13 Popular Family Game Night Ideas – Simple & Fun!

Family Game Night Ideas from Game Shows!

I don’t know who comes up with game show ideas, but I’d like to thank him or her for all the family game night ideas they’ve given the world!

Who doesn’t love sitting around watching a good family game show? Well, maybe not EVERYONE, but I know for me, this is one of my FAVORITE things. And, I’m guessing it may just be yours too if you are reading this. 😉 First of all, game shows are just so fun and interactive! It’s so fun to see the whole family get involved in answering all the questions on Family Feud, getting completely grossed out by things while watching the Fear Factor games, and guessing if the Price is Right! But WATCHING the game show is a lot different than PLAYING it. We couldn’t help ourselves in coming up with a list of our all time favorite family game night show ideas! Not only are these game show ideas fun to watch, they’re games you can play in your home for a similar experience! Check these out!

Super FUN family game night shows straight in your living room! #FamilyGameNightShow #PriceIsRightPlay

Well, we decided to bring these games to LIFE in your own living room by rounding them all up in this post just for you and your family! Basically, there’s nothing like a FREE Family Feud game OR Price is Right game that you can play at home! That being said, get ready to bond with your family over these awesome family game night show ideas!!

DIY Family Game Night Show Ideas

If you’re on the hunt for some AMAZING family game night show games to play with your family, look no further! We have brought together the best of the best DIY family game show games you can use for family game night, a family reunion, or even a work conference! We’ve got everything from Fear Factor games to The Price is Right, and more! We know that family game night is sure to be a success with any of these ideas below, so check them out!

Price Is Right DIY Game Show

  1. Let’s Make a Deal Game Night– This game is based on the popular family game night show, LET’S MAKE A DEAL! Print off these cute and free printables to bring the game to life for you and your family for game night!
  2. Don’t Forget The Lyrics – Does your family enjoy music? Find out just how well your family knows music with this fun game!
  3. Who’s Line Is It Anyway? – We love this game! This improvisation game will leave you laughing for days to come!
  4. Iron Chef – Dinner and an activity all wrapped up into one! What more could you possibly ask for!? Try this dinner game with your family! You can never be disappointed when there’s food involved. 😉
  5. Fear Factor – What are you truly afraid of? These Fear Factor games are sure to push you to your limits and see what you are daring enough to do!
  6. The Price Is Right Game – It’s time to guess if the PRICE IS RIGHT with this super fun DIY Price is Right game. We’re going to quiz your grocery store knowledge in this fun family game night show, so be ready!
  7. Win It in a Minute for Couples – You have a MINUTE TO WIN IT! This is a super fun family game night show to play right in your own home! This is a test of your speed!! 60 seconds will fly by in this fast-paced game!
  8. The Amazing Race– This game has been a HIT on our site. Nothing like getting your family together (or even inviting family friends over) for this awesome AMAZING RACE!!

It’s Time For a Family Feud!

We absolutely couldn’t forget about the classic FAMILY FEUD game! This is, without a doubt, my all-time FAVORITE family game night show! There are so many ways to make this free Family Feud game a true family favorite! We have found tons of ways to bring the classic Family Feud game to your own home! Check them out below!

Free Family Feud Game

  1. Make Your Own Family Feud Free Game– This tutorial gives great instruction on how to set up your very own free Family Feud game with your family! Just follow these instructions for a successful and FUN family game night!
  2. Family Feud Game Platinum Edition– This Family Feud game may not be free, but what a fun and convenient version to get your hands on! Nothing to make yourself, it is all ready for you and your family to play!
  3. Family Friendly Family Feud – You have to buzz in quickly in this fast-paced game! This teaches you the basics of how to play a successful family game night show at home!
  4. Family Feud Free Powerpoint– Making this game into a PowerPoint for your family puts a fun twist on the game and makes it more of a reality! This free Family Feud Powerpoint is a MUST TRY!
  5. Couples Family Feud – We put our diva twist on the classic Family Feud game! This kit has all the necessary details to pull off a successful group or family game night, but focusing on couples!

Aren’t all these ideas fabulous?! We hope that with all these family game night show ideas, you have a successful family game night!

Also, be sure to grab your family’s favorite snacks and drinks, along with one of these fabulous games, to make some family memories you won’t ever forget! 🙂

And don’t forget to also check out ideas for indoor fun family activities and our round-up of 50 fun and crazy family games!

Have fun!


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