Super Store Sweep Date

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Great Date Idea

Looking for a great date idea that gets you out of the house but isn’t dinner and a movie?! 

Challenge your spouse to a game of Super Store Sweep!

Super Store Sweep Date

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If you’re looking for a twist on date night and are into games, then I have a creative date idea for you: Super Store Sweep!

Super Store Sweep for Couples

Inspired by the classic television game show, Super Market Sweep, this unique date idea will spur up a little friendly competition among you and your spouse! 

UPDATE: We’ve ALSO included a GROUP DATE version below!! (See end of post for details!)

To get started, print out the creatively designed printables by Courtney at All Things Bright and Beautiful!


Super Store Sweep Couple Invite

Invite your spouse to a friendly race through your favorite local super store and determine which one of you is more shopper savvy!

Super Store Sweep Date 


Before heading out for the date, decide if you will each create your own shopping list for your spouse to gather (a more difficult challenge) OR use the same, pre-determined shopping list.

Super Store Sweep Hers List

Wearing your fastest running shoes, head to your local super store and swap shopping lists!

Super Store Sweep Hers List

The person who can gather all the items listed and reach the front of the store first, is the Super Store Champion

Super Store Sweep His List

While you wait (for your slower half…haha Just Kidding!!) be sure to pick up your spouse’s favorite check-out snack and attach it to this sweet printable love note!

Super Store Sweep Love Note

But, before you crown the champion, make sure to peek through ALL their goodies to make sure they didn’t miss anything!!

Super Store Sweep Couple

May the best shopper WIN!

Like date night at the store!?  Next time, try Wal-mart Bingo!

GROUP DATE VERSION: If you love this idea but you’d like to involve friends, we have tweaked our printables a little to let you do just that!

Super Store Sweep Group Date

Same invite, but different rules apply. Once you arrive at the store of your choice, hand out the “Shopping List” to each couple. Tell everyone that the spending limit is $10 and the challenge is to find all the items on the list in 30 minutes or less. Super Store Sweep Group Invite

Decide on a time to meet back at the front of the store {having already checked out/bagged your items so no one else sees} and you’re OFF! Once the 30 minutes are over and everyone has secretly purchased their items, head back to the host’s house for some dessert and entertainment – sharing your items and voting on the winners!

Super Store Sweep Group Voting

(FYI – The host can go to the dollar store previously and purchase a funny item to tie each printable award to.)

Super Store Sweep Group Date Winner Tags

Have SO much fun!! 

Super Store Sweep Full Pack

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Super Store Sweep Printables

Printables Designed by Courtney @ All Things Bright and Beautiful Exclusively for The Dating Divas
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Group Date Super Store Sweep Printables

Printables Designed Exclusively for The Dating Divas



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  1. This looks like fun! I watched Supermarket Sweep when I was younger and enjoyed trying to solve the riddles before the contestants. This date night should be a blast, not to mention easy to do with an 11 month old!

    1. LOL – but only for a little bit, Ashley. 😉 OR… you could get another couple and do it in teams, so you are WITH your spouse! 😉 XOXO