50 FREE Date Night Ideas!

Free Date Night Ideas = No Excuses! 

Date Night ideas that won’t cost you a dime?! Yep! That is right! We’ve got the BEST roundup of date nights that are completely FREE. In today’s times – who doesn’t appreciate free? We have LOTS of ideas on our site that couples can do without pulling out their wallet and today we have them all in one place! 


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No matter what your style, we have rounded up the best of the best FREE date night ideas for you and your spouse! Check out 50 different ideas that include date nights at home, out on the town, and date nights that are EXTRA romantic! Check them out! 


At Home Date Nights 

Need a night at home? Don’t have a babysitter? No worries! We have got you covered! These 20 date night ideas can be done right at home and, as promised, are completely FREE!

At Home Dates_Collage1

1. Power Outage Date Night – Put those electronics away and turn off the lights for a night at home. Not only is this date free, but you can save money on your electricity bill! 

2. The Newlywed Game –  See how well your spouse knows you in this classic marital game. You may learn a thing or two about each other you didn’t know before! 

3. Spouse Sleepover –  This is the perfect date for a night at home. Enjoy food, movies, stories, games and romance right in your own home. And it won’t cost a thing! 

4. Loveseat Lounge – Convert your living room into a romantic lounge for two. Enjoy an evening together without ever leaving the couch! 

At Home Dates_Collage2_5-8

5. All About Us Charades  – Get to know your sweetie better with this fun game of charades. Includes all the free printables you need to play the game!  

6. Getting to Know You Matching Game  A fun and interesting way to get to know your spouse on a whole new level! See how well you match up! 

7. Time Capsule – Take a walk down memory lane with an evening of collecting your favorite memories. This time capsule creation is not only a great date, but the end result is priceless! 

8. Making Music – Fun and FREE games that all revolve around music. This is just right for the music-loving couple!

At Home Dates_Collage3_9-12

9. Head of the Class – A couple’s trivia game! See who knows more about the other person and the relationship with our twist on a classic game! 

10. Double Feature Date Night – Make your next at-home movie night extra special with lots of free printables! This will be JUST like going to the theatre (or better) without breaking the bank! 

11. Couples Cafe – Turn any meal into something special with this printable menu. You can use this with any at-home meal AND you won’t have to pay a tip. Well . . . actually you WILL pay a tip – it just won’t be monetary! {Wink! Wink!}

12. National Lazy Day – Sometimes you just need a day to chill with your love! Check out these ideas for a relaxing date night at home that includes complete relaxation! 

At Home Dates_Collage4_13-16

13. Suite Retreat Kit – Everything you need for a private suite for you and your honey – at home! No need to pay big prices for a fancy hotel when you can create a romantic escape of your own. 

14. Dream Date Design – Take time with your spouse to dream up the perfect date for each of you using a free survey printable.   

15. Cupid’s Crazy Cafe – Make any average meal a crazy night of memories that you will never forget! Use the free printable to mix up your dinner tonight! 

16. The Color Code Date – Find out more about your true personality! Discover more about yourselves and, most importantly, about how your personalities work together in a relationship! 

At Home Dates_Collage5_17-20

17. Secret Love Notes –  Pull some books off the shelf and get ready for some fun! Use our codes to write each other secret love notes! 

18. You Tube Date Night –  Youtube is full of hours of entertainment. Check out this date night idea with some of our recommendations for making surfing this site a date night! 

19. Dancing with the Stars – YOU be the judge in this hit t.v. show! Championship brackets and, of course, judge’s paddles makes watching t.v. with your spouse an interactive event. 

20. Vacation Planning Date  – Your next vacation might not be free, but planning your next trip is! We have everything you need to make planning your next vacation a fun and free date night! 

Out on the Town Date Nights

Ready for a night out with your love by your side? These date nights get you out of the house. Have fun, make memories and you don’t have to spend a dime!


21. Coupon Date Night – The ULTIMATE free date night. You know all those coupons you get in the mail? Put them to use! This date night is 100% coupon: the meal, the activity and the treat! 

22. Shopmart Bingo – This date takes you to your nearest Walmart but, don’t worry, you don’t have to buy a thing! Use our Bingo cards to seek out unique scenes that you might just find at your local store! Wagers add a little competition to this fun and free game! 

23.  Movie on the Move – Why spend tons of cash on an expensive movie theatre ticket when you can watch a movie right from your own device? And even better – take it with you to an interesting location! Watch a scary movie in the woods or a romantic comedy at the park. The options are endless! 

24. People Watching – Choose your location, get comfortable and start watching. People watching doesn’t cost a thing – and it never gets dull! 


25. Campout for 2 – If you have the gear, camping is a GREAT option for anyone who is pinching pennies! Put up a tent (the more secluded the better!) and voila! You have a romantic getaway for two! 

26. Tourist in Your Hometown – You don’t have to go on some expensive exotic vacation to discover new places! Research what your own town has to offer and get going! You might be surprised at how much there is to see! 

27. Discover a New Town – After you have traveled your own town – go discover a new one! Pick a place and have an adventure with your spouse! 

28. Photo Booth Hopping – Grab some silly props (or print off our’s!) and go in search of local photo booths in your area. For a completely free version – just use your own camera/cell phone. Shhhh! We won’t tell . . . 


29. Frisbee Golf – This is a unique game that doesn’t cost a dime! And the best part? It uses items that you can find around the house! 

30. Service with your Spouse –  Take a moment to give service with your spouse and you will find that the experience will be priceless! 

31. Garage Sale Date – Who doesn’t love a good garage sale? This time you aren’t even looking for deals, but scavenger hunt items! Race to find everything on your list!

32. Mall Dare Date – A date at the mall that doesn’t break the bank? Yep! But you WILL break down laughing with this hilarious date. Print out the score card and see how daring you and your spouse are! 


33. The Price is Right – The price IS right for this date night: FREE! Head on over to your local grocery store and see just how price-savy you and your spouse are with our version of this classic game show. 

34. The Bookstore Date – With our free printables, your local bookstore transforms into a scavenger hunt for two! Search out books and then enjoy the evening sharing your finds with you spouse!

35. Cheapest Date Night Challenge – The title explains it all! Challenge your spouse to see who can pull off the best (and cheapest!) date night. In fact, see who can plan the best FREE date night! Challenge accepted!

36. Nerf Wars – Add spunk to your marriage. Grab a Nerf gun, go to your nearest park, set up your boundaries and get ready for the battle of your marriage! 

Romantic Date Nights

Oooh la la! Romantic nights in the bedroom don’t cost a thing, but these ideas will only make your experience unforgettable! Bonding with your spouse just went to another level! Check THESE ideas out . . .


37. Spin the Bottle – Spin the bottle for a sexy surprise. This isn’t the game you played as a teen, this is your very own grown-up married version! 

38. Make Out Session – A steamy make out session costs absolutely nothing and is sure to please your spouse! Sometimes it is fun to mix it up a bit! 

39. Steamy Bucket List – List your most longed-for desires and then get busy making those dreams come true! Everything you need to create your own steamy bucket list. 

40. Cuddle Kit for 2 Everything you need to enjoy a night in and cuddle up next to your honey. Gather supplies from around the home to complete your own kit! 


41. Spa Night – This date is all about relaxation with your spouse. Enjoy great tips on how to pamper, be pampered and have a great time on a date with your spouse!

42. Starlight Starbright – Stake out a secluded place for some stargazing. Enjoy an evening under the stars with your spouse. It won’t cost you a thing! 

43. Je T’iame Hotel – The price tag of Paris is far from free, but this date night is! We have lots of free printables and ideas to convert your own bedroom into a Paris-themed hotel. 

44. Love Shack – Convert your bedroom into your own private love shack! Everything you need for this date night can be found around the house at no cost to you! 


45. Romantic Rooftop – Do something different by taking your spouse to the top of your roof for a meal that is both special and romantic. 

46. Sensual Massage – Take some time to learn these simple tips to give your spouse a sensual message he/she will never forget! 

47. Simon Says – This is no child’s play! Simon Says is now a sensual and sexy game for you and your spouse. Simon says – check this date night out! 

48.Sizzling Truth or Dare – I dare you to NOT love this date! I am that confident you and spouse will have a blast with our twist on the game of Truth or Dare. 


49. Deal or No Deal – You might not win the million dollar prize, but you WILL definitely win over your spouse’s heart with this fun and sexy twist on a popular t.v. game show. 

50. Sunset/Sunrise – Enjoy nature at its best! Nothing is as free as a sunrise and sunset! Grab a blanket and cuddle up for a beautiful view!

There you have it! 50 FREE Date Night Ideas for you and your spouse! Without spending one penny, you can now have many memorable date nights!

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