Cozy Car Date

Stay Warm in the Car on Date Night

Does the chilly winter weather tend to keep you inside on date night? I don’t know about you, but I find myself exclusively planning at-home dates because I hate running from the car to the nearest heated building! Here’s our solution: a date where you never leave the car! How perfect is that?!

Cozy Car Date for Couples

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Getting Ready

Cozy Car Date Invite

To prep for this date, you really don’t have much to do – the printables from the insanely talented Crystal over at A Well-Feathered Nest really provide you with just about everything you need.

Just print out the “map” to guide you through the night and then cut a few of the cards out using a fantastic paper cutter like this one – you’re all set. {Oh, and you might want to get gas in the car, too.} If you really want to extend the night, you can start off by leading him to the car with our Scavenger Hunt.


Cozy Car Date Dinner Nap

First stop on date night for us? Always food. Check out the options on your checklist for some ideas to grab grub without leaving the cozy comfort of your car. Personally, I LOVE how many of my favorite restaurants do curb-side pick up for food, so you could just call in an order for your favorite meals!


Cozy Car Date Activity Cards

After dinner, it’s time to pick a place to go for fun – don’t worry, you can totally choose more than one! Start heading in the direction of a park to watch the sunset, an airport observation area or a drive-in movie theater. Don’t have a drive-in nearby? No problem, just hop on over to our Blast from the Past Date and get the details on creating your own.


Cozy Car Date Truth or Dare

Stay busy in the car with 14 fun games and ideas to keep you chatting on your way to your next destination! We’ve included fun ideas from our Road Trip Date and Conversation Starters. PLUS we’ve even added 10 NEW ideas for driving around town on your Cozy Car Date! Pay close attention to the NAVY cards – those two are for fun throughout your entire date.

Cozy Car Date Bingo

**HINT** The WHITE cards require a little extra prep on your part – you’ll need to grab a few other supplies from the Divas’ Road Trip in a Box to help you out with these activities! {If you want to make this date easier, you CAN skip these cards and still have tons of fun – but I have to say these are some of my favorite car games!} Here’s what you’ll need from that set:

  • Road Trip Questionnaire
  • Truth or Dare
  • Trivia
  • Bingo


Cozy Car Date Pack

After all that driving, you deserve a sweet snack! The easiest place for us to get sweets late at night is fast food joints which always have yumm-o milkshakes, but if you’re lucky enough to have a late night donut shop – take advantage. Finish your car date with a dessert to share – or get your own, no judgments here!

 Excited to get this car date night on the road?

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4 Responses to Cozy Car Date

  1. This is the only way my husband and I can celebrate Valentines Day. My husband’s company is always super busy during the Valentines holiday. With him working 16 hour days the day of and week surrounding Valentines, we just never seem to squeeze much in to this special day. This is a usual thing for my hubby, so while we may not be in a long distance relationship, it sure seems like it sometimes. So, ideas like this one are always such an exciting find. This car date is going to be perfect. I’ll load up the kids around their bedtime let them fall asleep in the car. Show up at hubby’s work with a Rock Star and have a romantic Valentine’s adventure. Thank you again for making it possible.

    1. Thanks for sharing your plans! I’m so glad you’ve found an idea that’s going to work for you, it can be really tough to work around crazy schedules and this is the perfect date for that – especially with kiddos around. Hope you guys have so much fun!