Backyard Camping Date

Romantic Camping Date

Whether you’re an “outdoorsy” person or not, you’ll love this backyard campout date! You can make it as rugged or as comfortable as you like, and you can take it far from home, or set up right in your living room! With the weather getting warmer, this is a perfect way to spend your date night enjoying the summer air! My husband and I did our own backyard campout the other weekend and had a blast—check it out!

Camping Date Night

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The fun camping-themed printables for this date are the handiwork of our amazing designer Carisa! Check out her blog, Messes to Memories, to see her crazy-talented work first hand!!

I have to admit, my awesome husband actually came up with this date idea! Then I “cute-ified” it, but it was his plan to begin with! He’s always loved the outdoors and camping, but with a little one at home, it’s tricky to take an overnight getaway. This is the perfect way to escape—to the backyard! Or if you don’t have a yard, set up a tent in your living room!

Get your sweetheart excited about date night coming up with this fun invite! The tent doors open… isn’t that adorable??!!

Backyard Camping Date Night

If paper invites aren’t your thing, send a text with this fun little video! (This is SO up my alley! Saves ink and is super quick and easy). Download this file at the end of the post!





Here we are setting up the tent – so much fun! The weather was so nice and pleasant, it just felt great to be outside! Make sure you grab lots of pillows, sleeping bags (maybe an air mattress…) so you are nice and comfy inside.

Backyard Campout Date Night

Once you have your tent set up, here are some fun ideas of things to do for this camping date:

  • Tin Foil Dinners – Grab some grub and cook it over a fire or grill! Check out some fun recipes here.
  • Classic Cards – Playing cards is a classic camping activity! Check out all of our fun 2-player card games!
  • Read a Book – Read a fun novel, or even a marriage improvement book together. Check out the Divas’ favorite books!
  • Camping Cinema – If you aren’t in the mood to totally disconnect from electronics, you can watch a movie or show on your laptop or tablet!
  • Campfire Stories – Use our printable campfire spinner to tell stories together (see below).
  • Eat S’mores – Obviously! Try out our romantic s’mores game below or check out our Build a S’more Spinner!
  • Have a Kiss-a-Thon – Don’t forget chapstick! When Diva Kari and her husband first tried this date, they pulled out their make-out blanket to bring along in the tent… he he!
  • Flash Light Games – Scroll down to see some of the intimate games for two with a flashlight! {WINK!}

Whether or not you have an actual campfire, campfire stories are an essential part of a campout. Use this little campout spinner (with a flashlight or a bottle of bug spray – get creative!) to spin and tell a story based on the prompt. You might learn something new about each other!

Backyard Camping Date Ideas

A key essential on a camping date night is S’MORES!!! My husband and I like to make them on our gas stove sometimes, but if you have a backyard fire pit, that’s much more romantic and legit. You can even bake s’mores in the oven if you’re doing an indoor campout!

Camping Date Night S'mores Game

We made up a fun little game of “earning” each element of your s’more. Draw a card and perform the romantic task before you receive your ingredients!

Backyard Camping Date Smores

You can’t have a campout without getting it on in the tent, right? Play a couple of sexy flash light games together! WARNING: Make sure you are inside or have LOTS of privacy in your backyard before attempting some of these! {WINK!} Don’t want to give the neighbors that kind of show… ha!

Intimate Camp Out Game Ideas

This was such a fun way to get out of the house and get a little taste of camping, without going too far. And there was a clean bathroom just a few steps away – WIN WIN! Cuddling up in the tent gave us a chance to connect without distractions.

Setting up your own backyard camping date is super easy. And I promise you’ll make your sweetie a HAPPY CAMPER by planning a romantic camping date in your backyard!

Romantic Camping Date Night Ideas

Happy Camping!

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    1. Isadora! Love that you enjoyed this post and best wishes for your night out with your man! Hope you have as fun of a time as we did – it’s definitely a ‘guy friendly’ date idea. 😉

  1. Marriage counselors often say that when couples feel they are going through a period of not feeling close, that recreating their love and their first dates often helps them remember why they love each other so much. You obviously don’t need that lol, but maybe other people reading may see the light with this date. I think it’s great!

    1. That is SO true Adriana! Don’t be fooled though, lol, we’ve definitely had our ups and downs…which is exactly why I joined the Diva team {wink}. You are so sweet! Thank you so much for your uplifting comments!!

  2. I just love this blog!! We've been married for a little over a year and it's not always been easy but I found your guys blog a while back and have done some of the things you guys posted. I can tell a huge difference in our marriage and I want to say a HUGE Thank You to you guys! I love doing things for my AMAZING hubby! Tonight we are going to do this and I gave him the invite this morning and surprisingly he's SOOO excited!! We don't have a backyard so I'm going to make one of those tents you make when your kids with blankets, sheets and chairs! I'm so excited!

    1. Dear Selena, thank you so much for this comment! Readers like you are an inspiration to us all. We would LOVE to hear how your date night turned out. I bet your hubby is going to have a great time just because you are there with him 🙂 We love positive comments, so thank you for contributing to our mission!

  3. Great idea! I have done the recreate the 1st date, but not in awhile. Also, kinda made me giggle that we are not the only ones with a make-out blanket – had ours for 11 years now 😛

    1. Bahaha! You have a make-out blanket too?! Ours is getting a little raged, but I just don’t have the heart to let it go 🙂 I hope we can keep it in one piece for when we reach our 11 year anniversary! Wouldn’t that be fun….to pull out the make-put blanket every anniversary? haha,…the wheels are already spinning in my head!