Scavenger Hunt Date Night

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An Interactive Scavenger Hunt Date Night For Two!

Everyone loves a good scavenger hunt! No matter how old you are, the thrill of figuring out a clue and racing to find it is exhilarating and just plain fun! But the problem with a typical scavenger hunt is that it over so fast and it really isn’t all that interactive! That is not the case with this scavenger hunt date night! Our Dating Divas twist has taken the classic idea of a hunt and turned it into an interactive scavenger hunt date night that includes eight fun activities that you and your spouse will love!

A unique scavenger hunt for your next date night! In this scavenger hunt date night, flexible clues lead to envelopes with unique and fun date night activities! Do the activity together before moving on to the next clue. Eight printable activities included in the download. #datenight #scavengerhuntprintables #scavengerhuntdatenight #scavengerhunt


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In this scavenger hunt date night, flexible clues lead to envelopes filled with unique and fun date night activities! The idea is to do the activity together before moving on to the next clue. We have provided eight different activities, but the possibilities are endless!

The Scavenger Hunt Date Night Printables

All of these bright, fun printables were designed by our very own Diva Designer Courtney from Paperelli Designs. She easily turned the vision for this scavenger hunt date night into a beautiful reality! Just check out everything that she included:

  • Clue/Activity Envelopes
  • Eight Interactive Activities
  • Final Love Note

Scavenger Hunt Date Night Printables

Prepping Your Scavenger Hunt Date Night Printables:

Our pdf download includes unique envelopes that serve both to give the location of the next clue as well as to hold the printables for the date night activity. To prep for your scavenger hunt date night, you will want to print out several of these clue envelopes. You can print as many as you want!

Quick & Easy Scavenger Hunt Date Night

Choose any of the eight scavenger hunt activities included in the pdf download or add your own (more on that below). When folded, the printable envelope also creates a little pocket for you to place a task or activity to complete together. Insert your chosen activity printables into the pocket.

Scavenger Hunt Date Night Clues And Activities

Finally, each envelope has a customizable place for you to write in the location of the next envelope. You can be as simple or tricky as you wish! Just write in the location of the next clue and hide the envelopes in any order that you decide.

Scavenger Hunt Date Night Activities

The unique twist In this scavenger hunt date night is that you must complete the task or activity together as a couple before moving on to the next clue. Much more interactive and memorable!

Scavenger Hunt Date Night This Or That Game

The beauty of the scavenger hunt date night is that you can completely customize the activities that are included. We have provided eight ready-to-go activities that perfectly fit into the envelopes. My favorite activities included in the pdf download are the game “This or That?” and “The Sexy Dice Game”. I also really love the couple’s conversation starters.

Scavenger Hunt Date Night Sexy Game

What I love about the set up of this scavenger hunt, is that there are limitless possibilities for activities that you could place inside the envelope. For example, a few date night games from our site such as Love Pictionary or our Sexy Bedroom Taboo would work perfectly for this. You could even just put in instructions to go do a certain activity you both love or movie tickets or a gift card. You have lots of options!

How to Play:

Begin by verbally giving your spouse a clue to the location of the first envelope. Once they find the hidden envelope, they can open it to reveal the first activity. Together as a couple, take your time to complete the task or activity. This scavenger hunt is not about speed, but rather enjoying a fun interaction together.

Scavenger Hunt Date Night Activities

After completing the task or game, follow the directions on the pocket of the envelope for the next clue’s location. The hunt continues for as long as you have more envelopes for them to find. There is no limit to how many activities you choose to do or how many envelopes you hide.

Scavenger Hunt Date Night Prize

Scavenger Hunt Date Night Prize

Your final envelope can lead to an extra special prize. We have a sweet tag with a poem that you can attach to any sort of prize. It can be as simple or as elaborate as you want to make it. Perhaps the final prize is something sexy to wear or a hint of plans for a future date night or (my favorite) a yummy dessert to share!

A Few Things That I love about this Scavenger Hunt Date Night Idea:

  • It is completely customizable. Where the clues lead, what activities to do and how many clues to do – it is all up to you!
  • It is easy to put together. Each of the activities we provided requires no prep.
  • The bright and bold printables designed by Courtney from Paperelli Designs will give the appearance that you spent hours on the scavenger hunt date night, however it will take you less than 20 minutes. Oh, and our fave paper is this stuff! And lastly, this paper cutter makes it a breeze!
  • The printable download is totally free and all of the activities are as well. Oh yeah!
  • I really like how this breaks up date night into mini activities rather than just one activity and it is something different!
  • You can have a lot of fun hiding these envelopes. This is no child’s scavenger hunt, make it tricky and be a little flirty as they are struggling to find it.
  • The envelopes for this scavenger hunt date night are generic enough that they could be used for any scavenger hunt you ever want to do. For holidays, birthdays, for the kids – you name it!

Scavenger Hunt Date Idea Game

We hope you have a blast creating and personalizing your own scavenger hunt date night with all of the materials that we have provided! You can get your printable download below! Enjoy! 

Free Download

Scavenger Hunt Date Night

Printables Designed by Courtney @ Paperelli Exclusively for The Dating Divas


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