12 Family Field Day Games & Activities You Can Play at Home

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How to Host Your Own Family Field Day Games

Sometimes you need to get out and have a good time with your family–family field day activities are perfect for that! Whether you’re planning your next family reunion or just looking for an idea for a fun family day date, a family field day is a perfect option! We’ve provided everything you need to host your own Family Field Day Games. Not sure what a field day is? It’s basically a day devoted to fun and games outdoors. You can choose a variety of fun “field day games.” We’ll share some of our favorites below. Your field day will be filled with new memories, somse healthy and friendly competition, a whole lot of team building and probably a good dose of laughter as you enjoy watching others compete! Field day games are not your typical outdoor games!

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My kids are always ecstatic when we plan a family date, but they’re even more thrilled when we make it a day date! A whole day filled with fun, food and new experiences to enjoy as a family is something special. I hope they always feel that way! A field day turned out to be the perfect way to enjoy the summer sun and the fresh air! Plus, we all got a decent workout with all the races.

Go Team Field Day Games Sign

Before starting your field day, you might want to remind the kids {and adults, too} that good sportsmanship and teamwork are required to make the day a success! We don’t allow any sore losers around here! Cheer each other on and have fun!

Field Day Games Setup

There are so many variations on how to host your family field day, so save this post to Pinterest for inspiration. Here are three different ideas that we’ve thought of!

  1. You can keep it small and just compete within your family. If you choose to go this route, you may want to grab a timer and time everyone as they complete a race so everyone can participate. You can work through each station and enjoy each game together.
  2. Invite some close friends and compete against other families! Getting together with friends is one of our favorite things to do! If you invite more friends, you’ll have a lot of competition and be able to pull off more games, which will require a bit more prep as well. You’ll probably also have to take turns at different events and have more people spread out managing the different stations. One idea to make this a bit more manageable is to invite families to take charge of setting up their own station or contribute to the field day party by bringing food to share.
  3. This is an absolutely perfect day for a family reunion. If you are in charge of planning your next family reunion (or even just a small part of it), your family will LOVE the idea of a day of games and fun! Compete family vs family, boys vs girls or even adults vs kids!

Family Field Day Decor

A field day is about so much more than the games, it’s about the feeling you get when you make the time to play together. You can create an atmosphere of excitement by dressing up a table with a bright tablecloth. Mark your stations with balloons and the bright station markers. We’ve also included a fun and colorful banner!

Field Day Games Banner

Field Day Games

Now it’s time to talk games! Figuring out what stations you want to have is an important part of planning your field day. We’ve included station printables for most of the traditional field day games.

Field Day Games

Races and Relays

Races and relays are classic field day games. These aren’t your average races—field day games must have at least one crazy, extraordinary race with a unique challenge. A Potato Sack Race is where you race from one end of a field to another, in a potato sack or pillowcase. An Egg and Spoon Race requires you to race while balancing an egg on a spoon. Watch out—it could get messy! And a 3-Legged Race is where you’re tied to a partner while you race across the field. Just imagine how fun it would be to pair up each adult with one of the kids for a 3-Legged Race!

Field Day Games Ideas

We’ve included station signs for these fun races and relays:

  • Potato Sack Race
  • Water Relay
  • 3-Legged Race
  • Egg and Spoon Race
  • Obstacle Course

Contests and Games

There are a variety of contests and games you can include in your field day. Most of these games have a quick setup and are easily adaptable for any group—all ages! Of course, you may need to simplify for the little kids. Move the target up or pair kids up in a way that’s fair so that everyone can enjoy.

Field Day Games Printables

Here are some of our favorite contests and games that we’ve included:

Water Games

Keep cool with some fun water games, our favorite is the Balloon Toss – or anything with water balloons! Our Water Balloon Toss quickly turns into a water balloon fight, which totally works.

Family Field Day Games Balloon Toss

But there are SO many different water games that you could work into your field day. Pull out some water guns to keep everyone entertained on the side.

Field Day Activities

You might want to have a few extra stations with fun activities during the day. These activities could be anything, but here are a few suggestions. Grab a parachute and look up a few parachute games. Have a dance contest. Set out some sidewalk chalk for your artists. Or even have a nature scavenger hunt set up on the side for kids to explore a little! Blowing bubbles or even making giant bubbles could be another fun addition to your field day games!

Game On Banner for Field Day

Don’t forget the food! You’ll want some cool drinks to stay hydrated and some munchies to replenish the fuel in your tanks so you can go on playing. Set up a watermelon seed spitting contest by the food station!

We highly suggest including a relaxing station set up in the shade. Set out a few card games and snacks under a canopy where family members can recuperate from all the competitions.

Field Day Awards

No field day is complete without a little awards ceremony! Declare the winners of each race and present them with a candy bar medal! These cute printable WINNER candy bar wrappers are so fun and they fit perfectly around a Hershey’s candy bar.

Field Day Games Award

Attach the wrapper with tape and then find some nice ribbon to make a cute little award necklace. Everyone will be thrilled to sport one of the WINNER awards.

Candy Bar Wrapper Award

We had such a blast putting this Family Field Day together and look forward to hosting another one real soon—with friends this time! 🙂

Hope you enjoy your own field day! Don’t forget to grab the printables below.

Free Download

Family Field Day

Printables Designed by Carisa @ Messes to Memories Exclusively for The Dating Divas


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