Star Trek Date Night

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The BEST Date in All the Star Systems

Where are all of our Trekkies at?! Star Trek has had a huge following since it premiered in the 60’s and it got a whole new fan base with the new films that started being produced in 2009 – making it popular across all generations. When we realized there wasn’t a date centered around it we had to get going! This Star Trek Date Night has the BEST printables. Seriously. THE best. The invites, games, and decor supplies capture the fun and style of classic Star Trek.

Great Ideas for a Star Trek Date Night!

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Everyone loves a well thought out, planned date night. Show your spouse that you have put effort into this one by inviting them to join you!

Star Trek Date Night Invitation.

This adorable invite by Joanna at JAB Creative Australia has the iconic Starship Enterprise and the cutest space background ever. Simply fill in the necessary data, present it to the one you love, and you are ready to go where no man – or woman;) – has gone before!

4 Star Trek themed love notes.

To help your sweetie get excited all day long, slip these cute cards around the house or in their bag/car/desk. They are on point with the theme – share a little love throughout the day to show that you are thinking of your honey and are ready for date night! {Personal favorite here: I’d never red shirt you! In the original Star Trek, it was always the red shirts who were sent off to die in dangerous situations…}

Star Trek Themed Food

Any good date {ok, ok … any good day} has delicious food! Tonight is no different! Surprise your honey with these clever Star Trek themed foods and food cards.

Vulcan Veggie Food Tent for Star Trek Date Night

We have Vulcan Veggies  to start off on the healthy sides of things.

Romulan Reds Berry Food Tent for Star Trek Date Night

The name, Romulan Reds, is really vague and could be for any red food – we just chose strawberries.

Dilithium Delight Food Tent for Star Trek Themed Date

For a drink, we have Dilithium Delight. This one, again, is super vague and could be used in whatever way you need.

Coconut Macaron Tribble Bite Food Tent for Star Trek Date Night

Our personal favorite: Tribble Bites! We made some DELICIOUS coconut macaroons to stand in for real Tribbles {I could never eat those cute trouble makers!} If you can’t find macaroons at the store, they are super easy to whip up. We used this recipe and they were perfect! There, you have 4 little dishes and ideas to snack on during the film, or a fun trivia game.

Star Trek Game: Pin the Communicator on the Captain!

To get warmed up you may need to play a little “Pin the Communicator on the Captain!” How fun is this game?! Come up with your own prizes, or simply let the winner choose the best spot on the couch.

Live Long and Prosper free printable!

As an adorable keepsake and decor piece, Joanna also whipped up this adorable Live Long and Prosper print. {This one may not be coming down anytime soon…}

Free Printables for a Star Trek Date Night

 So, get caught up on the original TV series, or watch one of the new movies with your honey, and enjoy these fun printables!!

Free Download

Star Trek Date Night

Printables Designed by Joanna @ JAB Creative Australia Exclusively for The Dating Divas


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  1. I seriously know NOTHING about Star Trek!!! Like, these sayings? I have NO clue but it’s all so fun AND this new movie coming out + these printables makes me totally want to do this date!! Ha!

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