Sexy Candy Bar Love Notes

Candy Bar Love Notes That Are Sweet AND Sexy! 

My husband and I both have the infamous sweet tooth. We enjoy chocolate treats and sweets with the best of them. From large gifts to sweet messages “just because” – a chocolate bar or candy treat is always welcome! Today, thanks to the help of my fellow creative Dating Divas, we came up with over 40 gift tags that go with a sweet treat. These treat tags aren’t your ordinary love notes – each tag has a a sexy message for your sweetheart!

Free Candy Bar Love Note printables with a sexy and suggestive message! Printables designed by

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Our printable gift tags with Clever Candy Sayings for Almost Any Occasion has been so popular on Pinterest that we set out to create even more candy bar love notes for our readers, but this time with a sexy twist! Each unique message matches perfectly with a sweet chocolate or candy treat. Some of my favorites include:

“You and me be-TWIX the sheets!”

“Have I told you REESEntly that you are all kinds of sexy?”


“Someone’s gonna SKOR tonight!”

Sexy Candy Bar Love Note Printables


Candy Bar Love Notes couldn’t get any easier! Simply print out the gorgeous printable loves notes designed by the talented Kayley from the site Ollie and Lulu. When you see the designs you will notice that she designed these down to the tiniest detail. She even matched the colors of the tags to the candy wrappers!

Sexy Candy Bar Love Note Idea


Next, use string or ribbon to attach the printable love note to the candy bar. To attach mine, I used my favorite heart-shaped hole puncher and this pack of colorful string. I love this string because it comes in a variety of colors, so I can pick and choose the best one to match with my choice of treat!

Sexy Candy Bar Love Note


What I love about these candy bar loves notes (besides the simplicity) is that they can be gifted in so many ways. You can keep it super simple and choose a few of your sweetheart’s favorite treats and just print the tags for those, then gift those when the mood is right {wink!}

If you are looking for a larger gift to blow your sweetheart’s mind, you can print them all and give them to your love in some sort of Candy Bouquet like this:

How fun would that be to receive?! It would make anyone’s day! So, grab a few extra sweets and treats the next time you are at the store, add these tags, and you have a sweet and sexy love note for your sweetheart!

Sexy Candy Bar Love Notes for Spouse

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  1. The Dating DIvas – Saviour for all of us! Your ideas made gifting so easy and doable. You have listed wonderful ideas to make our partner feel special. I am gonna try most of them starting today! Hope my hubby loves all of them.