16 Perfect Date Night Movies Every Couple Needs to See

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The Best Movie Night Ideas for Couples

Movie and date night are practically synonymous. However, cute movie night ideas can be hard to come by. Certainly, no one wants to have a movie night that is just sitting and viewing–we need some interaction! Most importantly, every one of the movie date ideas below are planned around the movie AND are super creative ideas. So trust me, these movie night ideas for couples will take your normal date night movie ideas at home and kick it up a notch! Above all, we’ve done all the work for you, now all YOU have to do is browse through these creative, good date night movies and pick your favorites!

How to Plan a Fun, Relaxing Night In

So as you start combing through these movie date ideas consider what would be preferred by your spouse to make it extra fun for them. Most importantly, for ease of planning, we have them separated into 4 different categories to help with your decision making. So base it on your mood and snuggle in for one of these good date night movies.

Romantic Movie Night Ideas for Couples

Certainly, when you have a little time together it should be all about romance, and movie night can meet that need! Especially when you use one of these movies to watch on date night to up the romance. Above all, they help mix up the regular date night while also helping you cuddle up to your babe. Good date night movies can be found below:

Good Date Night Movies

  1. Serendipity Date – So much love for this classic romance flick! So whip up some hot chocolate and head on over to the post for some cute ideas for making the night extra special.
  2. The Vow Date – The kind of love that lasts through sickness and health. Watch this one just to be inspired to love deeper!
  3. UP Date Night – Can anyone actually watch this movie without crying over Ellie and Carl’s love story!?

Action Date Night Movie Ideas

Action movies are always my spouse’s choice, and I’m not gonna lie, I usually bow out. BUT when I do watch them I usually end up loving them! So if an action film at home isn’t your norm, these ideas are sure to please. These are all good choices because they should be engaging for both of you!

Date night movie ideas.

  1. Jurassic World Movie Date Night – Special tickets to a world you’ve only dreamed of… stick together for safety!
  2. Star Wars Movie Date Night – Reunite with your old friends Han, Luke, and Chewie while also meeting a few new ones like BB8!
  3. Superhero Movie Marathon – DC or Marvel– Or how about both? Get ready for a marathon of EPIC proportions.
  4. Star Trek Date Night – Oh the Trekkie in your life is going to LOVE this date night! So indulge their nerdiness–serve up the Star Trek Date.

Holiday Movie Date Ideas

Special holidays call for special movie night ideas for couples! So enjoy our favorite holiday movies and these good date night movies. Certainly, you will feel like you’re getting the most possible out of the holiday when you take the time to snuggle up and you choose one of these magical films to watch together.

Netflix and Chill

  1. Groundhog’s Day Date Night – Would you relive a single day over and over again if it meant being with the one you love? Most importantly, the repeated fun movie night ideas would impress even Punxsutawney Phil!
  2. Hocus Pocus Dinner and a Movie – Put a spell on your sweetie with this classic Halloween movie and dinner to match.
  3. The Grinch Dinner and a Movie – Get ready to have your heart grow three sizes with this fun dinner and a movie date night at home.
  4. Santa Clause Movie Marathon – Bingo, decor, and so much more for this festive date night with the big man himself.
  5. White Christmas Date Night – This classic Christmas movie is romantic, fun, and over-the-top – just like this date with a special 45 minutes just for 2 ;).

Cult Classic Movies for Date Night

Without a doubt, these classics are just must watches. So many of them make for good date night movies. If for some reason you HAVEN’T seen them, remedy that, STAT. These movie night ideas for couples switch up your normal routine and still bring that nostalgic joy. So make sure you take a peek at these cult classic dates!

Movie Night Ideas for Couples

  1. Ghostbusters – We love this movie with its quotes and iconic scenes. The date printables do NOT disappoint!
  2. The Princess Bride – Wuv. Twu Wuv. Certainly, if this isn’t one of your most-quoted-movie, you need a rewatch! And maybe it will leave your sweetie saying “As you wish!”
  3. Pitch Perfect Date Night – You’ll be singing together in no time with a karaoke challenge. And the treat tips are BRILLIANT – you’ll be laughing before the movie even begins!
  4. Harry Potter Marathon – Deciding where this movie date fell was tough – Harry Potter is romantic, adventure, holiday – Harry Potter is EVERYTHING!

Mix up Your Normal Routine

So if you’ve been in a rut, or if you are both just tired at the end of a long week, pick out one of these great ideas! Certainly, they will mix up your normal routine, and make a relaxing night a lot more fun. These movie nights are sure to please you and your love! If you need a few more ideas for a movie night you need our Year of Movie Date Nights – a different genre for each month of the year!


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  1. I need to get better and creating more of a “date” when we watch movies!! Thanks for all the ideas!!

  2. We LOVE Ocean’s Thirteen – we’ve watched it 4 times already and plan on watching it again this weekend. I am sure next time we’ll go for the Zorro date night, it’s such an amazing movie.

  3. Well thank you for suggestion.. I have free time now so this can help me to make my holidays bit interesting.. Thank you!!

  4. The Double Feature Date Night was a hit with us so I can’t WAIT to do more dates like it! This is a goldmine!!

  5. Jamie & I LOVE movies as well… I go for the UBER chick flicks and he loves the action. 😉 This is a great list to refer to! Thanks, girly! XO

    1. Tara- I am glad you like this list. You guys should do a movie night and watch an action flick AND a chick flick. Awesome!