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As you know, here at The Dating Divas we’re not shy at all about bedroom games! They make those intimate times (which are soooo important for your marriage) fun and fresh. Am I right? While our sexy bedroom games usually require some printing, cutting, and preparation, I want to share with you a new app called Ultimate Intimacy that we were lucky enough to get to try out! It’s spicy, fun, fresh and clean and requires no prep at all! Of course, we had to add a printable invite for you too though because we are The Dating Divas after all. {Wink}

Download it now and you’ve got a hot and steamy bedroom game ready to go in your pocket! You can even keep the lights off because everything you need is on the app!

How To Get It “On” (Your Phone)

After downloading, the free Ultimate Intimacy app, send your sweetheart this sexy invitation to build some anticipation. Thanks to the amazingly talented Nichelle of Nichellelora.com for creating such a sassy invitation. Your honey will get the message but will also be left wondering what’s next!

Custom Intimate Invite

Next, it’s time to spice things up in the bedroom! The app has several components, but the main component is the bedroom game. It’s really easy: begin by filling in you and your spouse’s names, select what levels you want to play, then tap the Play button. You take turns following prompts of things to do for each other.

The game progresses from Romance to Foreplay, and on to hot and steamy bedroom activities that you’ll both enjoy. The timer in the app keeps the game moving along. There are hundreds of possible actions, and with a little randomness in the game, it’s a fun and exciting experience every time you play. You can even “thumbs up” or “thumbs down” the things you like or don’t like (like Spotify). You can even add your own actions. These features are for the paid version but it’s a SUPER low price. #worthit And who knows, you might discover something new you and your spouse really like!

Intimacy App Ideas

But Wait, There’s More…

The Ultimate Intimacy app is more than just the game. There’s a “Resources” section full of detailed material on ideas for building intimacy on all levels (physical, emotional, spiritual).  My personal favorites are the fantasy escapes, but you’ll need to download the app to discover what that’s all about. {Wink}  The authors of the app, the Organization for Adding Strength to Marriages, worked with a lot of professional marriage counselors and coaches to make sure the information in the app is accurate and designed to strengthen the most precious human relationship and greatest source of joy—your marriage!

There are also conversation starters in the app, which is handy in cases when you’ve left your Dating Divas Conversation Starter Pack at home. {Wink} This way you’ve got some great things to talk about during your date night too. 

Ultimate Intimacy App Bedroom Game

One feature I REALLY appreciate? You can password protect the app so that you have some peace of mind if a little one likes to play on your phone, I wish I could password protect my nightstand. {Wink}

New content and features are released into the app regularly so that there’s always something new and exciting to keep your marriage vibrant. They’re great at responding to feedback and new suggestions from users too, so you can expect the app to get better and better over time (just like your marriage!).

Oh My GOODNESS, Did We Ever Have So Much Fun!?!?

A few testimonials from us Divas!

“My hubby and I are always trying to express our love in each other’s “love language.” For my sweetie that would be physical intimacy and boy does this game fit the bill! We both really loved how it covered all aspects of intimacy and was clean and tasteful! I got the sweetest text the next day and he’s already asked when we can play it again! The best part, even being hormonal and pregnant, I enjoyed it and I am looking forward to the next time too!” ~ Melissa

“Ultimate Intimacy is an awesome app packed full of resources! My husband and I had fun looking through it and learning some new things. 😉 The game had a lot of great new ways to change things up in the bedroom! The only problem we had was that we felt it was a little weird to have the voice read you the actions, so we had to keep reading the long paragraphs to know what to do next. It took a lot of concentration and may have taken a little bit of the romance out of the moment, haha. Other than that we had a good experience and definitely think this is a fabulous, clean and tasteful resource for couples!” ~ Gabby

“As a couple going through infertility, sex isn’t always fun. But this app helps with making the bedroom fun again and it really helps keep that flame glowing. I’ll be honest, I thought it was going to be cheesy, but it’s not. It has a lot of great resources within the app and you can customize the game to where you are comfortable and you can thumbs up or thumbs down actions that pop up. I love that you can make it as spicy as you are comfortable with. It takes a little bit to understand how the game works and how to set all of the custom settings, even after reading all the instructions. But I would definitely recommend this app!” ~Jaide

“I’ll say to anyone who’s looking to spice up sexy time—this is the app for YOU! Hubby had so much fun going through and exploring all the different categories and thought the 190+ positions was such a fun resource! Everything’s tasteful and straightforward but definitely inspires you to walk on the wild side… We love it!” ~Elizabeth

Fun Intimacy Ideas in a Phone App

So What’s the Story Behind the App?

“There are two social problems we’ve discovered as we did our research that lead us to create the app: The first is that too much of “sex” in the world is actually disconnection, and not genuine… It’s all about the act, the technique, the finish, and not about the strong bond that’s forged. One of pornography’s evils is exactly that — counterfeit, it’s disconnecting.

The second problem is the opposite, where couples aren’t having sex. This is when people think sex is boring or dirty, so couples miss out on a very special, God-given gift designed to bring husbands and wives closer together and forge the strongest kind of bond we can enjoy on earth.  We believe that sex can be equally enjoyable for both husbands and wives, but unfortunately, that’s not always the case in marriages… Some wives (and also husbands, too!) haven’t learned how to really enjoy sex for themselves, so they miss out on amazing ways to connect and bond.  You hear about how the top two reasons why couples divorce are financial stresses and intimacy issues…

…and thirdly (ok, I guess there’s a third issue), is that sex and intimacy aren’t talked about in a positive light enough. Intimacy is more than just sex… it’s about being best friends, being able to open up and share your deepest feelings with your spouse, and having your hearts knit together in genuine, selfless love. That positive, beautiful message ought to be heard with equal air time as the “avoid fornication, adultery, dress modestly, and watch out for porn” air time (the “avoid the problems with misuse” messages, which are good and proper by the way — we just need to hear what the good looks like as well as what the bad is).

That’s what we’re trying to accomplish, that’s our mission: to strengthen marriages, reduce divorce, and fight porn’s evil influence by being a positive voice for the goodness and wholeness that sex can bring to a marriage. The cool thing is: sex gets better and better in marriage (and science has backed that up — people who enjoy the most fulfilling sexual experiences are monogamous!)

Bedroom Ideas in an App

The feedback we’ve received from users of the app are from couples that tell us a story that sort of goes like:

  • We’re not getting as much sleep lately (because we’re up so late playing the game – that’s intended to be funny 🙂 )
  • The dishes are getting done. The honey-dos are getting done too.
  • My wife and I don’t argue anymore.
  • There’s more peace in the home. Our children aren’t fighting as much anymore, maybe because Mom and Dad are more relaxed!
  • There’s passion and affection in our marriage now.
  • We’re talking and communicating about all sorts of things better, especially the things we used to avoid or never felt like we could talk about.
  • We’re setting goals together and working together.

It’s like as if creating a fulfilling, intimate connection in marriage brings out the very best in a man and a woman. It leads them to be honest, true, chaste, and benevolent towards each other. It motivates them to do good towards each other. When there’s genuine connection and love, they “believe all things, hope all things, endure all things.” It helps couples work together as a team to pursue all that which is good and wholesome in life.”

BONUS! Exclusive Just For You Diva Readers 

Building anticipation and creatively inviting your honey to play in the bedroom is half the fun, is it not!? Ultimate Intimacy and The Dating Divas teamed up to create some sassy ways to invite your one and only in for some intimate fun. 

These are available only in the app, after typing in a super secret password. But you’re in luck, I’m about to reveal it to you:

After downloading the app, tap on Resources then Sugar and Spice, then Sexy Texts!  You’ll need to enter the code DATINGDIVAS to unlock all 8 of these. You can find one (or more!) you’d like to send to your honey right from your phone.

So, if you’re looking for a FUN way to add variety in the bedroom, reconnect, and bond, remember that “there’s an app for that” and it’s called Ultimate Intimacy.

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I am the luckiest lady alive to be married to my best friend and rockstar of a hubby. I love being a wife, mother and friend more than anything in the world! I am always up for any type of adventure, learning something new or a DIY project. A west coast girl now loving life on the east coast you can usually find me surfing or skiing depending on the season!

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    1. Hi Shawna! Oh, we’re sorry you can’t find those texts! I’d love to help!
      After downloading the app, look for the menu bars in the top left-hand corner, then tap on Resources then Sugar and Spice, then Sexy Texts! You’ll need to enter the code DATINGDIVAS to unlock all 8 of these.
      I just checked them and they are still available there for you! 😉
      Thanks XO

  1. We absolutely LOVE this app!! It helps us feel so connected and it’s so much fun! I told my friend about it and it looks like it isn’t available anymore… Do you know where I can find it for her?? Or why it can’t be found at the app store??

    1. Hi Samantha! So glad you like it too! I just searched for it on the app store and it comes up under “Ultimate Intimacy”… at least on iOS. I am not sure about android though. 🙂

  2. I’m having the same problem as others. There are only 3 sections in the Sugar and Spice section and Text is not one of them. Watched the video several times (its filmed so fast) and that option is not available. Help?

    1. I am so sorry you aren’t seeing them. They are looking into the issue. I can see them but somewhere it’s not updating or something on some IOS. Thanks for your patience! XO

    1. I am so sorry you aren’t seeing them. They are looking into the issue. I can see them but somewhere it’s not updating or something on some IOS. Thanks for your patience! XO

    1. Hi Theresa, so sorry you are having difficulty accessing them. I contacted the developer and they said the Sexy Texts should be under Resources, then Sugar and Spice. It’s at the very top. Here’s a quick video they recorded of the app on how to get to the Sexy Text Invites.


  3. This seems great! I’m always trying to find a way to help my husband and I become even closer. I’m excited to share this with him!

    I tried to do the bonus thing like you mentioned but Sexy Texts isn’t even on there. I looked everywhere and couldn’t find it. Am I missing it or is it not actually there?

  4. I downloaded the app and was following the instruction, but after clicking on sugar and spice section there is no sexy texts section. Where do I enter the password at?

    1. Hi Tammy, so sorry you are having difficulty accessing them. I contacted the developer and they said the Sexy Texts should be under Resources, then Sugar and Spice. It’s at the very top. Here’s a quick video they recorded of the app on how to get to the Sexy Text Invites.


  5. We love this app! We heard about it a little while ago and tried it out. It’s seriously one of our favorite “bedroom games”! It works great with my husband’s love language (and mine too 🙂 ) The resources in the app are good too. That video is hilarious! Thanks for posting about this app on your site. You guys have great stuff and it never ceases to amaze me of all the fun & creative ideas there are on The Dating Divas site.

    1. Emily, thank you so much for sharing your experience! It really is such a fun app and so well done! A must for all married couples I think. 🙂 And the video is SO funny! I know I don’t want the same thing for dinner day after day! 😉 XO