Scary Movie Bingo

Scary Movie BINGO Game

Personally, I have a very serious love-hate relationship with scary movies. I’d basically sworn them off until we created this Scary Movie BINGO Game, which it turns out is the MOST fun you can possibly have while having your pants scared off! In our version, you get to cover up spaces on your board when you notice cliches that appear in most scary movies. Halloween is the absolute perfect time for this fun twist on BINGO {we’re calling it SCARY instead} but you can totally still play this any time of year, just break out your favorite scary movie and get ready for a frightful night of fun!

Scary Movie BINGO game - this is the best way to watch a scary movie! #MovieBingo #TheDatingDivas

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Kayley from Ollie & Lulu worked tirelessly to make these BINGO cards absolutely perfect. I’m still not sure how she did it, but she was able to pull off creating some cards that are simultaneously incredibly cute and just a touch scary! If you love these BINGO cards as much as I do, take just a second and pop over to see all the other amazing work she’s done!

Scary Movie Bingo Cards

Movie Bingo Cards

Getting ready for a night of freaky, thrilling fun couldn’t be any easier! We’ve included EIGHT different versions of our Scary Movie BINGO cards which means you can turn this into a quick and easy group date night or you can just grab your spouse and you can each try to keep up with four cards! You could even make this a family game night if your kiddos are a bit older and you choose your movie carefully. If you want to make a family night but aren’t too sure about which movie to pick, try VidAngel! We absolutely love that it helps you filter out anything you feel isn’t appropriate for your family!

Halloween Scary Movie Bingo

The tough part is going to be choosing which movie you want to watch, but the good news is that you can keep playing over and over again! Why not try a different movie every night as a countdown to Halloween? Any scary movie will do, though some work better than others. Here are some of our favorites:

Once you’ve got your scary movie in hand, make sure you’ve got these cute printables and a couple pens or pencils, then all you need to grab is an item to use as cover pieces. I definitely suggest using this as an excuse to snag some more Halloween candy, like the candy corn I used. If you’re using candy, you’ll want to grab lots of extras because you won’t be able to keep yourselves from snacking throughout the movie.

Scary Movie Bingo Playing Card

Playing Scary Movie Bingo

Start by passing out your BINGO {SCARY} cards and giving everyone a chance to look over the items listed so they’re familiar with them and know what to look for. As you watch, you’ll be on the hunt for scary movie tropes like someone saying “What was that noise?” or the lights flicker.

Scary Movie Bingo with Candy Corn Markers

Then, decide how to win. You can play BINGO with so many different ways to win, so make sure it’s clear to everyone how to win. It might even be fun to use all the ways as winners, that way you can keep playing throughout the movie.

We kept it simple and just waited until the movie was over to see how many spaces each of us had covered up – the one with the most was the winner! But you could also play to get Four Corners, Five in a Row, Border or Blackout!

Scary Movie Bingo Notes Card

To help you keep track of all your “winning” squares, we’ve included a page for notes. This part is totally optional, but it does help everyone stay honest ;). To use it, just jot down a note about which scene or character or part of the movie coincides with the item listed in each square. You can use your notes at the end of the game as a check on your big win!

The notes page also comes in handy as a legend for the symbols on your BINGO card. Each of the symbols correspond with a category like dialogue, props or actions. You could make the activity even MORE fun by giving everyone a blank card and letting them choose what they want to include, using our cards for guidance! So many fun possibilities!!

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  1. How cute are these! Brig LOVES scary movies, but he watches them while I’m away haha. Maybe I could stick one out that was just a moderately scary movie 🙂

  2. Just wanted to say that this game was so exciting we really had a blast with Scary Movie Bingo. Thank you for sharing this with us.

    1. Thanks so much for letting us know, Arlene! I love hearing back from our readers and I’m SO glad you had a great time together!!