31 Fun Ideas for a Halloween Countdown

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A Family-Fun Halloween Countdown

Halloween is full of candy and costumes, but we like to make the entire month of October a time of celebrating! Create your own FREE Halloween Countdown, and engage in fun fall activities each day leading up to October 31st with these adorable prints. Below we will teach you how to prepare your countdown AND give you a few ideas on how to make it the best October yet.

Halloween countdown ideas for a chainlink countdown. | The Dating Divas
Halloween countdown pieces to make a chain

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How to Prep Your Halloween Countdown

This is one of our favorite things to do with kids, because they really need the visual reminder of how many days until Halloween. I know we hear “how many days to Halloween” non-stop from August on at our house!

Kids can help create this Halloween countdown chain. | The Dating Divas
Kids creating a Halloween countdown chain

So here is your simple answer to them: look at the Halloween countdown!

BAM! They can practice their counting, and you only have to hear the question once a day… per kid… if you’re lucky. 😉

Easy to prep halloween countdown. | The Dating Divas
Slips of paper to use for a Halloween countdown

How do you prep the countdown printables? Follow these steps!

  1. Print out the Halloween Countdown sign and slip ideas by clicking the big pink download button below. We recommend using a printing service, because hello, ink can be crazy expensive. Plus, professional printers always turn out so bright and vivid!
  2. Once printed, cut everything out! It’s super easy if you use your favorite paper cutter and simply slice, slice, slice those strips up.
  3. Once cut, all the strip ideas have to be linked together. Before you link them, look over the ideas on each strip and plan them out based on your schedule. Alternatively, you could just randomly chain them together so you have a spontaneous October. I like using tape to connect the link, but staples work great too.
  4. Hang up your Halloween Countdown chain. Connect the last day (the 31st link) to the Halloween countdown header. Then, you can decide if your chain will hang vertically down the wall or if you want it to drape horizontally.

Halloween Countdown Ideas

We have provided 31 Halloween countdown ideas on this Halloween countdown chain. Check out all the ideas below!

Halloween countdown with 31 different ideas. | The Dating Divas
Linked chain Halloween countdown
  1. Watch It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown.
  2. Go to a pumpkin patch and pick out your favorite pumpkin.
  3. Have a pumpkin carving contest! Save the pumpkin seeds to roast later on.
  4. Make caramel candy apples for your neighbors.
  5. Make your favorite pumpkin treat.
  6. Map out your route for trick-or-treating.
  7. Go candy shopping so you are ready for trick-or-treaters.
  8. Watch Hocus Pocus and create funny spells of your own.
  9. Go to an apple orchard and pick a bushel of apples to make into cider and pie.
  10. Watch Ghostbusters and have themed food like green jello for slime or marshmallows.
  11. Make a Halloween trail mix.
  12. Read a Halloween story by candlelight.
  13. Have a mummy wrapping contest using toilet paper. 
  14. Create Halloween costumes with things around the house, then host a fashion show.
  15. Fill a jar with candy corn and invite everyone to guess how many are in it. Don’t forget to grab a prize for the winner. 
  16. Play in the fallen leaves and take some fall photos. 
  17. “Boo” your neighbors with treats and start a fun neighborhood tradition. 
  18. Create and decorate Halloween sugar cookies.
  19. Choose a toy spider, cat, or monster and play a game of “Find it!”
  20. Play a game of flashlight tag.
  21. Give back to your community with a Halloween-themed basket for your local food bank. 
  22. Build a haunted gingerbread house. 
  23. Buy some corn-on-the-cob for dinner.
  24. Find a fountain and make a fall-themed wish.
  25. Enjoy your favorite pumpkin-flavored drink.
  26. Enjoy an impromptu dance to “Monster Mash.”
  27. Watch a zombie or vampire movie.
  28. Visit a haunted house. 
  29. Make a Halloween craft.
  30. Make pumpkin-shaped pizza for dinner.
  31. Make your own witch’s brew.

Make Your Own Halloween Memories

Among all of those amazing fall ideas listed above, we’ve also included some blanks so you can make this Halloween countdown truly fit your preferences. (You might want to check out our post about Dracula’s Diner and add that to the countdown!)

Printable chain links that are blank for your own ideas. | The Dating Divas
Blank strips to use for your own ideas for your Halloween countdown

“Mom, how many days to Halloween?” Your kids will no longer have to ask! Thank you, Halloween Countdown!

More Holiday Countdowns

Halloween really kicks off the holiday season for us. Lucky for you, we have countdowns for All. The. Things!

I’m not saying you have to prep every single one of them, but if you prep them now… you won’t have to worry about them when the time comes!

Answer "How many days until Halloween?" chain. | The Dating Divas
Kid holding his Halloween countdown chain

Happy holidays, and have fun!

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