Chocolate Tasting for Couples

How to Host a Chocolate Party

We’ve all heard of wine and cheese tastings, but how about a chocolate tasting? As a chocoholic, I have always been excited to try new flavors of chocolate and as a total foodie, I’m all about judging and choosing my favorites! Some might tell you that “all chocolate tastes the same.” Lies, I tell you! There is no way that you can compare a cheap candy bar by the check-out to the silky, creaminess of imported chocolate. Don’t believe me? I challenge you to host your own chocolate tasting for two. This date is perfect for either you and your spouse or for a group of your favorite couples! Your mission is to discover all the truffle-y deliciousness that chocolate has to offer. Certainly, we have all the chocolate party ideas you could need!

So many fun chocolate party ideas! Our friends will love this cute date! #chocolatetasting #chocolatepartyideas


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So when I found out that there was such a thing as a chocolate tasting – well, you KNOW I was all over that. We had to get to work creating these beautiful printables and getting together the best chocolate party ideas. Most importantly, did you know that there really is a “proper way” to taste chocolate? Similarly, do you know what the different % of Cacao on those fancy chocolate bars even means? Well, why not host a chocolate tasting for two and then you too, can become a chocolate connoisseur! We’ve even included a little cheat sheet so you know what words to use on this special date!

Chocolate Party Ideas

A chocolate tasting for two makes the perfect at-home date! {Hello, Valentine’s Day!} Or a quick and easy party for your friends!

Chocolate Party Ideas

So what do you need to get this delicious party started? Definitely grab our chocolate tasting printables below and get those cut and prepped. And now let’s go over how to host a chocolate party! Whether it’s just going to be you and your spouse for a date night in, or you have a group of friends that would love to participate in all of your fun chocolate party ideas, we have all the info you will need.

Chocolate Tasting for Two

First, you need at least six different kinds of gourmet or imported chocolate bars. If this is your first chocolate tasting, I recommend picking chocolates from six different brands with a variety of Cacao percentages ranging from high (86%) to low (35%). Or say you don’t even know where to start, you might try Ghirardelli, Godiva, Perugina, Scharffen Berger, Lindt Excellence, and Valor.

How to Host a Chocolate Party

If you know which percentage you prefer, you might choose to sample a single percentage of Cacao. So for example, selecting only 70% Cacao chocolates in a variety of different flavors. We are excited to have another chocolate tasting and just focus on trying different, unique flavors of chocolate!

So printables and chocolate–that’s all you need!

How to Host a Chocolate Tasting

The very first thing you need to do when you are wondering how to host a chocolate party is to grab your invite. Next, set it out for your spouse to find on the morning of your date night! Or send it out to your friends so they can get excited about a delicious group date.

Foodie Group Date Idea

After that, pull out our how to host a chocolate party printable, and will walk you through everything you need to know. It explains what those chocolate percentages mean and gives you all the details for the proper chocolate tasting procedures. You’ll want to refer to that for the specifics, but here’s a basic breakdown of how it works.

How to Host a Chocolate Party Tasting

Break the chocolate into pieces for sampling and prep the chocolate tasting procedure cards to walk you through the night! You are going to be thoroughly investigating your chocolates! Place the pieces onto the chocolate tasting mats (starting with the chocolate with the highest % of Cacao for #1 and ending with the chocolate with the lowest % of Cacao for #6).Chocolate Tasting Printable Mat Next, to each tasting mat, place a scoring card and a pen. After each step, you’ll be writing down your opinions and scoring the chocolate. Tasting Scoring Card

Make it a fancy night and enjoy each other’s company at your chocolate tasting for two!

Yummy Date Night Idea

After you try each new chocolate flavor, be sure to cleanse the palate with some crackers and a glass of water!

Chocolate Tasting for Two

So I know that this might just be a quick, at-home date after the kids are in bed, but go ahead and pull out a nice tablecloth, light a candle, and throw on something cute. Maybe you can even put on some romantic music! It only takes a little extra effort, and it changes the whole mood and atmosphere of your date.

Do you still need more chocolate?! Yeah, me too. There’s no such thing as too much chocolate. Why not try a quick and easy {and chocolatey!} romantic dessert? Or curl up to watch The Vow and play a little Chocolate Russian Roulette.

Happy tasting!

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  1. Darn it! Now I’m craving some really good chocolate. lol…. The joys of the power of pregnancy cravings. LOVE this idea, but it might be one I have to tweak for a girls night. My man is not a chocolate fan. Crazy, I know, but it means I don’t have to share with him…!!

    1. This would be such a FUN girls night. Good luck with those pregnancy cravings- pretty sure my little girl is made up of at least half chocolate from my last pregnancy. 😉

  2. Becca- I just saw this now and I LOVE it! Did you make those printables? They are darling, you are so talented:) We will be doing this one for sure.

  3. I absolutely LOVE this idea! I am even going to find the movie “The Vow.” Our anniversary is Feb. 6 so I think we will do this then instead of Valentine’s Day! Thank you so much for the idea! I am not the most creative person so I love getting ideas from your website!