Spa Date Night Kit

At Home Spa Date Night- Just Relax and Unwind

This is the perfect date for you to plan on spoiling your spouse!!

They are going to love having their stress melt away as you pamper them with this relaxing at-home-date.

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Of all the dates around, this one has got to be the ultimate in relaxation!! This may be one of my VERY favorite at-home-dates EVER!! It was great!!

Turn your home into a spa for the night and you and your husband can unwind from your busy week.

{This date by-the-way, is a perfect one for a guy to plan for his wife…just sayin’}

spa date night printable money

Erin, designer at Strawberry Mommycakes created these gorgeous Spa printables. They totally set the mood for this date and are absolutely darling!!

I think Erin did such a fabulous job on these, and it’s your lucky day because we are letting you use them all for FREE!! Whoot! Whoot!

You can set up this date a few different ways- give your spouse the spa bucks as a gift or make them earn that $$!!

 I decided that a week of anticipation was perfect for this date. I let my husband know that I was planning a spa date for us on Friday and that we would both have to ‘earn’ Spa Bucks all week to buy services off the Spa Menu. {both the Spa Bucks and Spa Menu are included as part of the printable pack}.

How do you earn Spa Bucks you ask?

Just by being your regular, old, awesome self, of course:)

You took out the garbage honey? Sweet, here’s $5 Spa Bucks.

Mmm, best spaghetti supper ever! Here’s $10 Spa Bucks for you!

What’s that, you filled the car up with gas- nice, here’s $20 Spa Bucks for you:)

Hold up! You bathed the kids, brushed their teeth, read them a story, AND got them to say their prayers- SCORE!!- $20 Spa Bucks for you {and a big ol’ kiss!!}

The more Spa Bucks you earn, the more you can buy during Spa Date Night…

spa date night menu

The Spa Menu is chock-full of revitalizing services. Everything from facials, manicures, pedicures, various styles of massage, drinks, snacks, and more!

You are going to WANT to earn a LOT of spa bucks this week because EVERYTHING on the Spa Menu looks amazing!! Use the Spa Order Form to fill out the services you want and the pricing for each.

spa date night food

Make sure you have some sweet, decadent, and light food on hand. These can be ordered off the menu, so choose a few treats that you may not normally buy just to make the night a little ‘extra’ special.

spa date night cucumber water

Every spa I’ve been to has great water. Add crisp cucumbers, oranges, lemons, limes, berries, or even watermelon to your water to create fresh drinks to keep everyone hydrated.

spa date night citrus water

Set the mood.

Light some candles, put on soft background music, have clean towels and washcloths ready, and a few lotions and oils for massaging
{there are some amazing looking DIY Spa Recipes you can find here} Don’t forget to put our gorgeous ‘Spa Services in Session’ door hanger up!

If you have kids, you’ll want to have them in bed or spending time at a friend’s home just so you can truly relax.

spa date night door sign

Enjoy a calm and peaceful evening with your husband. Relax, unwind, and enjoy the quiet company of just the two of you.

Our sweet Diva Cami had a fun spa date with her husband you can check out here, and you can put together a simple spa date kit like Diva Corie did too.

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25 Responses to Spa Date Night Kit

  1. I would love to do this for hubby and I (plus being 7 months pregnant how can I pass it up ;)) but I was wondering if you had anything on massages? I have never had a profesional massage and I would not know where to start when giving one….

    1. @Felicia Eis: Girl, I am SO excited for you to try this out! Being 7 months pregnant, you definitely have earned some pampering (and I guess your hubby has too! lol). I have had no formal training in massages. I grew up in a family that LOVED to trade giving each other back rubs. I think the best place to start would be with lotion or baby oil and start at the shoulders and move your way down the back. Make sure to really get in between the shoulder blades and the muscles down the spine. And then tell your hubby (after you quadruple layers of pillows so you can lay down on your tummy) to really get the areas of your back that need some resting. I know for me it is all about the lower back areas :-). Good luck and enjoy the pampering…

  2. Hi Cami: as the happy husband, thanks to your article, I agree with all points! Three suggestions:

    1. If you really want to surprise your husband or wife, Google \How to massage\. There are lots of sites with great suggestions, but the most important is to stay 1\+ away from the spine itself.
    2. 30 minutes before your festivities, fill a pot with hot water to warm the oil (don’t microwave baby oil; it can burn the skin). Makes a huge difference.
    3. Please don’t ever say \Yuck\ about a 8.5 months pregnant woman. That’s painful to read. You might not look like you did or will, but it’s not gross. It’s wonderful and beautiful. (Divas; how about a special article on husbands who want to plan a special date just for our really pregnant wives?)

    Thanks! David

    1. @David: Wow, such great suggestions! Thanks so much! I am SO glad that you two had a great night. Being pregnant at the time of this date, I totally understand how refreshing it can be to just relax with your spouse. I am sure your wife is close to delivering now too. Awesome! About the comment of me saying ‘yuck’…I didn’t mean in anyway that pregnant women are not beautiful. Actually, I feel the opposite is true. I think pregnant women are gorgeous, but that’s not to say that I always feel that way when pregnant! Sometimes we (pregnant women) just don’t feel up to being photographed! Ha, ha. I am glad that you are like my husband who think their woman is gorgeous while pregnant. It definitely helps the self esteem and helps those 9 months pass quickly. I will pass on the suggestion of husbands planning a date for their pregnant wife to the other divas. We just happen to have 2 of our divas pregnant right now so that just might work! Good luck with the baby and thanks again!

  3. Who doesn’t love a spa date! I used to go with my x boyfriend about once a month to the spa at Hardrock in Hollywood Florida. It is GORGEOUS! Recreating the spa at home however, is much more romantic.

  4. What I GREAT post!! I love love love this idea!! I can’t wait to plan this for my husband and I!! I loved your idea about using Mary Kay’s Satin Hands as for the manicure and pedicure! My husband and I already use tht on a weekly basis during the winter and oh my what a difference does it make for dry rough skin! Even the Satin lips! It’s amazing!

    1. Zannah! I am SO glad that you liked this idea. Isn’t satin hand AND lips amazing! That’s so fun that you guys use it on a weekly basis. Now you just need to incorporate it into a fun date. Enjoy!

  5. I loved this spa idea for my husband on Valentine’s night. I told him I had a special night planned for him. We cooked a delicious dinner and then I got out The Newlywed Game I had printed out from your website. It was fun to answer questions about each other and share them over dessert. Then, I got our bedroom ready for a nice, relaxing massage by dimming the lights, lighting lots of candles, sprinkling (fake) rose petals, playing spa music, and warming up some lotion (Sensual from Bath and Body Works). I had him take a nice, hot and relaxing shower first (he’s not a bath guy lol) and then gave him a massage. Not only did he love it, but I loved doing it! You guys have such great and inexpensive ideas! Thank you!

  6. Great date night idea! By the way, there’s a spelling error on the Spa Menu. Under the Nourishment category, it should be “REFRESHING Liquids” not Rereshing Liquids 😉

  7. We are doing this tonight, but because I’m 6 months pregnant, we both have money to spend! Teaming this with our hot tub (At right temp), hubby is getting a diy sauna (basically just put the shower on hot and seal the room). Doing some yoga, have adult colouring pages (we have both wanted to do that) herbal teas, chocolate dipped strawberries, spa music from youtube etc.