101 White Elephant Gift Ideas

Even MORE Hilarious White Elephant Gift Ideas!

‘Tis the season for Christmas parties and that means you need white elephant gift ideas… and LOTS of them!  But you don’t want to bring just another boring gag gift to your white elephant party; your gift needs to cause your friends to laugh out loud all night long!

White Elephant Gift Ideas

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Last year you loved our 50 Hilarious and Creative White Elephant Gift Ideas, and you asked for more.  So, this year we bring you 101 MORE ridiculously hysterical white elephant gift ideas perfect if you want to buy or DIY!

If you are going to be hosting your own party, check out our White Elephant Party Fun post for help in understanding and organizing your shindig, and definitely check out our incredibly adorable White Elephant Printable Pack to make hosting AND attending a White Elephant party a breeze!

To help you find your perfect white elephant gift ideas,we’ve got eight different categories!

11 White Elephant Gift Ideas: Potty Humor

15 White Elephant Gift Ideas: $12 and Under

16 White Elephant Gift Ideas: DIY

15 White Elephant Gift Ideas: For the Home

7 White Elephant Gift Ideas: Body Humor

11 White Elephant Gift Ideas: Accessories

15 White Elephant Gift Ideas: Food and Utensils

11 White Elephant Gift Ideas: For the Office

Now, grab your tissues to catch all those tears of laughter!

Got it?  Good!

11 White Elephant Ideas: Potty Humor

White Elephant Gift Ideas Potty Humor

Funny White Elephant Gift Ideas

1. Maxi-pad Slippers – Your friends are sure to lose it when they see these unconventional slippers!

2. Pot N’ Putt – Think your spouse spends too much time in the bathroom already?  Just wait until they get their hands on this Pot N’ Putt!

3. Poo-Pourri – The commercials for Poo-Pourri are HILARIOUS!  And hey, if you gift it to friends or family, YOU win in the end when they use it!

4. Santa Reindeer Toilet Seat Cover – The gift of a reindeer toilet seat cover means that your friends will never have to feel lonely in the bathroom ever again!

5. Poopin’ Pets Reindeer – This Poopin’ Pets Reindeer gift will definitely appeal to your friends who stopped maturing in junior high!

Gag Gift Ideas for Christmas

6. Public Toilet Survival Kit– Save your friends and family from disgusting bathrooms like the one gracing the cover of this Public Toilet Seat Survival Kit!

7. Dog Butt Floss – Aren’t you just DYING to floss your teeth with this Dog Butt Floss?!

8. Handerpants Underwear Gloves– For many of us, winter is a time of severe cold; so warm up your hands in style with these Handerpants!

9. Eye Pad – This eye pad white elephant gift is certain to surprise your friends and send them into laughing fits!

10. Portable Toilet Paper Dispenser – While ridiculous looking, this gift has you prepared for your next cold!

11. Emergency Underpants – Who knows when you’ll need an extra pair of underwear, so keep your loved ones prepared with Emergency Underpants!

15 White Elephant Gift Ideas: $12 and Under

White Elephant Party Gift Ideas $12 and Under

Cheap White Elephant Gift Ideas

12. Crafting with Cat Hair: Cute Handicrafts to Make with Your Cat – Crafting with Cat Hair is one of the most outrageous gag gifts out there – perfect for your cat-loving pals!

13. Inflatable Reindeer Antler Ring Toss Game – With this gift, you get to throw rings at your friend’s head while he or she wears a bizarre hat… I’d call that a win-win!

14. Jane Austen Tattoos – Nothing expresses the decorum and charm of Austen’s work as these temporary tattoos!

15. Understand Men Breath Spray – Ladies, maybe you can steal this gift back after you bring it to the party to help decode your own man!

16. TV Dinner Gumballs, 3 Course Feast – Now you don’t have to be in Wonka’s factory to experience a chewy feast with these TV dinner Gumballs around!

17. Giant Googly Eyes – Let’s be honest, life would be much better if giant googly eyes decorated our world!

18. Party Roulette – Filled with suspense, the Party Roulette will definitely keep you on your toes!

Inexpensive Gag Gifts $12 and Under

19. The Mullet: Hairstyle of the Gods – No coffee table is complete without a copy of The Mullet!

20. Slingshot Flying Screaming Monkey – Not only does this make an obnoxious screaming sound, it also flies through the air!

21. Gameboy Style Case Back For iPhone 5 – Trade in your stuffy and expensive iPhone cases for this nostalgic Gameboy Style Case!

22. Shakespearean Insult Bandages – What could help you feel better after hurting yourself more than sporting Shakespearean insults?

23. Very Best of David Hasselhoff – You’re sure to have your friends SWOONING with the velvety tracks of David Hasselhoff!  They’ll be thanking you for years to come!

24. Crazy Cat Lady Action Figure Set – Nothing drops jaws as fast as this Crazy Cat Lady action figure!

25. Bacon Flavored Toothpicks – Mmm…you’ll be craving bacon for such a long time with these tasty toothpicks!

26. Waterproof Notepad – You never know when genius will strike, so be prepared with this waterproof notepad!

16 White Elephant Gift Ideas: DIY

DIY White Elephant Gift Ideas

DIY Gag Gift Ideas

27. DIY Boyfriend Pillow – Just because some of your friends are single doesn’t mean they shouldn’t have an arm around them while watching a movie or falling asleep!

28. Expert Level Jigsaw Puzzle – Know someone who  thinks they are SO brilliant?  Betcha they won’t figure this one out!

29. Grinch Poop – This Grinch Poop is sure to brighten your friend’s breath…and ruin green Tic-Tacs forever!

30. Candy Cane Puzzle – The perfect gift, this puzzle fits everyone’s abilities and provides a minty aroma!

31. Doughnut Seeds – These cute “doughnut seeds” will definitely get a chuckle at your next party!

32. Melted Snowman – Are you in a big hurry to find a white elephant gift?  Nothing is easier than this Melted Snowman!

33. Hillbilly Washer & Dryer – How cute is this “washer and dryer” gag gift?  I mean, really!

34. Colorado Cowboy Bubble Bath – Sure this gag gift might take a little preparation, but it certainly delivers!

DIY White Elephant Gift Ideas

35. Surprise Mason Jar Money Gifts – While this jar at first appears like the lamest White Elephant gift at the party, it certainly has a surprise!

36. Santa-tizer – This Santa-tizer idea is simple and BEYOND adorable!

37. DIY Mounted Stuffed Animal Head – Looking for a darkly humorous gag gift?  Look no further than this DIY mounted stuffed animal head!

38. Tennis Ball Helper – Not just your average sidekick, tennis ball helper is cute as well as helpful!

39. Money Pizza – We think that this will certainly win the award for Most Stolen Gift!

40. Fish Seeds – All you need to do for this White Elephant gift is print out the tag and grab some snacks from the pantry!  What could be easier?

41. Straw Hat – Thank goodness this straw hat is one size fits all!

42. Hobbit Feet – While it might be a little more time intensive, nothing will wow like these comfortable and stylish hobbit feet!

15 White Elephant Gift Ideas: For the Home

White Elephant Gift Ideas for the Home

Gag Gift Ideas for the home

43. A Christmas Story Nightlight Leg Lamp – Why only laugh at the iconic leg lamp around Christmastime when you could bask in its glow all year-round?

44. Creative Outlet Stickers – When decorating their home, many people often overlook their power outlets, but we’ve found the solution with these Creative Outlet Stickers!

45. Iron Man Iron – Do we even have to explain why this white elephant gift idea is amazing?! Iron Man!

46. Justin Bieber Singing Toothbrush – Anyone else miss the younger Biebs?  Well, you can have him serenade you 2-3 times a day with this singing toothbrush!

47. Don’ts for Husbands – To ensure that all men are the model husband, gift this at every party this season!  It is sure to be a hit with the menfolk!

48. Don’ts for Wives – Ladies, don’t think you get away that easily!  You need to study up, too!

49. Toe Tunes – These Toe Tunes will keep feet warm AND melodious!

White Elephant Gift Ideas Home Appliances

50. Ice Cream Cone Shower Cap – This shower cap will keep your hair safe from the moisture in style!

51. Microwavable S’Mores Maker – With this microwavable s’mores maker, you don’t have to wait until you’re around a campfire for the perfect, gooey treat!

52. Batman Throw with Sleeves – Once your friends have this Batman throw gag gift, they’ll never watch another movie without it!

53. So Flippin’ Hot Mirror Spatula – Who says cooking can’t be glamorous?!  Feel free to check yourself out while flipping some pancakes!

54. Pop-Up Hot Dog Toaster – Even the most delicious hot dog is incomplete without a toasty bun, and this low maintenance toaster has got your back!

55. Social Shower Curtain – Now you really can take your social media with you everywhere!

56. Cupcake Frosting Flavored Toothpaste – This flavored toothpaste White Elephant gift idea is sure to make your mouth feel cavity-free!

57. Guinea Pig Sleep-out Bags – There are tons of accessories for dogs and cats, but now your guinea pig will be stylish too with these beautiful sleeping bags.

7 White Elephant Gift Ideas: BODY HUMOR

Gag Gift Ideas for a White Elephant Party

White Elephant Gift Ideas Body Humor

58. Hairy Stockings – These gorgeous stockings will definitely attract compliments ALL the time!

59. Nose Pencil Sharpener – With the Nose Pencil Sharpener you are now totally ok to stick something up your nose!

60. Belly Button Lint Remover – While we don’t like to talk about it publicly, belly button lint is a serious issue, but you can rest easy with this lint remover!

61. Bacon Soap – What could be better than smelling fresh bacon?  Smelling like bacon all day long!

62. Runny Nose Shower Gel Dispenser – Nothing will impress visiting friends and family like this shower gel dispenser gag gift!

63. Talking Bellies Temporary Tattoos – These temporary tattoos will certainly make a statement the next time you change in front of your honey!

64. Amco Rub Away Bar – Ever disgusted by the smell some foods leave on your hands?  This bar will take care of that!

11 White Elephant Gift Ideas: Accessories

Christmas Party Gift Ideas

White Elephant Gift Ideas Accessories

65. Inflatable Unicorn Horn – You may have seen that they make unicorn horns for cats, but now we can sport them, too!  Perhaps the best White Elephant gift ever!

66. Fake Beard – A fake beard is a wonderful accessory which will give you the ability to change your look in just seconds!  You know one of your friends needs this!

67. The Selfie – As much as we make fun of them, we all take selfies, and it can be really awkward.  The Selfie will make all your future pictures a breeze!

68. Thumbtack Earrings – Thumbtack earring are sure to make those around look twice!

69. Wasabi Lip Balm – This Wasabi Lip Balm will make all future kisses fiery! {Wink!}

Gag Gift Ideas Accessories

70. Flair Hair Men’s Visor and Hair – This Visor and Hair will allow your friend to cover bed head while still looking professional!

71. Emergency Santa Kit – You never know when you’re going to need to be Santa at a moment’s notice, so the Emergency Santa Kit will ease your mind!

72. Bra Purse – It’s hard to part with a favorite bra, so turn it into a fashion statement to make a splash at your next White Elephant party!

73. Booty Pop – This Booty Pop is going to make you look fantastic in your jeans!

74. Sock Sandals – Now you can have the stylish look of socks with sandals while only wearing socks!  Hooray!

75. Pizza Hat – This fashion-forward hat will definitely turn heads!

15 White Elephant Gift Ideas:


Gag Gift Party Ideas

White Elephant Gift Ideas food and utensils

76. Loafers – It may take some of your friends a second to get this joke, but it is well worth the wait!

77. You Have Just Been Poisoned Pint Glass – Apparently innocent, this White Elephant gift will give the recipient quite a shock once the beverage is gone!

78. Dachshund Hot Dog Cutter – What could be more adorable – and slightly disturbing – as a dog cutting your hot dog into slices?!

79. Canned Unicorn Meat – And you thought unicorns didn’t exist!

80. Help Me Stirring Rod – These stirring rods will delight all your friends with a dark sense of humor!

81. Anti-Theft Lunch Bags – These bags will ensure that no one steals your lunch ever again!

Food and Utensils Gag Gifts

82. Diet Fork Refrigerator Magnet – The new year is coming fast, so help your friends out with their resolution to diet with this magnetic reminder!

83. Zombie Survival Energy Drink – We should always be prepared for all possible outcomes, shouldn’t we?

84. Pickle Flavored Candy Canes – The pickle flavor of these candy canes will shock and amaze at the next White Elephant party!

85. Canned Dragon Meat – Make sure to attach your favorite dragon meat recipe to the can!

86. Cockroach Hello Plate – This plate will keep your pesky dinner guests from taking seconds!

Christmas Party Gift Ideas Food and Utensils

87. Pig Snout Mug – The Snout Mug’s owner will be very confused by the sudden attention received when using this mug!

88. Twirling Spaghetti Fork – You won’t strain your wrist eating pasta anymore with the Twirling Spaghetti Fork White Elephant gift!

89. Unicorn Sprinkles Sugar Shaker – This little Unicorn Shaker adds so much to a classic decor!

90. Underpants Chip Bowl – The Underpants Chip Bowl is a huge conversation starter at parties!

11 White Elephant Gift Ideas: For the Office

White Elephant Gifts for Work

Office Party White Elephant Gifts

91. Wrongulator – How long do you think it will take for your co-worker to notice that everything the Wrongulator produces is far from accurate?

92. Backwards Wall Clock – Confuse your office-mates with this Backwards Wall Clock!

93. Camo Golf Balls – Your golf-crazed boss will think you’re so witty when you present this Camo Golf Balls White Elephant gift!

94. Hands Free Cell Phone Kit – This Hands Free Cell Phone Kit will free your hands up to drive, eat, clean, and so much more!

95. Complaint Department Sign – Don’t you want one for your desk?!

96. Notification Memo Sticky Pad – Sometimes it’s hard to notice sticky notes around the office, but nothing attracts attention like a social media notification bubble!

White Elephant Gift Ideas for the Office Christmas Party

97. Electric Desktop Vacuum Cleaner – This cute mini-vacuum is perfect for cleaning up all those crumbly snacks you eat at your desk!

98. You Park Like an Idiot Sticky Notes – Driving through traffic is frustrating enough, but bad parking is just too much!  Express yourself with these sticky notes!

99. To-Do Tattoo – We all have so many important tasks to remember, and these temporary tattoos are so helpful!

100. Origami Sticky Notes – Origami Sticky Notes will keep you entertained during those boring…ahem…I mean instructive work meetings!

101. Post-It Note Watch – Want to remember what you need to do, but dislike the average sticky note (or the To-Do Tattoo)?  Remind yourself with this Post-It Note Watch!

Aren’t these white elephant gift ideas HILARIOUS?!  You are officially set for all of the Christmas parties headed your way!

And ONE more thing! We love White Elephant parties SOOOO much, that we put together our own kit. Not only do you have the cutest invite, decor, yummy recipes, food printables… but you ALSO get 14 ADORABLE printable to pull off hilarious White Elephant gifts!!!! Including the “Shave & Play” Barbie!! Click on the image below to check it ALL out! 

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