Star Wars Movie Date Night

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Star Wars Movie Themed Date

Long, long ago in a galaxy far, far away… (or maybe not so long ago!) you and your sweetie fell in love. Keep that love alive and strong with another creative date night!

Any Star Wars fans out there? The newest addition to the Star Wars saga, The Force Awakens, was a HUGE hit! Whether you are a die-hard Star Wars lover or just looking for a fun movie night, this date is for you! Our Star Wars Movie Date Night printables are a great addition to the film – a love note, adorable printable popcorn bags, and movie activities!

Star Wars Movie Date Night

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These AWESOME Star Wars movie date night printables come from the creative genius of Kristin at CDotLove! She is an amazing designer who always creates darling printables for us! Every time we work with her, we LOVE the result! For any invitations, prints or custom design work – Kristin is your gal!

DIY Printable Popcorn Bags
Your movie snacks aren’t coming in ordinary containers tonight! Pop some buttery popcorn and serve it in these fun BB-8 and Chewbacca printable bags. All you need are white lunch sacks and a printer. Follow the instructions on the printable template to easily transfer the designs onto paper bags!
Star Wars Movie Date Printable Popcorn Bags

Storm Trooper Target Practice
If you need an activity to get you off the couch during your Star Wars Movie Date Night, pause for an intermission and get ready to take out some storm troopers! Have a competition between you and your spouse – who has the best shot? Winner gets a prize – maybe no dishes for a day or something a little more sexy {WINK!}. 
Star Wars Storm Trooper Targets

Star Wars Movie Game
Vegging out and watching movies is so nice, especially on Friday night after a long week. But if this is going to count as date night, we’ve got to have some romance and connecting going on as well, right? This printable Movie Game lets you do both! As you’re watching Star Wars, listen and watch for anytime things like The Millenium Falcon, Droid or Light Saber are said or seen. Then complete the corresponding action on the key!
Star Wars Movie Date Game
You can print off the little Jedi Love Note for a fun way to get your spouse excited about the date night!
The cute poem reads:
R4 is Red
R2 is Blue
The Jedi Master of my Heart
Will always be YOU!
Star Wars Movie Date Printables
Although this Star Wars Movie Date Night is tailored to watching The Force Awakens, you can, of course, use these printables for any of the other Star Wars movies too! The Movie Game, Storm Trooper Targets and even the Chewbacca popcorn bag are all applicable to any of the films. Our favorite way {by far!} to watch the Star Wars series is via VidAngel – you can watch a clean, edited version for only $1 each, and there’s even a filter to remove Jar-Jar Binks completely! (Seriously! Ha!) So grab your remote, find your inner Jedi and enjoy your Star Wars Movie Date Night!

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Star Wars Movie Date Night Printables


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  1. Thank you SO much! I plan on using this for “May The 4th Be With You” on May 4th. But I am going to kick his booty at a light saber fight first.

  2. These are so cute tomorrow is my kids last day of school. So we’re celebrating by staying up and watching Star Wars! How do I download these files? Thanks

    1. Wendy! Yay for school being out! Hope your family loves these ideas! You can find the printables the bottom of the post- there is a big pink box that says “Click to download.” Have fun!

  3. YAY!! I RAN to the closest Redbox and snatched the movie up! I LOVE this date idea. Can’t wait for tonight!

    1. Yay!! Way to snag it before everyone else- I’m sure this movie is a hot item right now! Have fun!! xoxo