I am such a sap for a great love story.  This movie date allows that romance to penetrate the whole night through.

9- Zorro Date Night: Even though this is more of a ‘man’s’ movie, the women will enjoy the sexy dance party you will have with your man and a love story intermixed with the action.  A perfect concoction.

10- My Big Fat Greek Wedding: A little humor doesn’t hurt anyone, especially if it is weaved in throughout your whole night. Be prepared to laugh the whole night through.

11- Fireproof: A story about hero is a story for anyone.  Go on this movie date and see if your marriage is fireproof or not!

12- Man of Steel: Superman is such a classic movie.  This remake of the story, coupled with a creative date is the perfect match!

cami-movie date nights-collage13-18

13- Mirror Mirror: I personally love the new movies coming out about the old time stories we all grew up with.  This creative date night puts a twist in your memory on ‘who is the fairest of them all’?

14- Les Miserables: This date has all the options you would want for the perfect date night.  Also, there are dunking booths, and lots of other carnival ready activities for some real fun.

15- Baseball Movie Date Night: It’s the perfect time of year for watching baseball.  Join in on this date and have a fun ‘sporty’ night.

16- Movie on the Move: Say what?  Movie on the move…how in the world does one do a movie on the move?  This date tells you all about how to make this crazy feat come to pass.

17- The Vow: This is a movie I have been wanting to see since it came out.  This date is just perfect for the hubbs and I as we want to do a fun date AND still have some fun romance throughout the night!  Awesome!

18- The Princess Bride: Asssssss yoooouuuuu wiiiiiisssssshhhhh…What a classic line from this popular movie.  Plan a whole date around how you and your spouse can ‘spoil’ each other while still having a great time.

cami-movie date nights-collage19-24

19- Napoleon Dynamite: Tots anyone?  Yep, a whole night of comedy awaits you when you plan this date night!

20- Alice in Wonderland:  I really love this story because of all the craziness and silliness that Alice finds in Wonderland.  A whole date night of actually being a part of the wackiness is just what me and the hubby could use.

21- Batman: I LOVE the Batman movies.  They are always jam packed with suspense and twists I don’t see coming.  This date night is no exception.  Plan this date and have a ‘batty’ good time.  {I know, cheesy, but I just had to do it!}

22- Breaking Dawn: I am probably one of the only women that didn’t read this series of books.  BUT that doesn’t mean I can’t enjoy this fun movie date night!  Yep, this fun date is a pleaser even if you haven’t indulged in the books.

23- The Blind Side: This date night has what every date night should – something to keep both the hubby and the wife happy.  With this date the hubby will get his sports fill that he needs and the wife will get the story that will touch her heart.  Perfect.

24- The Holiday: Want to go on a holiday but don’t know how you will afford it?  Then this date is for you…you can go on vacation without even leaving your home.  Fantastic!

cami-movie date nights-collage25-30

25- The Bucket List: Plan this creative movie date AND have a future bucket list written for you and your spouse to do.  Awesome…

26- Never Been Kissed: This date night is all about channeling your inner ’90’s’ while having a great time!  Gnarly!

27- While You Were Sleeping: This fun date night will be an adventure  filled night joined with a fabulous food.

28- Ghostbusters: Who you gonna call?  Ghostbusters!  Plan this fun interactive date and have a blast going back to the 80’s!

29- The Grown Ups:  This date is a perfect combination of humor and having fun while still having a little competition with the hubby.  At the end, everyone is happy.

30- Cast Away: I would hate to be stranded on an island alone – but being stranded on an island with your hubby for this date night sounds great!

cami-movie date nights-collage31-36

31- Twilight: Who doesn’t like vampires and werewolves?  Come on, they have such a mysterious aura which leads to a great thing to base a date on.  This is a for sure hit!

32- Romeo and Juliet: Oh Romeo, Oh Romeo, wherefore art thou Romeo? Aaaaahhhhh…sooooo, romantic.  This date night is sure to keep the spark alive in your marriage and make for a great date.

33- Eat Pray Love: If you love to travel, then this date is for you.  Travel the world all in one night!  How fun is that?!

34- The Tourist: This is another great date night that lets you travel to a different place…without leaving your home.  Prepare the suspense before your date starts for an amazing night.

35- A Team: Man, this date is GUARANTEED to deliver an action packed night. Your man will love it!

36- Star Wars: I don’t know about you guys, but my kids sing the Star Wars theme song all the time. My husband is the biggest Star Wars fan so this date is all for him!!!

cami-movie date nights-collage37-42

37- Tron: Oh my goodness!  My husband is such a big Tron fan.  This date night takes you on an adventure, creates your own game, and is plain old fun!

38- Pirates of the Carribean: Get your pirate on with this date.  Dress up, have fun playing a trivia game, and be sure to walk the plank! LOL

39- Fast Five: Oh my goodness, this is such a guy’s movie date night!  Fast cars, hot girls (YOU – {WINK}), and a huge adrenaline rush.  What a great date this will be!

40- The Proposal: If you are up for a laugh, then this date is for you.  Have fun doing a “get low” chant, maybe have your hubby propose again, and end the night with watching a great movie!

41- The Green Lantern: If you are a superhero fan, then this date is for you. Here you will have some fun adventure, live your superhero fantasy, and have a fun date night!

42- Just Go With It: Comedy, sports, and a fun twist adds up to a fun date for you and the hubbs!  Have a fantastic time!

cami-movie date nights-collage43-44

43- Ocean’s Thirteen:  I love ALL the ‘Ocean’s’ series movies.  They are so amazing and they totally get me thinking every time.  This date just adds to the fun suspense of what the movies are all about.

44- Date Night: There are so many times that my hubby and I just look at each other and have ‘the look’ of just wanting to get away from the mayhem of kids and go on a date night.  Well, this date will sure put a smile on your faces as you go on a great date and end the night watching a fantastic flick!

Isn’t this list of 40+ movie date nights amazing?!  I can’t wait to go through and make my hubby’s and my regular movie nights extra special!  It’s going to be a great couple of months…  Be sure to check out Michelle’s 152 Man Approved Date Nights to really make your man happy!

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  1. Jamie & I LOVE movies as well… I go for the UBER chick flicks and he loves the action. 😉 This is a great list to refer to! Thanks, girly! XO

  2. We LOVE Ocean’s Thirteen – we’ve watched it 4 times already and plan on watching it again this weekend. I am sure next time we’ll go for the Zorro date night, it’s such an amazing movie.