Date Night Bingo

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Date Night is served… on a Bingo Card!

3 DIFFERENT Date Night Cards all RIGHT HERE!

3 Date Night Ideas

What’s on the docket for your upcoming date night?! 

No plans? = No worries!

We have 3 different date night cards for you to choose from! Yup, that’s 3 date nights already planned for YOU!

Amazing printables designed by Courtney at All Things Bright and BeautifulWe LOVE her!


Can’t find a sitter?  That’s no excuse to skip date night. Use the At Home Date Night Bingo Card!

Date Night Bingo Card - At Home Date Night

Shuffle and draw your printable tokens until you’ve reached a BINGO OR until the entire card is full – you choose! Your tokens may have you engaging in a friendly push up contest and then working together on baking some tasty cookies!


Free at last! A sitter has come to your rescue and you have the night to yourself! Play a little Out on the Town Bingo!

Date Night Bingo Card - Out on the Town

It may lead you to a store to pick up a card for your spouse to exchange at the end of date night or kissing at every red light! OH the possibilities!


OR if you’re feeling a little more romantic and are looking for a way to have fun in the bedroom, try the Intimate Bingo Card!

Bedroom Games - Bedroom Bingo

A hot massage or a steamy shower might be in your future! But regardless of where the tokens lead you, you are sure to end with a BINGO in the bedroom {wink wink}!

If your spouse’s or kid’s birthday is near, play our Birthday Bingo as well!

Free Download

At-Home Bingo Card

Designed by Courtney @ All Things Bright and Beautiful Exclusively for The Dating Divas
Free Download

Out-on-the-Town Bingo Card

Designed by Courtney @ All Things Bright and Beautiful Exclusively for The Dating Divas
Free Download

Intimate Bingo Card

Printables Designed by Courtney @ All Things Bright and Beautiful Exclusively for The Dating Divas



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Recent Comments

  1. Love the ideas keep it up =)

    Just a quick question, do both players need a copy each for the bingo and tokens? Right?

    1. Mary, so glad you like this too! Yes, both players need a copy of the bingo and tokens. Hope that helps! XOXO

  2. Thank you so much for these adorable printables. We are going to use two of them tonight – out on the town and intimate date night! 😀

  3. Thank you so much for these. My husband and I did the AT HOME one and had a lot of fun. My husband has pretty bad luck at bingo so we almost did all the activities! He even wanted to skip the ones about “watching tv and/or movie” because he said I like this interaction!

  4. Hey everyone! The printables are awesome! I just have a question: how should it work? 🙂 In italy we don’t actually have this kind of game… I mean, it works in a different way! I would love to use this wonderful idea if just someone could teach me how to 🙂

    1. Hey Valentina!

      Bingo is EASY! You will pull a token and do the activity in that spot! For example N4, you will go across to letter N and down to row 4 and do that activity and place the token on top of it. You will continue to pull tokens until you’ve reached a BINGO. A BINGO is when you have 5 tokens in a row going across horizontally, down vertically or diagonally from one corner to the next. If you are having too much fun, you can continue to play until the entire card is full! Let me know if you have more questions! ENJOY!

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