Active and Fun Indoor Games For Kids

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Fun Indoor Games and Kids Obstacle Course Ideas

I’m sure MANY of you can relate to being stuck in the house with your kiddos and trying to find ANYTHING to keep them busy. Whether it’s summertime, a school break, or a cold winter day, I’m sure if you are reading this you can relate to wanting to find some FUN indoor games for kids! Sometimes it’s nice to also find active games not only for kids, but for adults as well! Well, we decided to bring some of our best ideas together to keep your family active while stuck indoors! From kids obstacle course ideas to DIY games with your family, get the entire family active with this mega list of inside games for kids and adults!

Obsessed with this list of active indoor activities for families! I can't wait to make a kids obstacle course! #FamilyTime

We are positive you will be able to keep your family not only busy, but laughing and making tons of fun memories together! These active games for kids, especially, will make EVERYONE happy. 🙂 Additionally, we broke things up into three different categories to make browsing this list a little easier for you!

There is something for EVERYONE on this list! (My personal favorite are the obstacle course ideas- so fun!!) These categories are full of fun games for kids to play inside, the supplies you’ll need, and ways to keep everyone HAPPY and MOVING!

Sporty Active Games for Kids & Adults

When you think of being indoors all day, you don’t usually also think about being active, do you? Well, that’s about to change! We brought together tons of fun active games for kids that can all be done indoors! By popular request, we even have some creative kids obstacle course ideas that families would enjoy doing together. Get excited to check out this list!

Active Games For Kids and Kids Obstacle Course Ideas

  • Glow In The Dark Volleyball- When you think of games for kids to play inside, I’m sure a game of volleyball isn’t the first thing to come to your mind. But, adding glow sticks makes this twist on traditional volleyball an evening no one will forget anytime soon!
  • Glow In The Dark Bowling- Compete for strikes in this fun bowling challenge that you could set up in your garage or living room!
  • Balloon Hockey- Get up and moving to see who can score the most points in this “light as air” activity!
  • Pillow Sumo- Out of all the inside games for kids, this one is a KID FAVORITE. Your kids will never view their pillows the same.
  • Velcro Ball- Easy DIY version of a childhood favorite!
  • Kids Obstacle Course- Use your imagination and enjoy some family time with a kids obstacle course. These kids obstacle course ideas will be a HIT with your kiddos.
  • Indoor Snowball Fight– A snowball fight that your kids can play inside!?! It’s true! No need to get cold and wet! Enjoy this fun indoor snowball fight with the entire family!

Simple Supplies Around the House

This category is exactly what it sounds like – simple! Most of these inside games for kids ideas include supplies that are probably just lying around your house. If not, they require very little to make happen. Scan this list below to see what you already have and start planning an activity for your kiddos!

Active Games For Kids

  • Airplane Toss- Some masking tape and paper will provide hours of entertainment with this fun idea! This is one of my favorite games for kids to play inside because it keeps them happy for HOURS!
  • Just Add Tape- It is amazing how many activities a simple roll of tape can provide!
  • Marshmallow Toss- One simple supply and you have some family fun ready to go!
  • Fort Building- Fort building is always a family favorite at our house! Of course, fort building goes hand in hand with a kids obstacle course.
  • Straw Rockets- Simple and quick! Everyone will love straw rockets.
  • 100 Cup Challenge- I guarantee that you will find this game to be oddly addicting!!
  • Snowman Slam- Knocking over the tower is sometimes harder than it looks!
  • Tippy Towers- Who can build the tallest tower? This friendly competition is sure to find out!
  • Crepe Paper Laser Maze- Try not to touch the “lasers” as you work through this tricky maze!

DIY Inside Games for Kids & Adults

These fun indoor games for kids are just what you need to bring creativity and excitement to any boring day! Plus, because they’re DIY, you won’t need to purchase any expensive game sets to pull them off! #WinWin

Family Friendly Indoor Games (including a kids obstacle course idea!)

  • DIY Twister- Easy to make and fun to play, DIY Twister will be a fun addition to your family game night! {Or, if you are not up for making your own, traditional Twister
    is still just as fun!}
  • Life-Sized Game Board- Larger-than-life, this game board will be a family favorite in no time!
  • Wal-Mart Bingo- This game will keep you indoors but get you out of the house for a few minutes!
  • Action Dice- Roll away to see what silly move you will do next. (You could even incorporate this type of activity into a kids obstacle course!)
  • Pom-Pom Curling- Get the whole family involved in this fun indoor game.
  • Washer Toss- This game always brings out some good competition with my family.
  • Build a DIY Teepee – Your kids will want to spend all day building and adventuring in their very own teepee.

Wow! What a great list, huh? We hope that all these indoor activity ideas keep your family active and entertained no matter the season! Be sure to check out these other fun indoor activities for the whole family and family game night show ideas for even more family fun!


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