50 Fun and Crazy Family Games

Crazy Fun Family Games You Can Play Anywhere

Make family time crazy fun with games! You can make a fun game up in any situation… but we’ve found 50 simple family games that you can play anywhere, with supplies you have around you!

Bored in the car? Play one of these games to help the time pass! Not sure what to do for family night? I suggest a fun game to bring you closer together. Some of my favorite memories are when my whole family got together to play a family game of Crack the Egg on the trampoline or Monkey in the Middle. These were just silly games but the time together helped us bond! 

Family Games



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We wanted to make life a little easier for you! We know how hard it can be to think up games on the spot, so we rounded up this list of 50 fun family games to get you started. I suggest keeping this list as a reference so you can easily find it for your next family game night!

To make browsing a bit easier, our list includes:

  • 16 Family Games Where All You Need Is Pencil and Paper

  • 18 Family Games You Can Play Anywhere, No Materials Needed

  • 16 Family Games with Items from Around the House

Your next family game night is going to be a blast! Let’s get started!!

16 Family Games Where All You Need Is Pencil and Paper

Easy prep is my kind of thing! Grab some pencils, papers and get ready for some laughs. These are easy family games you can pull off under almost any circumstance!

Family games you can play with paper and pencil!


1. Word Square – Show your smarts, creativity, and skill with this fun game! How many words can your create without getting blocked!? Supplies: pencil and paper.

2. The Sentence Game This family game is such a fun one to play with a group of people. It’s like a combination of Pictionary and telephone – and the results are ALWAYS hilarious. Click on the link for the exact instructions on how to play. There’s even a game template that you can print onto your paper. (The template isn’t necessary, but does make it easier.) Supplies: pencils and paper.

3. Classification Scattegories has always been one of our favorite family games, this is like a homemade version that classic fave. It always keeps my kids entertained and we have fun thinking of different 5-letter words and categories to use. Supplies: pencils and paper. We also have a Spouse Scattergories Game that is SO fun!

4. Who Am I?This is a game that everyone has probably played at least once at a party but it’s also a quick and easy, last-minute, family game. Each person gets 20 questions to find out “who they are.” We like to use Disney characters and cartoons when we play with our little kids. Sometimes, we’ll even use names of our extended family. Supplies: pencils and paper.

5. The Name Game This game is also known as the game where people yell really loud for some reason!! Supplies: pencil, paper, and stopwatch.

6. DiscretionThis family game is perfect to play during a big family dinner. Supplies: pencils and paper.

7. Take a HintYou’ll need 2 teams of 4 to play this fun and tricky game – you give hints, but only have one chance to guess the word correctly. This is a game you’ll want to check out! Supplies: pencils and paper.

8. How Do You DooSimilar to name that tune, except you take turns seeing how many songs you can get your team to guess in 5 minutes by singing only the word “doo.” Supplies: pencil, paper, and stopwatch.

9. Movie IDThis is such a fun game! It’s a little bit like Catchphrase in that you’re trying to get your team to guess what’s on the card, but it’s even more fun because you are bidding against another team to see who can get their team to guess with the least number of words. Supplies: pencil, paper, and stopwatch.

10. Hang ManThis is a classic family game. Many a car ride has been filled with hang man! Make it more interesting by adding rules like: if you guess a wrong letter you have to do a silly task. Supplies: pencils and paper.

11. 4 Papers – Choose a category (like movie titles or book titles) then each player writes down 3-4 things that fit the category on slips of paper and put into a pile. Split into 2 teams. You will go through 4 rounds of play. For each round, set the timer for 1 minute and each player tries to get their team to guess as many slips of paper as possible following the round rules. If your turn ends and they haven’t guessed the current slip yet, put it back in the pile for someone else. Players have 1 pass per round. If they pass, the paper goes back in the pile. Alternate between teams until all of the papers are gone. Some players may go twice. Add up the score as you go, 1 point per correctly guessed slip. Put papers back in the pile and start the next round. At the end of round 4 the team with the highest score wins! Round rules: Round 1: Describe the paper without using any words on the paper. Sound effects allowed. No actions. Round 2: You can use one word or sound effects only. No actions. Round 3: Charades. No sounds. Round 4: Freeze frame. The team closes their eyes and the player takes a single position/pose then tells the team to open their eyes. Player cannot make noises or move. Supplies: pencils and paper.

12. Reverse Charades – Don’t like the spotlight on you when you are acting? This game is perfect because you act as a group and one person is responsible for guessing the correct answer! Grab some paper slips and have everyone write down a few things to act out. You set the categories and determine how many points you need to win! If your teammate guesses correctly before the timer runs out, you get a point! Your family game night is gong to be FULL of laughter. Supplies: pencils and paper.

13. What IfSomeone writes a “what if” scenario, then you pass to the next person. They fold it over and write the “then” statement. You read them in a way that makes it really funny! Supplies: pencils and paper.

14. Who is Telling the TruthThis is a super funny, get to know you game/storytelling game! We love family games teach us new things about each other. Supplies: pencils and paper.

15. MafiaYou can’t trust anyone in this fun game! Try to figure out who the members of the mafia are without knowing who you can trust – and before they murder you!! Supplies: pencils and paper. For a fun group date we have a Murder Mystery party that is SO fun!

16. Word LadderWho can create the shortest ladder between two words by changing only one letter at a time? Supplies: pencils and paper.

18 Family Games You Can Play Anywhere, No Materials Needed

These family games will take you back to your college days… or your elementary years… Truth is, it doesn’t matter how old you are, these games are timeless!

Family Games You Can Play Anywhere


17. Hot LavaWhat kid hasn’t “invented” this game! Playing it as a family game is a blast. The only rule is don’t touch the floor – it’s lava! No supplies needed!!

18. Monsters in the Dark – When we were little, we would play hide and go seek in the dark, at night. When the person seeking got close to the person hiding, the hiding person would jump up and scare the seeker! It was terrifying, but we also would end up giggling. No supplies needed!!

19. The Greatest Game in the Universe – I learned this game from my roommates in college and now its a family game favorite. It’s basically a combination of charades, clue, and telephone. To play, first send three people out of the room. The rest of you choose a person, a weapon or thing, and a place. For example, you might choose a ballerina with a kite in the salon. Once you’ve chosen, bring only the FIRST person back into the room. He or she will ask someone in the room “who” it was. That person cannot speak at all but will act out who it was. The first person will then ask someone else what the “weapon or thing” was. Again, it will be acted out like in charades. The first person will then ask someone else “where” it happened. After its acted out, the SECOND person is brought back in the room and the FIRST person acts out all three things: person, weapon or thing, and place for the second person. Then, the THIRD person is brought back in the room and the SECOND person acts out all three things: person, weapon or thing, and place for the THIRD person. The THIRD person then has to guess what the three things are. It is hilarious to see how it changes with each reenactment. We die laughing every time. No supplies needed!!

20. Two Truths and a Lie – Can you guess which statement is a lie? Simply state 3 things about yourself, but only 2 are true. No supplies needed!!

21. SardinesWe used to play this game ALL the time in college. It’s such a simple game, but it is hilarious every time. No supplies needed!!

22. 4 on the CouchTry to get 4 people from your team on the couch! Sounds easy, right? This is a great family game for reunions! No supplies needed!!

23. SignsPass secret hand signs around without getting caught in this hilarious game of Signs. No supplies needed!!

24. The BomberRed team’s goal is to get the bomber and the president in the same room by the end of the game while the blue team is trying to keep them apart. For full rules, download the free print and play version from their website (Download PnP)! No supplies needed!!

25. Ghost in the GraveyardTry to not get caught by a ghost in this mashup of the classic family game, hide-and-seek! No supplies needed!!

26. PsychiatristOne person (the doctor) leaves the room. Everyone picks an “illness.” The doctor returns and has to figure out what the illness is by just asking questions. No supplies needed!!

27. Hide & Seek – In this classic family game, one person is “it” and covers his/her eyes and counts while everyone else hides. The “it” person then goes and hunts for the hiders. The found hiders can either be out and wait for all hiders to be found, or they can also become another “it” person and help find the rest of the hiders. The last person found is the winner. No supplies needed!!

28. The Animal Game – Everyone stands/sits in a circle and there is one person in the middle with their eyes closed. They spin in a circle or count to 10 while everyone else changes places in the circle. Then, the person in the middle points at someone and gives them a command to make a specific animal sound. For example “bark like a dog” or you can make it more fun like: “cackle like a chicken who is laying an egg,” etc. The person being pointed at then has to make that sound. The person in the middle has to guess WHO made the sound. I’m telling you, this family game cracks our crew up every time we play. No supplies needed!!

29. Would You RatherYou can play it as described in the link OR assign different sides of the room to be Option 1 and Option 2. Have everybody answer by going to the side of the room that correlates with their option. No supplies needed!! Not a family game, but we have a Bedroom Edition and it is FUN! 😉

30. Fortunately, UnfortunatelyA fun, story telling game where players alternately add turn-for-the-worse and turn-for-the-better plot twists to the story. Seeing where these stories go is hilarious! No supplies needed!!

31. How’s YoursTry to guess the object everyone has in common in this clever family game! No supplies needed!!

32. I Went to MarketCan you remember what everyone bought at the market? No supplies needed!!

33. Secret DancerSee if you can figure out who the secret dancer is in this hilarious family game! No supplies needed!!

34. AssassinCatch the winking assassin before he winks at YOU! No supplies needed!!

16 Family Games with Items from Around the House

Find your silly side! Some of these family games will make you laugh so hard your insides will hurt… in a good way! Read on to discover the fun!

Family games you can play with items around the house!


35. The Flour GameMy kids love the flour game. You take a cup, fill it with flour (pack it in tight), then turn it over onto a plate and carefully lift the cup. You will have an upside-down, flour-shaped cup on the plate. Set a small candy carefully on top of the flour cup. Take turns using a butter knife to cut off some of the flour structure and try not to knock off the candy. The person who knocks off the candy has to retrieve it using only their mouth! This is one family game that we return to over and over again. Have the camera ready, ’cause it’s lots of laughs! Supplies: Cup, plate, flour, candy.

36. The Cereal Box Game – See if you can pick up the cereal box in this funny game of flexibility. The box or bag gets smaller and more difficult to reach! Supplies: A cereal box (we’ve also played this with a big brown paper bag) and scissors.

37. Hot Camera Game or Selfie Hot Potato – Even the name sounds fun! Similar to hot potato, except you are passing around a camera pointed at your face that has a timer set. If it “flashes” while you are holding it, not only do you get a funny selfie taken, but you also have to do a silly “challenge” or “punishment” determined by the others. With a family full of kids who love their own face… this family game is a hit! Supplies: Camera with a timer.

38. Sticky FaceRace to see who can stick the most sticky notes on their face in 1 minute. Supplies: sticky notes.

39. Cotton Ball Glitz – Players have to coat their noses with lotion and then see how many cotton balls they can get out of the bowl in a minute only using their nose. Hilarious! Supplies: bowls, cotton balls, lotion.

40. Bubble Game Race This would be a great family game or party game. You get to eat your way through whipped cream to find the gum! Then show your bubble gum blowing skills! No hands allowed. Supplies: Plates, gum, canned whipped cream.

41. Mousetrap! – Each player will need a pile of beans and a mouse. The “mice” are a spool tied to 18 – 24″ of string/yarn. All of the players put their “mice” in a little circle that could be covered by the “trap” – in other words, a pot lid. The trapper rolls 2 dice and when they get doubles, they slam the lid down and try to catch the mice. If they catch none, they owe the other players one of their beans. If a mouse gets caught, they will give the trapper one of their beans. As far as family games go, this is our cabin classic. Supplies: Spools of thread or any thing you can tie yarn to, yarn/string, a pot lid, some type of currency: we use dried beans.

42. Halt! – Roll up a dishtowel and tape it together. Have players stand in a circle around it. One leader calls out another player’s name. That player runs to the towel while everyone else scatters. Once the player has the towel, they yell “halt!” They have 3 chances to throw the towel in hopes of hitting another player. Outside players can run and move after the towel hits the ground. If no one gets hit, the person with the towel is out. They get to choose the next thrower. Supplies: Dishtowel and tape or a soft ball.

43. Spoons Did you play this dangerously fun game growing up? Introduce your family to the madness of spoons. Speed becomes more important as the number of spoons dwindle. This family game may lead to some family drama. :p Click the link for more details. Supplies: Deck of cards and spoons.

44. Shut the Box  This is a game of strategy with a dice! I love that you can play this anywhere. Supplies: Pair of dice, pencil, and paper.

45. Kick The CanDid you ever play this game growing up? I have so many fun memories of this family game. Click on the link for more directions! Supplies: Can/bottle.

46. Flashlight TagI’m pretty sure you can figure out this game from the title!! Bring on the night games! For more specific directions, click on that link! Supplies: Flashlight.

47. Guess what’s in the Bag – Put a bunch of differently shaped kitchen items in a large bag and then guess what that item is by sticking your hand in and feeling the objects. No peeking of course. This game could be great for object lessons. Supplies: A few randomly shaped items from the kitchen. Examples are: a big spoon, a whisk, etc.

48. Liars DicePlay liars dice just like Captain Jack Sparrow and Davy Jones! Supplies: 5 dice and 1 cup per player.

49. Crazy FaceWe used to play this at camp – it’s hilarious! You divide into teams. One person on each team covers their face in shaving cream. Then, when you say “go,” everyone else starts throwing cheese balls at their face to try to get them to stick. At the end of 1 minute you see who has the most cheese balls stuck to their face – and that team wins. Sounds like a blast, right? Supplies: Shaving cream, cheese balls, and tape.

50. Minute to Win ItCan you complete the challenge in under a minute? Check out the link for ideas or browse all of our Win it in a Minute Ideas! Supplies: Depends on the challenges you choose!

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What fun family games can you play with just paper & pencil?

Word Square, The Sentence Game, Classification, Who Am I?, The Name Game, Discretion, Take a Hint, How Do You Doo, Movie ID, and Hangman

What fun family games can you play that don’t require any materials?

Hot Lava, Monsters in the Dark, The Greatest Game in the Universe, Two Truths and a Lie, Sardines, 4 on the Couch, Signs, The Bomber, Ghost in the Graveyard, Psychiatrist, Hide & Seek, The Animal Game, and Would You Rather?

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