A Fun “The Goonies” Themed Movie Night Party

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“The Goonies” Streaming Party for Families & Friends

Time to do the truffle shuffle because “The Goonies” is now streaming on several different platforms! And since “The Goonies” movie is a pretty big deal, we’ve decided to create a pirate-worthy party just for you!

So gather your friends or family, put on an eye patch, and eat a Baby Ruth bar (or two!). You’re going to love this Goonies movie-themed party!

Check out this "The Goonies" streaming party! It is sure to guarantee a swashbuckling good time! | The Dating Divas
The Goonies streaming party for families

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Table of Contents
  1. “The Goonies” Streaming Party for Families & Friends
  2. Your Free “The Goonies” Party Printables
  3. Scavenger Hunt Rules & How To
  4. Enjoy Your “The Goonies” Streaming Party

Your Free “The Goonies” Party Printables

Avast ye! You can’t throw a party without FREE printables, savvy?!

But before we jump into the printables our talented designers have created for you and you buccaneers, check out this darling Goonies-Inspired Halloween Party idea from Kara’s Party Ideas. We absolutely LOVE her one-of-a-kind party ideas and felt inspired by her love for this classic film. Whether your party is for Halloween or just because, we’re sure you can combine our free printables along with her awesome DIY ideas to create a swashbuckling good time for your friends and family!

Your free printables from The Dating Divas include:

1. “The Goonies” streaming party invitation: Every party needs an invitation! Use this to pass along to your friends or family (or both!). This invitation can be used for a Halloween party or a weekend streaming party, whichever your heart desires!

Hey you guyssss! This party invitation is perfect for your "The Goonies" themed streaming party! | The Dating Divas
The Goonies party invitation

2. Treat Table signs: Now that you have sent your invitations, it’s time to talk about food and treats! These signs have some of our favorite movie quotes from the film. Use them to create your own “The Goonies” themed treat table! You can put them each in a small frame or lay them on the table next to the treat they represent.

Each printable goes along with a specific Goonies-themed treat, but feel free to use them as you please!

  • “It’s wet, ain’t it? Drink it!” – drinks
  • “First you gotta truffle shuffle!” – some sort of truffle treat
  • “I smell ice cream!” – some sort of ice cream treat
  • “Rocky…road?” – a Rocky Road flavored treat. Check out some tasty treat ideas from Pinterest here!

If you want more than just treats at the table, you can always provide some sort of main dish and side item! In the film, Mouth says, “I want a good fettuccine alfredo.” Perhaps fettuccine alfredo and breadsticks could be on the menu? We think that would be perfetto!

We hope you love these treat table signs, inspired by quotes from "The Goonies!" | The Dating Divas
The Goonies treat table signs

3. Goonies Never Say Die party banner: Didn’t you know? “GOONIES NEVER SAY DIE!” This banner will make the perfect backdrop for your treat table!

You can't throw a "The Goonies" party without a party banner! | The Dating Divas
Goonies Never Say Die party banner

4. Scavenger Hunt map and clues: Last but not least, a scavenger hunt map and clues for you and your shipmates!

The Goonies are known for their epic search for treasure, so we created a scavenger hunt just for you! | The Dating Divas
The Goonies scavenger hunt

Now that you have seen the printables let’s jump into how to put together your customizable scavenger hunt!

Scavenger Hunt Rules & How To

Have everyone start at the front door. They must do the Truffle Shuffle to enter, or they will walk the plank! {Wink!}

Your job as the host is to give the first clue OUT LOUD. This will then lead your guests to the first location on the map, which will have the written clue hidden in the location.

You will notice that the map has four blank squares. This is where you will glue each location that is concealing a clue. You have 10 different locations to choose from. Use the squares that best fit your home!

There are also 10 blank clues. This is so you (the host) can best describe where the next clue is hidden, based on your home. The rectangles for the clues are big enough to write details about how to find the next location on the map.

Here are the ideas that we have come up with that match the location squares for the map:

The Fratelli’s Freezer – kitchen, freezer/fridge
One-Eyed Willy’s Cave – basement, garage
Little Boys’ Room – bathroom
The Walsh’s Attic – storage room, attic
Captain’s Quarters – bedroom
Data’s Room – office, wherever the computer is kept
Brand’s Gym – gym, workout room / area
Lighthouse Lounge – dining room
Cannon Beach – backyard, front yard
Astoria Historical Museum – office, library

Watch The Goonies with family or friends and enjoy a fun scavenger hunt | The Dating Divas
The Goonies movie with free printables

Let’s go over an example.

Let’s say your first location is the Little Boys’ Room. You will tell your guests this clue OUT LOUD so they can begin the hunt. This clue will lead them to a restroom in your home. You can say something like, “This is where Mikey instructs the boys in the group to use the bathroom while they are in the cave.” Remember, you need to give the first location and clue directly to your guests before they can use the map. In the restroom, your guests will find the clue that leads them to the first official location on the map.

Now let’s say the first location on the map is The Fratelli’s Freezer. You can write something like “this is where Chunk finds a dead body at the Fratelli’s hideout” as the clue that your guests find in the restroom. This clue will lead them to your kitchen freezer. In the freezer will be another clue that leads to the next location on the map. Be sure to write a detailed description of where your guests can find the next location!

X marks the spot! The final clue (located in the fourth location square before the X) will lead your guests to a treasure chest full of One-Eyed Willy’s “rich stuff.”

Not sure what to include in the treasure chest? We’ve got you!

If you are wanting to lead your guests to a treasure besides candy or jewels, consider leading your guests to a Goonies-themed board game to play once the movie is over! We found two fun options for you:

Whatever you choose, we know your guests are going to get a thrill out of this scavenger hunt!

Enjoy this "The Goonies" themed party with your family or friends! | The Dating Divas
The Goonies party for families

Enjoy Your “The Goonies” Streaming Party

Let’s review:

Send the invitations to your guests, set up a treat table with the signs and banner, put together the customizable scavenger hunt, and fill a treasure chest with goodies.

Shiver me timbers! You’re all set for an epic Goonies party!

"The Goonies" is the perfect theme for a Halloween party or just because. Which will you choose? | The Dating Divas
The Goonies-themed streaming party

Enjoy! And remember…


Free Download

“The Goonies” Party Printables

Printables Designed by Courtney at Paperelli Exclusively for The Dating Divas

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