Win It in a Minute Sexy Games

Hilarious Sexy Games in the Bedroom 

 Put out the candles and scoop up those rose pedals, this sexy date is a DIFFERENT kind of bedroom romance than you might be used to (but don’t put away that lingerie)!  Sometimes you have to loosen up to really feel comfortable being intimate with your spouse. Did you ever think laughing hysterically AND turning up the heat in the bedroom could go together in the same sentence? They CAN! Get ready for a night of hilarious & steamy competition with our Win It in a Minute: Bedroom Edition. These sexy games are the perfect, fun, silly way to put you both at ease while getting those sparks burning!

Win It in a Minute Sexy Games
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Our girl Cassia knocked it OUT of the park on these printables! They are so bright and fun, with a hint of sexy! Cassia is one of our talented designers who make our darling printables possible. I seriously ADORE this woman! Give her some love and check out her custom work on her Etsy Shop.
Sexy games for the bedroom!
Maybe this is TMI, but when my husband and I tried these sexy games, we were laughing so hard we cried. I made such a fool of myself that the hubby fell to the ground laughing (literally ROFLing)! But in the goofiness of it all, we felt really connected. It has definitely been one of my favorite bedroom activities so far!
Invite your honey to a Sexy Spouse Showdown with this darling invitation! Don’t forget to grab a stopwatch (or use the one on your phone).
Win it in a Minute Sexy Games invitation
While you are prepping for this bedroom date night, you’ll probably need to go shopping to pick up a few of the items for each game task. Pick and choose which sexy games look the most fun to you, and use our materials list to help you gather everything needed!
Sexy Games shopping list
Now, of course you and your spouse are on the same team when it comes to LIFE, but tonight, these sexy games are a competition! If you want to keep score, tally up victory after each round on this cute scorecard, and at the end, the winner gets a prize (maybe a sexy reward afterward! WINK!).
Sexy Games Minute to Win it Bedroom Scorecard
Let the sexy games begin!
We’ve come up with 12 game tasks that you and your sweetie will love! You may not have time to play all 12, so pick and choose which ones look most appealing for your relationship! Each game card lists the materials you will need for you task, so gather all of that before hand.
Hilarious Sexy Games
Spice Levels
 Each card will indicate a dress code and a spice level, either 1, 2, or 3 flames!

  • One Flame: The first level of games are pretty tame, and are a great way to warm up! Those tasks will have one flame, and you’ll do all of these fully clothed.
  • Two Flames: You’ll be turning up the heat a little here! Grab a sexy lingerie outfit (or boxers for him!) for these games. The sparks will start flying as you get a little more spicy.
  • Three Flames: HOT HOT HOT!! These sexy games are much more up close and personal, and you might even strip down to wearing NOTHING on a few of them. Ooo la la!

Sexy Games for the Bedroom
The Naked Notes task is SO hilarious! And wouldn’t it just be the cherry on top if your sticky notes had suggestive messages on them? You can totally PRINT directly onto sticky notes… and we have a bunch of sexy love notes already designed for you! Just look how adorable (and flirty) these are!!
 For these Win It to Minute games, you have to remember not to take yourself too seriously here! This is all about having FUN during intimacy. Get ready to have a blast competing, connecting and laughing with your sweetie!
Win It in a Minute Sexy Games
If you’re looking to spice up your love life even more, check out JimmyJane. They have tons of products to keep things exciting in the bedroom! We also can’t get enough of The Game of Love – it is SO fun and a totally different game every time you play! Honestly, we could rave about it all day! We bought it instead of an expensive dinner out for our last anniversary, and we have been singing the praises ever since!

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