Let’s Make a Deal Date Night

Let’s Make a Deal Party Game

Game shows were kind of a big deal at my house. The Price is Right, Wheel of Fortune, and Jeopardy were big events! My family would watch together and yell our own answers at the screen. “Answer in the form of a question!” We here at The Dating Divas put our thinking caps on to figure out how we could bring some of that fun to you. BINGO! Fashioned after the TV game show, Let’s Make a Deal Group Date will have you jumping up and down, getting advice from the audience {AKA your friends}, and laughing the night away with your sweetie. Choose between doors 1, 2, or 3 and hope you don’t get ZONKED! 

Let's Make a Deal Game Night

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We love playing games and this group date is no exception! My hubby and I both feel like group dates are our favorite dates! With the help of our girl Joanna of Cutify Creative, we put together some fabulous printables to help make your group date a success. Check out these cute ZONK signs! Joanna is so talented!


Send this cute Let’s Make a Deal Invite to a few of your favorite couples. Did you see those cute little doors? There is a top page and a back page to each invite. Use an Exacto knife to cut out each door and then glue the back page onto the top. Fill in all of the important date info behind each door… AANNNNND… wait for it…

Let's Make a Deal Invite

BAM! Your super cute invite is done! My handwriting leaves something to be desired… (Did a ten-year-old write that?)… so I filled mine out after the photos. {Wink!}

Let's Make a Deal Invitation

How To Play

When playing Let’s Make a Deal, each contestant is trying to get the best deal possible without knowing what the next deal will be. All of the prizes are hidden behind boxes, envelopes, or curtains. So, when the first contestant comes to the “stage” to play the game, offer them a choice between two different items. Remember they’re all concealed and it’s a guessing game. From that point the host can decide to end that contestants game or offer them another option.“Keep what you got or trade it in for what’s in box #2!” Sounds familiar, right?! This is when it really gets good! Sometimes the new deal is much better than the first prize or it’s completely TERRIBLE like some old socks or a sculpture made out of old chewing gum. ZONK! Each member of your group date will be a contestant and hopefully get an awesome deal at the end! BUT, I have to say, when my best friend came away with a box of fake mustaches we all laughed a lot!

At the end of the night, the person with the best prize can trade it in for the final deal! Bring your friend up and see if they want to give up their gift for another mystery prize. If they decline, move on to the person with the 2nd best deal. It’s a bit of a gamble, but the suspense is so fun! Need a refresher on the show? Check out the official Let’s Make a Deal TV show HERE!

With a little preparation and a few trips to the Dollar Store, you’ll be on your way to a fabulous group date night!

  • Step One – Gather your prizes. To play Let’s Make a Deal, you’ll need great prizes, cheap prizes, and bad/funny prizes. Head to the Dollar Store and gather a few different party gifts (bubbles, toys, candy, drinks). This might be a good place to grab some bad prizes too! Next, figure out some of your good prizes, and one grand prize. Gift cards work great and everyone LOVES them!

Let's Make a Deal Host Guide

  • Step Two – We’ve put together a Let’s Make a Deal Host Guide to make the game play easier and help organize your prizes. Each deal should have a good prize and a bad prize {ZONK!} or a good prize and an AH-some prize! Use the guide to plan out the game play deals for each guest.
  • Step Three – Put on your host face! My hubby and I team up as the host. That way we both get to play, host, and watch the fun! Hosting is pretty easy. Use the guide to help you know what you’re offering each contestant and do your best to keep your host face/poker face from giving away any of your secrets. As a rule of thumb, we always had 3 different prizes for each contestant. Sometimes they might only need 2 choices, but it’s good to have the 3rd prize just in case.


I pulled out some old Christmas gift boxes to put most of my prizes in. For some of the bigger prizes, I used a blanket and the smaller prizes went into a printable Let’s Make a Deal Envelope. Perfect for gift cards!Let's Make a Deal Prizes

Let's Make a Deal ZONK

I really REALLY loved buying ZONK prizes! My favorites were a box of Chinese finger traps and a plastic coconut bra I really wanted my hubby to get! I picked up both of them at my neighborhood Dollar Store. Easy peasy!

Let's Make a Deal Date Idea

When your guests arrive, make sure everyone gets a “contestant” name tag and let the games begin!

Let's Make a Deal Contestant

That’s about it! Grab your Let’s Make a Deal Printables and plan your next group date today!


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    1. Hello there! The host guide is part of the printables download file! At the bottom of the post, you will see the place where you can download all the printables for your party! Have SO much fun, and let us know how everything turns out!! XOXO