At Home Date Night Ideas

At Home Date Night Ideas 

Kids. Ah the joys of parenthood. They require time, energy, love and attention. It can be so easy to get swept up in the care and needs of the children that you forget the care and needs of your spouse! Finding time for date night with your spouse when kids are in the picture can be TOUGH but it IS possible and it IS IMPORTANT!

Today we share with you 45 date night ideas that you can do from home after the kids are in bed. So put those kiddos to bed a little early tonight and have some all-important time alone with your spouse!

45 At-home date nights for after the kids are in bed

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Once those kids are tucked nicely in bed, it is time for the fun to begin! Check out these 45 ideas for date night with your spouse. There is something for everyone:

  • 10 Unique Date Night Ideas
  • 10 Romantic Date Night Ideas
  • 25 Sexy Date Night Ideas

Date Night Ideas for After the Kids are in Bed 

The kids are sound asleep and it is time to reconnect with your spouse after a long day! Here are 10 unique date night ideas that you can do from home while the kids are sleeping! These date nights are fun, silly but most of all easy to do!

Date night ideas for when you have kids

Date night ideas for when you have kids

1. Double Feature Date Night – One of the easiest date nights to do with your spouse is watch a movie, but this time –  make movie watching something different and special! 

2. Conversation Starters: A Private Affair – Taking time to talk with your spouse is the perfect was to reconnect. With these conversation prompt questions you will have plenty to talk about! 

3. Couples Would You Rather? – Conversation time just got sillier with these question prompts that ask you to choose between two absurd situations and justify your answer. This date night is so simple but will have you talking long into the night! 

4. Getting to Know You Matching Game – See how well you really know your spouse with a competitive game for two. You might just learning something new!

5. All About Us Charades – No talking aloud in this date night. Act out clues to help your spouse guess the answer. 

Date night ideas for when you have kids

6. 50+ Games for 2 With a Deck of Cards! – My spouse and I love to play card games. This post has over 50 new game ideas. All you need is a deck of cards

7. The Color Code Date – Get to know your spouse and improve your relationship with this personality quiz. Then read the book to understand better how your two personalities work best together. 

8. The Newlywed Game – Get ready for a night of laughter as you try to guess what your spouse will answer about you. This date night is based off the classic television game show. OR, we have the NOT-so-Newlywed version

9. Name That Treat – Put your taste buds to the test as you try to identify a tasty treat. 

10.Secret Love Notes – Using various secret codes, write love notes to each other and then decode them! 

Romantic Date Night Ideas

Just for this night, put aside the roles of mom and dad and remember what it was like to be dating when you first met! These are 10 date night ideas that are full of romance! Rekindle your fire tonight and you might want to close your bedroom door!

Romantic Date Nights for when you have kids

Romantic Date Nights for when you have kids

11. Power Outage Date Night – Turn off the lights and turn off the electronics because it is date night by candlelight tonight – no electricity allowed.  

12. Cuddle Kit for 2 – Everything you need for an evening of cuddling all in one place. Snuggle up and get cozy! 

13. Love Shack – Turn your bedroom into your very own love shack! Your spouse will be anxious to enter! 

14. Je T’iame Hotel – Turn your master bedroom into a suite of a fancy french hotel! Nothing invites romance more than your own private sanctuary! 

15. Romantic Rooftop – If you have a house that allows, set up a romantic evening on your roof! Sometimes you have to get creative to get some alone time! 

Romantic Date Nights for when you have kids

16. Loveseat Lounge – Sit back and relax as you convert your living room and your couch into a lounge for two. This is perfect for a night of relaxing and romance! 

17. Spa Night – Unwind with these tips for a night at the spa. 

18. Suite Retreat Kit – Items for an evening of romance all in one basket. A perfect gift to invite your spouse to a romantic evening in your private suite. 

19. Spouse Sleepover – Remember the days of sleeping over at your BFF’s house? Now you can have just as much fun with your spouse! 

20. Sensual Massage – Romance will ensue with not just any old massage, but a sensual massage. Relax, unwind and connect with your spouse! 

Sexy Date Night Ideas

The kids are tucked safely in their rooms and it time to take your spouse to YOUR OWN room for a little spouse play time! We have 25 fun and sexy games for a date night with your spouse behind closed (and probably locked) doors! 

Sexy date nights for couples with kids

Sexy date nights for couples with kids

21. Deal or No Deal – Based off of the hit TV show, you can see just how lucky your spouse will get tonight. Will he win a kiss or go all the way? 

22. 2 Minutes in Heaven – Set your timer for the best 2 minutes of your life! Roll the die to reveal what you will be doing during your 2 minutes in heaven.  

23. Guess The Flavor – Get ready for lip lock time with these unique chapsticks that, when lips touch, create new flavors. 

24. A Steamy Bucket List – Start tonight making and checking off your own personal bucket list of bedroom wishes! 

25. Bedroom Value Menu – Have fun selecting your choice of playtime combinations with this clever bedroom menu. 

Sexy date nights for couples with kids

26. DIY Games for the Bedroom – Make your own little game for the bedroom and you can make it person to you! Great ideas for creating your own bedroom game. 

27. Fantasy Suite Date Night – Choose from a variety of options for what type of night awaits you in your fantasy suite. 

28. Games for the Bedroom – More ideas for taking ordinary games and twisting them for some bedroom fun. Twister, chutes and ladders and more! 

29. DIY Sexy Spinner Card – Spin the dial to see what secret love surprise awaits you tonight! 

30. Go Picasso! {Blacklights in the Bedroom} – Turn out the lights and turn ON the blacklights for some artistic fun in the dark! 

Sexy date nights for couples with kids

31. It’s a Love Match! – Put a romantic spin on the classic game of memory and you have a fun {and sexy!} date night! 

32. Make Out Session – Go back to how all the romance started and re-live the days where making out was what you did! 

33. Remove Your “Candy Shell” – This sweet and sexy game will have you removing your layers in a game for two! 

34. Sexy Survey – Find out what really turns your spouse on! Take time to really talk about your sexual relationship with this survey! 

35. Not Your Mother’s Spice Rack! – Choose a “flavor” and spice up your night with several choices for a themed night in the bedroom. 

Sexy date nights for couples with kids

36. Simon Says – This is no child’s game! Simon say to do some sexy things and you’ve gotta do what Simon says . . . 

37. Naked Night – Invite your spouse to a night sans-clothes! Free printable included. 

38. Sizzling Truth or Dare – A sexy spin on another childhood game. Are you daring enough? 

39. Strip Horse – Add a little competition to the bedroom with a friendly game of horse –  strip horse!

40. Spin the Bottle – Spin the bottle to reveal your evening fate! Just like when you were a teenager only way better! 

Sexy date nights for couples with kids

41. The Ultimate Fire-Themed Date Night – Get ready for a night that is hot, hot, HOT! Sparks will be flying with this fire-themed date night for the bedroom! 

42. Dirty Deeds – Stop the mundane and tired bedroom routine! Start an intimate game for two, that will last the whole year.  You submit your desires to the can and later pull them out on a night when the kids were asleep. 

43. Follow Me Sexy Tease – Lead your spouse to the bedroom with a sexy and suggestive  invite and pathway. 

44. Strip Trivia, A Bedroom Game – This post is no longer available on our site but you can see all of our intimacy ideas here!

45. The Game of Love – Surprise your spouse as you pull back the covers to reveal a DIY bedroom game that your spouse will LOVE! Not up for the DIY? No problem, check out the done for you way here

And there it is! 45 different activities you can enjoy with your spouse after the kids are in bed! No excuses for not spending some quality time with your spouse tonight! And don’t forget to check out our guide for even more great ideas! We also have a spicy gift guide, your babe will love!

If kids {of anything else} is making it hard for you and your spouse to enjoy date night, check out these

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16 Responses to At Home Date Night Ideas

  1. Love the fun ideas shared on the website, however, some of us that really love your ideas have older kids. On the weekends, my husband and I tend to head to bed before our kids do. Please do some research for couples trying to reconnect with teenagers in the house. Most of your ideas are geared towards couples with children who need babysitters. My kids are ARE the babysitters for others!

    1. Nikki – this is such a great idea! We try to cater to what our readers ask us… and a LOT of our audience have little ones running around. We can definitely look into what you are suggesting. Are you hoping to find family activity ideas? To bring the family closer? We do have our 101 Conversation Starters for around the dinner table. One idea my family did growing up no matter HOW old we were was a weekly family night. Every Monday, we all stayed home and did something FUN together. There was usually a treat involved {MAJOR motivation for the teens}, a mini-lesson of some sort… usually something my parents wanted to teach us {i.e. self-esteem, manners, respect, etc} and then the FUN! We’d go on bike rides, play touch football outside, play games, watch fun movies, CREATE our OWN movies, etc. I loved that my parents were always super involved. That may be something you guys could start?

      One other idea would be Daddy/Daughter Dates & Mother/Son Dates… I know a lot of my friends do that and the kids LOVE that one-on-one time with a parent, especially if there are a lot of kids in the family. There were 6 kids in my family growing up, so my parents didn’t do that but once a month my dad would do a “Father’s Interview.” He’d pull each kiddo aside and just TALK! I loved it. He’d basically catch up on everything in our lives… how we were doing, what we were worried/concerned about, who we loved hanging out with, what made us super happy, what GOOD we’d done in the world recently. Since he was working a lot, this was his way of making sure he spent time with each child and was connected to them. My mom was home when we got home from school and we always talked to her when we ate a snack.

      I think the most important thing is to set aside regular family time each week… and make it a HABIT, and make it FUN so the kids want to spend time with you. The closer you are to your kids, the easier it is to keep them out of trouble AND the easier it is for them to GO to you when they ARE in trouble. 😉

      I hope that helps! Let me/us know if you had anything else in mind you would like us to brainstorm and I’m sure we can put a post together for ya! XOXO

  2. My husband and I are trying different date ideas after our kids went to bed. Thanks for these, we’ll add this up to our list. My favorite is the power outage date night. My husband loves candles. I planning to buy vintage candle holders for our date nights.