Telephone Charades Game

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Telephone Charades Ideas

If you are looking for fun party games for an upcoming group date night or get together, THIS is exactly what you have been looking for. Of all the party games I have ever played, this one is by far the funniest and most entertaining! Telephone charades puts a twist on the typical charades you are used to. Not only does it make it harder, but it will have you all rolling on the floor laughing because it makes it way, way funnier!

Do you remember playing “telephone” in elementary school? You know the one. You all sit in a circle while someone starts by whispering a word to the person next to them, who then whispers what they heard–or thought they heard–to the person next to them, and this continues person to person until it is whispered to the last person who says aloud the word they heard. It would always get a good laugh as you would compare the original word to the new word that was somehow created as the word was passed around the circle.

This game is based on a similar idea. Instead of whispering; however, you will be acting a word person to person and seeing what the original word morphs into! Trust me, if you are looking for a fun party game for adults, you just landed on the perfect game for your group!

This is a great idea, it will make for a hilarious group game night!! Telephone charades is so much fun, we will all be rolling on the floor laughing! #gamenight #charadesideas #partygames #telephonecharades

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I absolutely LOVE the printables for this Telephone Charades Game! Carisa, from Messes to Memories created printables as fun to look at as the game itself! The invite is my all-time favorite! Little stick figures act out your message. Lift each flap to see if you guessed the stick figures charades message correctly. Come. Play. Telephone. Charades! Tell me that’s not the greatest game night invite you have ever seen?!

Telephone Charades Party Games for AdultsTelephone Charades Group Date

Charades Party Games for Adults

If you are sick of the same old boring game night ideas, give this a try ASAP! Your stomach will hurt from laughing so hard. This is a hilarious game that will add so much fun and laughter to your group date night!

Finding party games for adults can be so hard! You want to find something that is fun for everyone, but likely many people in your group have different game preferences, some like strategic games like Settlers of Catan, while others like old classics like Scrabble. The beauty of telephone charades is that it’s a new take on an old favorite. Most likely, none of your guests will have played it–but if they have, I’m positive they love it! It is easy to catch on, so you don’t have to spend half the night explaining, and re-explaining how to play.

I have played this as a girls night game, as a teenage party game, as a family reunion game and, of course, as a group night game. In all settings, telephone charades game nights are a hit! I can’t wait for you to try it out! We have included all the best telephone charades ideas you will ever need, so let’s get to it!

Telephone Charades Funny Game Ideas

Charades Game Play

In telephone charades, the group acts out things to each other… even when they don’t know what exactly they’re acting out! It’s like the game telephone, but there is no speaking, and the message is passed only through acting.  

Telephone Charades Big Group Game

This is how it works:

  1. Separate into 2 groups of at least 3-4 people.
  2. Group 1 blindly chooses 3 words (an object, an action, and a person) to act out to each other in individual succession. Only one person (“The Reader”), is allowed to read them.
  3. Group 1 then goes and waits in the other room so they cannot hear anything. Nothing is said by ANY of the team members during the game.
  4. The Reader from Group 1 then reads the words chosen in the following categories: object, action, person. At this point, a member of Group 1 (Guesser 1) will come out.
  5. Guesser 1 watches as The Reader acts out the object, action, and person that was chosen for them. Even if they do not know what The Reader was acting out, Guesser 1 must now act out the object, action, and person to Guesser 2, who comes out of the room next.
  6. Guesser 2 watches as Guesser 1 acts out the object, action, and person. Guesser 3 is then retrieved from the room and Guesser 2 acts out their interpretation of the three original cards to Guesser 3.
  7. When the last person from Group 1 comes out of the room and watches the most recent guesser act out the object, action, and person, they are then required to guess, out loud, what they believe the 3 cards are. A point is given for each correct guess.
  8. Then, Group 2 would go out of the room and the Group 2 Reader would draw 3 cards for them to act out to each of their guessers and the game would continue as explained above! 

Charades Ideas

Repeat until you’ve used up all the cards!

Telephone Charades Ideas

An instruction card is included with the printables for easy access. We also included a scorecard to tally points for each round. Whip out that scorecard and give yourself a point for each of the cards your team is able to guess. Save these game rules on Pinterest now!

Telephone Charades Party

More Telephone Charades Ideas

The most fun part of the game is that if you are one of the guessers, even if you have no idea what the previous person from your team acted out to you, you still have to act out your interpretation to the next guesser. Things get very confusing and very, very funny in a hurry!

Telephone Charades Group Game Ideas

We have included tons of telephone charades ideas as color-coded cards. The object cards are red, the action cards are pink, and the person cards are teal. Split them into decks for easy drawing. We tried to give a good variety of card topics to really throw the guessers off! Have your guests write in their own ideas, if you need more Telephone Charades ideas. Beware, it could get crazy! At the last Diva Retreat, I unknowingly was acting out “bikini wax!”

Telephone Charades Game

There you have it! Grab a fun group that’s ready to laugh so hard their stomachs will hurt. The set up is as easy as it gets. Telephone Charades will become your favorite group party game of all time!

Telephone Charades Game Play





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Telephone Charades Game

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